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Lovely card, Bibiana. I think I'm going to start using the French term for die.


Justement je me posais la question...quel est le terme francais pour die ? Dans les blogs francais je vois souvent le mot anglais utilise, j'au vu aussi (Canada) l'expression emporte-piece qui est donne une bonne indication visuelle de l'outil !
J'aime beaucoup le parchemin (calque ?)colore, l'effet est superbe.


Bibiana, I do apologize for lack of knowledge of the beautiful French language. May I get instructions in English? Your card is BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you.

Sue McRae

That flower is gorgeous! Thanks for the photo tutorial.

Pamela B

Simply stunning! Love it!

Sheila M. Schmucker

Your technique is wonderful. I would love to know the the pencils that you used? I just purchased this die and cannot wait to try this. Sheila

Linda Carson

Gorgeous! Thanks for your step-by-step instructions!

Helen Nelson

Beautiful card. I love memory box dies. My french is so rusty, but I didn't have to resort to Google Translate to read your instructions. They are clear and concise. Thank-you so much for sharing. I appreciate the effort it takes to do this for the crafting community. I noticed a Canadian crafter had asked a question about the brand of pencil crayons to use. I have had wonderful results using Prisma Color pencil crayons on parchment. I have heard from other crafters that Crayola pencil crayons also produce a nice effect. Both brands are readily available here in Canada. I used to use oil pastels on parchment, but the pencil crayons are really so much cleaner and have the benefit of using the sharpened point when needed.

bibiana martinez-ziegler

Hello Ladies: Here bibiana...thank you soo much for the lovely comments...
here are the answers to your questions:
Die in french= matrice de découpe
technique used: color pencils on parchment paper using gamsol...
"Prismacolor" is my first choice for color pencils. I used 3 shades: Imperial violet #PC1007; Parma vilet PC #1008; China blue PC #1100
HINT:you can translate this page, if you do not talk french. On the side bar the last Icon says:
"select language/powered by google translate" select a language, click on it.. and it will translate the page...the translation is made by a machine so it is a little bit weird at times, and it does not get coloquial sentences, but it is very close to the main meaning
thanks again ...and I will always check back for any other questions...Glad that you all liked the card...
bye bibiana

Bridget Willis

Bibianna, This card is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


Loved your card and the colors you selected. I will try it tonight!
Merci, GC


I just got my dies. Thanks for great tutorial! Merci!


Oh my goodness... here's a good laugh for y'all! Finally found some gamsol in Alaska today but couldn't get any white parchment paper. I grumbled about it to myself (I thought)when my DH says to me, what about your baking parchment?! LOL~ So, my question now is, is the paper the same? Guess I'll find out as I finally will be able to try this technique!! Get Primacolor pencils ladies, they can't be beat! So many yummy colors too! Happy Stamping - or die cutting and coloring in this case! ;)

Chanel Wallet

Belle Pivoine - Un Brin De Creativite

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