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Fri 11

Holiday Greetings Stamp Set
by Vicki Finger


Hello!  Today I thought I would do something a bit different for you.  I used the new Holiday Greenery Stamp Set from Memory box for my Watercolor Card. Isn't this swag just beautiful?  I'd love to have something so fresh and Christmasy in my own home during the holidays.

This was really easy to create.  I started by heat embossing the image onto a piece of Canson Bristol Smooth Cardstock using Versamark and Antique Gold Embossing Powder.  I took a combination of May Green, Green, and Dark Green in my Zig Markers and just scribbled it into each of the leaves.  Using a brush with very little water, I moved the color into the edges and let everything just kind of blend together how it wanted to.  I used the Red Zig for the Berries.  Next, using light blue, I went all around the swag, working the color outward with more water this time.  Once I got in and around all the berries and greenery, I added more of the light blue and worked it outward, turning the paper rather than trying to turn my hand.

I set this aside to let it dry before continuing on to the next steps.  While I was waiting, I chose the colors I wanted to use for all of the background layers. I chose Navy, Teal, and Satin Red, and die cut them with Rectangle Basics Dies.  


I mounted those to a 4.25 x 5.5 Top Folding Navy Cardbase.  Using my Copic White medium, I mixed a little bit on the top of an acrylic block and using a Princeton Neptune #1 Script Brush, I put white splatter over the entire panel to make it look like snowfall.  Again, I set that aside to dry.  I've found that the longer bristles and smaller sized brush give me the type of splatter I was looking for in this case. 

Once that was completely dry, I added some Nuvo Drops in Ivory Seashell (white pearl) for the little berries and some White Blizzard for the highlight on the red berries.  I let that dry overnight and then hit it with some shimmer mist on the following morning.  Not too much as I didn't want the watercolor to run, but enough so that the recipient will notice when they receive the card.  Then I attached that panel to the card base with all the layers that I had prepared.  I also added a plain white panel on the interior for a note.  A simple gold sentiment to match the gold embossing, "Peace" in Cheshire Script finishes this card off.


This is a little bit different of a style for me, so I hope you like it or that it inspires you to try something new to you.   I'm not super comfortable with watercolor, but I keep practicing, which means I am improving. Thanks so very much for stopping by today.  







Tue 08

Bauble Snowflake Frame & Sparkling Snowflake Trio
by Vicki Finger


Hello there!  It's Vicki and today I have a card for you featuring some of the new Holiday 2019 Dies from Memory Box!  Given my love for shimmer and shine any time of year, you know that I had to use some of that on a winter snowflake card!  I started by misting up a couple of 4.25 x 5.5 card panels with clear shimmer mist.

I strongly considered using white on white for this card, but I wanted an "icy" color for the card base.  I chose Pearlized Powder Blue from PaperPapers.com.  Once my white card panels were dry, I die cut the Bauble Snowflake Frame Die from one panel and a couple of the smaller snowflakes from the Sparkling Snowflake Trio.  I mean, with "Sparkling" in the name, you know I had to do it.  With the other panel, I cut several more of the snowflakes so that I could layer them up on the front of the card and the inside of the card as well.  I could also have used a shimmer or metallic white cardstock but that paper doesn't give quite the same effect as the white card stock with shimmer mist on it.  These dies cut so well that I don't have any trouble popping them out of the negative.

Memory Box Dies are made in the USA of 100% US Steel.  I don't know about you, but that is something that's important to me as a US Citizen.  They also cut beautifully, every single time.  I am not using a metal adapter plate, but as my cutting pads wear, I may need to add one to my die-cutting sandwich.  I do have a Gemini, but I feel faster cranking everything through my Cuttlebug. When I found out that the Cuttlebug was being discontinued, I bought a dozen sets of "B" plates and a couple of "C" plates.  Eventually, I will have to switch over, but I'm going to be fighting it every step of the way.


Once I had all the snowflakes die-cut, I started laying them on top of each other to see how I would group them.  I always like to put a sparkly little gem in the very center, so it was mostly a matter of what snowflake went on top of which other one. I pretty much always do the largest on the bottom getting smaller with each layer.  I also rotate the additional layers slightly to make it look like there are as many "branches" as possible together.  After I adhered them together at the centers, I laid them on a piece of white printer paper and Misted them yet again with the some Silver Iridescent Shimmer Mist.

After I set those aside, I grabbed the frame and used micropore tape all along the backside of it to keep the little pieces from falling out.  Then using my Tonic Nuvo Shimmer Pen, I went all over the front of the frame.  This gives the most sparkle possible but you need to be squeezing the brush a little the whole time to keep the product coming out.  I wouldn't really do it on something that was any larger because it would be pretty hard on your hands, but I wanted that super shimmery shine today.

After making my card base, I laid everything out on my card to decide how I wanted the layout to look.  I put foam tape all the way around the large frame and adhered it to the card base.  Next, I put Multi Medium Matte all around the small, skinny frame with the dotted detail and adhered it directly to the card.  I put gems around the larger frame at the inner corners and then at the center point on each outer side of the frame in the center of that side.  The detail in all Memory Box dies is just incredible and I have to say I love working with them.


Normally, I try to block the sunlight from the afternoon hours by pulling down my blinds.  I hadn't quite gotten it done when I snapped this picture.  The sun had just gone partly behind a cloud eliminating the really dark shadows that come with full sun.  

This is really simple to do as it is primarily assembly.  With a variety of small one-word dies to choose from, it's easy to put a card together.  You could do mass die cutting, and then sit in front of the television and do mass assembly if you wanted to.  I have so many projects and ideas to share right now, so I'll be back soon with another project to share with you.  I'm trying to get better at remembering to take process photos for you, but there weren't really any in this case.  It was simple die-cutting and assembly.





Sun 06

Shine Holly Jolly Corner Frame
by Vicki Finger

Hello everyone!  Vicki here today with a simple card using a technique I copied from our company's founder, Dave Brethauer. Recently, Dave did a short little video where he stacked some napkins together and die cut them.  After that, he painted them with some watercolor which gave them a ton of texture.  I knew I really want to try that technique out for myself.  Here's a link to Dave's video if you want to watch it.

I actually use real napkins at home because I sew.  That's one of the perks of that hobby.  Also, since we're empty nesters, there's rarely more than 4 of us sitting down to eat and most of the time it's just my hubby and I.  I do have one large set of 16 napkins for if we have a lot of company, but 4 napkins are normally how many I make for a set.  I'm great at finding the fabrics that have a little over 1 yard left on them and have been clearance priced.  However, I wanted to try this die-cut napkin technique, so I ran to my Dollar General Store up the road for a pack of their super cheap napkins.  They were literally $1.00.

I love the texture that you can get using this technique and I could incorporate another of my favorites techniques which is to add a bit of gold metallic watercolor to my plain watercolor (Reinkers) to get new colors.  For Example, I added red watercolor to this Ruffled Poinsettia but I didn't feel it was dark enough so I went back with Scarlet Jewel and added a bit of gold to that which gave me the effect I was looking for.  

For the Leaves, I used Mowed Lawn watered down a bit more, then went back and added another drop of color with a drop of the gold watercolor to get a nice variation of color for the leaves.

I used plain gold watercolor for the Holly Jolly interior Corner Frame die, just n the frame part, but it was bright yellow, so I added a drop of dark chocolate to it to tone the yellow down and add some warmth to the color. 

In the end, I ended up taking the gold foiled version of the frame and snipping away the branches because I like the more consistent way it looked to have two gold foiled frames.  The other decorative elements are made from a die-cut, watercolored napkin.  

After laying the gold foiled frame on top of the holly and berry branches, I let it dry and then added Garnet Liquid Pearls for the red berries and let it dry overnight in my window sill.  I added a little Eggshell Pearl from Little Things from Lucy's Cards.

I cut a 5.5 x 8.5 piece of cardstock to make a top folding horizontal card from the color Metallic Nude.  I like how it's a nice subtle color to let the dies be the star if the show.    

In the end, I decided that I wanted a vertical sentiment down the right-hand side, and so I used the Candlelit Shine Die to cut the sentiment from a piece of  Xyroned Gold Foil Cardstock.  Because each letter is separate, you can use it vertically or horizontally.  I was very careful to place each letter where I wanted them, without pressing down, until I was sure I had them lined up well.   

Putting a letter over the poinsettia petal wasn't optimal, but really, I'm probably the only one who will notice.  Any time I have things that need to dry, I set them aside and work on other things while those are drying.  

I have a more detailed list of all the supplies used over at my personal blog, Twinkling Paper Studio.



Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by!  I really appreciate it when you leave a comment for me.  



Thu 03

Challenge Inspiration with Grand Maple Frame
by Vicki Finger

Hello, Everyone!  Vicki here with you today with a blog post sharing a bit of inspiration for the Memory Box Current Challenge, "Falling Leaves". 


I love to make fall leaves from some watercolor cardstock that has been loosely watercolored and allowed to dry.  I have multiple color mediums to choose from including some Daniel Smith Watercolors, along with other artist-grade mediums to choose from but, for the completely transparent color that I prefer, I love to use re-inkers with a bit of water and a large #12 watercolor brush.  This 6 well porcelain dish is also a lot smaller than any of my other choices so it pretty much a no brainer for my needs.  I would encourage you to do whatever works best for you. 

Some types of watercolors can be kind of "milky" looking so I like to put a drop or two of reinker into my little porcelain dish with a few drops of water.  You can make it less pigmented by adding more water to the mix.  I have an empty spray bottle that I put a new label on so that it says its Water.  I keep meaning to get one of those little dropper bottles, but I also keep forgetting to order when I am already ordering something else.  When I do this type of project where I'm just letting the water travel and blend and mix with other colors, I like to work on my glass mat which is 20 x 26 in size and put a paper towel underneath my paper to help contain most of the mess.

For me, fall color is all about the deep magentas, reds, corals, golden yellows and bright pinks.   I love to mix those with a bit of Sargent Art Watercolor Magic in Metallic Gold that is easy to find at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Amazon and a variety of other sources.  I have the 8-ounce bottle that I got a few years ago and I still have more than half the bottle left.  I especially love mixing gold into nearly all of my artwork.  It only takes a drop to add a metallic touch to many of your colors.  And you can use it by itself as well.  It's a pretty bright yellow color but you can deepen the color by adding a bit of reinker in Kraft or Dark Chocolate for more of an Antique Gold color.  Just keep mixing it in one drop at a time, until the color deepens to your desired shade.  This works with pretty much any earthy colors.  I use this watercolor for a variety of things in my studio, so it's a must-have item for me.

I took a few pictures here so you can see my process.  For demonstration purposes, I used Canson #140 Watercolor paper which has a pretty heavy texture.  In this case, that's a good thing as it leaves lots of little divots for the shimmer mist to settle into rather than sliding off with the water.

This is how it begins, lots of colors and lots of water.  I use the wide flat brush to add plain water to the paper and the #12 Round Brush to add the color.  As the paper curls up, the colors run and blend together.  You can see from the paper towels in both of these photos, that the paper towel gets very grungy!  Once the color has dried, I hit it with a liberal amount of shimmer mist.  Then I take the dirty paper towel and replace it with a clean one.  

You can see how much water is here; and how much water and color run off the sides of the paper.  Once it's dry and I hit it with Shimmer Mist, I move it momentarily, wipe my glass work surface and then put a clean paper towel under it while the shimmer mist has a chance to dry.  In this case, it happened to be overnight.

Another item that is a must-have in my studio is Sparkle Shimmer Mist from Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts.  My favorite is the Sheer Gold but I also like the Sheer Sparkle Shimmer Mist as well.  I use more gold than sheer, but I like to have the option for whatever I'm working on at the moment.  Since I took these photos at night, it's impossible to capture all of the golden goodness that is on this watercolored panel.  Hopefully, you'll be able to see it better in my end product.  and I'll try to take a better picture once the sun is up.  My husband leaves at 4:00 a.m. and today is trash day, so he wasn't too quiet, so I got up as he was leaving.

Next, I used the Grand Maple Frame Die and die cut one from Gold Cardstock and one from the watercolor background.  I made a card base using Stardream  Metallic Flame Cardstock from PaperPapers.com.  These cardstocks work perfectly with the elegance of the Memory Box Dies.  I bought a bunch of different colors last May and I am so glad I did as I have a lot of colors to work with and they are fantastic with Memory Box's Elegant Dies.

I kept most of the die cut together and intact, but I wanted to use the watercolor paper to inlay for the color on the leaves.  This was very quick to do as there are only a few very small pieces at the tips of the leaves.  Everything else is a larger size and is easy to fit.  I used Post It Tape on the backside, but then as I was switching out the pieces, I used Ranger Multi Medium Matte to hold them in place.

I was a little bit unsure about the corners of the actual frame, but in the end, I popped out the corner pieces, then put the rest on foam tape so that the card color comes through.  I tried those corners with inlay as well but preferred to let the cardstock color show through.

I stamped the greeting from the Memory Box Fern & Berries Stamp Set using Versafine Black Onyx and heat setting it with Clear Embossing Powder.  I used my Basic Rectangles Dies to cut the sentiment and the next size up to cut the gold layer for the sentiment.


This card was actually very quick to make, but because folks like to see the process, that took quite a bit more time so I could have those images for you as well.  I love how this card turned out and I have an extra panel just sitting here waiting to be made into another card like it.  Since I give cards to my Sisters-In-Law each year at Christmas, I need all I can get.


I loved how this particular watercolor piece turned out and I couldn't bear to get rid of any more of it than necessary.  I die cut it with 2nd largest Basic Rectangles Die but I didn't inlay the watercolor pieces this time. I just popped the pieces our of the frame so that you could see the watercolor background panel.  It was a lot faster to make this way.  It gives the frame that filigree-look that Memory Box is so famous for!


I got in really close so that hopefully you can see all the gold in with the color.  The second watercolored piece has quite a bit more gold in it, so I spent a little time playing with the various cardstock colors to see which one I want to pair it up with it.  In the end, I chose to pair it with Raspberry Fizz Cardstock to let the Pinks really pop!  I think I'm channeling my inner Dawn McVey here. Ü


I hope you enjoyed my inspiration for this month's Memory Box Challenge. The supplies I've used are linked below for your convenience.  I have a few more process photos over on my personal blog, TwinklingPaper Studio.  




Mon 30

Drop Nativity with Gilded Drop
by Vicki Finger

Hello there!  I'm Vicki Finger, the newest member of the Memory Box Design Team.  I am so excited to join the team!  You may already know me from my blog, Twinkling Paper Studio or my Instagram account @vicki.finger.

While I was waiting for my supplies to arrive from Memory Box, I pulled the dies that I already had and created a couple of projects to share with you.  This card features a couple of new products from their most recent release.  I decided to show you this card first because I actually remembered to take a few process photos for you.  That will take a few times for me to remember!


I started by selecting the dies I wanted to use for this card.  I love the simple Nativity image from Drop Nativity and wanted to pair it up with the Gilded Drop.  I also knew I wanted to use a frame, so I chose the Hanging Lantern Frame from a previous release because it would provide me with the opportunity to use some jewels on my card which, if you've been here before, you know I love.


It was important to figure out first, which color would go in which order.  It's the same principle as masking if it helps you to think of it that way.  In other words, what do you want to be the very front image?  I started by cutting a white cardstock Drop Nativity and one in Gold.  Next, I cut the Hanging Lantern Frame from some Stardream Lagoon Shimmer Cardstock.  I also cut the Gilded Drop from Gold Cardstock.

Using a Blending Brush, I ink blended Hawaiian Shores Ink over the background of the die-cut.  Except for the blue background, this is basically serving as my base layer to attach all the other layers onto.  I used my Nuvo Shimmer Pen to add sparkle to the background. Once that dried, I started assembling my card.  I added the gold gilded drop directly to the whole die-cut using Ranger Multi Medium Matte.  Next, I put the gold die-cut Drop Nativity on top of that and set it face down on my glass mat so that I could stack a few acrylic blocks on the top.

Once I had all the layers adhered for the focal point, I made a cardbase from Cougar Super Smooth Digital White Cardstock and added the frame from the Hanging Lantern Die to the card.

Using foam tape I added the assembled Drop Nativity to the center of my frame.  I stamped the "Merry Christmas" Sentiment in Versamark and heat embossed it on a leftover piece of the Stardream Lagoon.  This happened to be the stamp that was already in my MISTI since I was waiting for my products to arrive.  I now have Memory Box Stamps to choose from for my sentiments, so you'll see those used in the future.

I added my favorite jewels to the Cross, the corners and to the sentiment strip and let them dry.  That finished off my card.  I think this is a beautiful, timeless design that will work for anyone who celebrates Christmas.  The foam tape really lets the focal point pop off the card. The shimmer on the blue background is really visible in the picture as well.


For my other project, I used Shimmer Gold Cardstock, Gold Foiled Cardstock, and Red Satin Cardstock with Hanging Lantern Frame Die and Ruffled Poinsettia Die. I did not remember to take process photos but I think you'll figure it out.


Lots of people ask me about all the gold foiled cardstock I use and I get it from different places.  Because I don't want to be limited in how much I use, I typically get it from Amazon.  This is the brand I usually purchase and they have other colors as well.  I am not an affiliate for Amazon.


Instead of jewels, I used pearls as accents on my card.  I love the Glossy Pearls from Little Things from Lucy's Cards and use Glossy Porcelain or Glossy Eggshell.