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Tue 23

Wildflower Garden Gate Card with Video
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone.  Hope everyone is doing well.  I am having fun with all the new wild flower dies from the spring release.  I have gone a little "crazy" and created a wild flower garden with a gate fold.  This is going to be a long project but worth it in the end! 


Card base:

Cut 80 lb card base to 5 1/2 tall by 8 and 3/4" wide. Score along the width at 2 1/8" and 2 1/4" flip the base around to score the other end at the same measurements.  Cut at the 2/14" down to 1/2" and cut into the 2 1/4" leaving a 1/2" flap.  Fold on the 2 score lines. The 1/2" flaps are for the outer grass and gate.


For the shaping of the flowers you will need 2 stylist small and medium large and a foam pad.  Lightly mist the flowers before shaping them. This will help the paper fold without cracking.  Below is the paper color and technique used with each die.  When die cutting the flower stems  (except the lavender) position the die to get a small section of the flower base to glue the flower on.

Seed Stems Die: Die cut white 110lb paper for the seeding flower and the darkest mossy green from the Lush Green paper pack for the stem.  To color the flower base use Antique Linen distress marker to color all put the stem.  Then take a water brush and lightly blend the ink.  Color the seeds using Rosewood Marvy marker.  No shaping needed for this flower.  Just glue the flower to the stem.  You will need 2 to 3 of these flowers.

Lavender Stem Die: Die cut just the flower from the a shade lighter than the deepest purple from the Ocean Blue paper back. Die cut the full flower and stem from the darker light yellow green from Such green paper pack. Trim any excess stem from the flower portion. Color the flower part of the green stem with Violet Marvy marker, making sure to go around the sides of the paper.   Shape the flower from the backside using the smallest stylist from pulling from the end of the flower to the center. From the front side use the smallest stylist to flatten out just the center of the flower.  Glue on the stem.  it will not perfectly line up because we want to show some of the darker color, shadows, to give the flower depth.  You will need 6.

Wildflower Stems: Die cut the small flower from the 2nd lightest pink from Vibrant Violet paper pack and die cut the smaller flower from the  lightest pink from Vibrant Violet paper pack.  Die cut the stem and leaves die from the darkest green from the Lush Green paper pack. Color the small flower Bubblegum Pink Marvy marker, flicking the color from the base of the flower to halfway up the petals.  Use the same process for the larger flower but with Worn Lipstick Distress marker. Take a water brush and lightly blend the ink.  Shape the smallest flower from the backside, use the smallest stylist to pull down from top of each petal to the base of flower.  Take the larger stylist and use circular motions at the base to "cup" the flower. Set aside. For the larger flower trim off any excess stems and shape from the front of the flower using the same technique as the small flower.  Glue the flowers together lining up the base of the flower, then glue on the stem.  You will need 3 flowers and 3 leaves.

Gerber Stems: Die cut stem from the darker light yellow green from Such green paper pack. Die cut flower from the list shade of red from the Berry Red paper pack. Color the flower with Victorian Velvet Distress marker, dotting the center with marker, adding more color to the bottom section of the flower.  Color the bottom of the petals from the center out. Then take a water brush and lightly blend the ink. Shape from the back side with the smallest stylist from the end of the flower stem to the center.  Using the larger stylist to the flower base, making circular motions to cup the flower.  Turn flower over and use the small stylist to push down the petal where it meets the base.  Glue to stem.  You will need 3.

Daisy Stems: Die cut the both flower from the  lightest yellow from Sunny Orange paper pack.  Die cut the stem and leaves die from the darkest green from the Lush Green paper pack. Color the flower petals with the fine point Brilliant Yellow Marvy maker.  Flicking the color up the petal where it meets the base. Using the full tip of the marker dot the center with marker, adding more color to the bottom section of the flower. Take Vintage Photo Distress marker and dot the bottom of the flower base.  Blend with a water Bruch.  Shape and assemble using the same method as the Gerber Stems. You will need 2.


Grass boarder:

Die Cut the Wild Grass Boarder from the darkest green from the Lush Green paper pack twice. One  should have a 1/2" base  then cut into 2 strip of 2 1/8".  The other strip should be a 3/4" based, 4 1/4" long.  Shade the bottom half of the grass boarder with Rustic Forest Distress Ink. White emboss the Birthday sentiments form Big and Little Word stamp set on the 3/4" by 4 1/4" grass strip.


Die cut the Poppy Stamps fence from woodgrain paper.  Shade the top and bottom on the fence with Pomis Stone Distress Ink. Shape the fence back side using the flower shaping technique. 

Inside Sky panel:

Cut the 2nd lightest blue from the Ocean Blue  paper pack to A2 size base.  


Glue the sky panel to inside of the card base.  Glue the 1/2" grass strip to each side of the gate fold.  Glue gate on top of the grass strip.  At the bottom inside of the card add 1/2" of tape runner.  This is to hold the flowers in place while  arranging them  Add double sided foam tape to the 3/4" grass strip and adhere to the bottom of the card hiding the tape.  








Tue 09

3D Embossing Folder Video
by Sara Cook

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing good this week.  I'm so excited about the new spring release.  So many must have items.  One of them is the 3D embossing folder.  You can quickly and easily make beautiful cards for any occasion.  Check out the how to video linked below.


Front panel:

Take the darkest purple color from the Ocean Blue paper pack, lightly spray with water, and emboss with the 3D embossing folder. Trim down the panel to 4"x51/2". Lightly swipe Picket Fence Distress ink across the top of the flowers.  Use your finger or blending tool to blend in the ink into the flowers and leafs.  Lightly swipe Picket Fence Distress ink across the top of the flowers again.  Side a side to dry.


Die cut the base butterfly from the Glade Butterfly from the same dark purple card stock.  Die cut the top of the Glade Butterfly from the light purple card stock from the Ocean Blue paper pack.  Add Fairy Sugar Berry Mist glitter glue to the base of the butterfly.  Let dry.  Fold the wings of the top die due and then glue just the center to the base butterfly die cut.



Stamp the sentiment on white 110lb card stock using "Missing your Smile" sentiment from Joyful Moments and Monarch VersafineClare's ink.  Fussy cut out the sentiment.


Glue the front embossed panel to a white A2 card.  Glue the butterfly and sentiment on the panel. 







Wed 03

Love Under the Cherry Blossoms. by Sara Cook

Hello everyone.  I have a Valentine's watercolor project featuring the Cherry Blossom Wreath with a heart opening to the inside of the card.

Front cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms:

Gold emboss the Cherry Blossom Wreath on Membory Box Watercolor paper.  Watercolor with Zig Real Brush pens.  Use 025 and 026 for the cherry blossoms.  Use 041 and 047 for the leaves.  Apply clean water with a water brush and apply the lightest color to a non porous surface and pick up with the water brush and add to the image.  Add the darkest color direct on the image where the shadow should be.  To color the background apply grey blue, 092, to a glass surface and pick up with the water brush.  Apply to the background of the wreath.

Heart Cut out:

Take the 2nd smallest die from the Scallop Pinpoint Loving Heart Cut and die cut out the center of the wreath.  Save the heart die cut. Die cut the full wreath with the Cherry Blossom Wreath die cut, making sure the center part of the die is tucked behind the heart cut out.  Use a light blue A2 card base and temperarilly center the wreath to the card base.  Temporarily glue the heart saved from the wreath back into place.  Remove just the wreath, keeping heart die cut in place.  Position the 2nd smallest Scallop Pinpoint Loving Heart die over the heart die cut, make sure to have the card open, and run through the die cut machine.  Glue the wreath on the front of the card base, centering the hearts.  Cut off the excess of the wreath hanging off the card base.

Supplies cherry blossoms

Inside of Card:

Gold emboss Happy Valentine's Day on the inside of the card toward the top center using the Big and Little Valentine's stamp set.  Make sure it cannot be seen through the heart cut out.  Die cut the 2nd smallest Scallop Pinpoint Heart from vellum. Addd glue to the areas that will be covered by the birds.  Glue the heart through the front of the closed card.  Die cut Poppy Stamps Little Hummingbirds from white card stock.  Glue the birds over the vellum heart, positioning to see them through the heart cut out.  Gold emboss 2 of the full cherry blossoms on Memory Box watercolor paper.  Color the same way as the wreath and die cut. Glue them to either sides of the bottom of the vellum heart.  

Inside cherry blossoms







Sat 30

Sending Love Along the Way by Sara Cook

Hi everyone!  I have a Valentine's scene card.  This can be for any loved one on Valentine's Day.

Watermark test image20210118_175615

Card Base:

The card base will be A2 size out of white card stock.  Cut light blue and light pick card stock to 4"x51/4".  Die cut the 2nd largest Double Stitch Loving Heart out of the light pink card stock, centering the die in the lower half of the paper.  


Die cut Woodland Heart Frame tree die out of cream card stock.  Color the edges of the trees with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink.  Drag some of the color across the trees randomly to create the bark of the birch tree.


Die cut Wild Grass Border out of green card stock.  From the Neighborhood Heart Frame, die cut the bicycle from red card stock and balloon hearts from red and pink paper.  Use a black ink pen to color the tires on the bicycle.  Add Ruby Crystal glitter glue to the red hearts and Berry Mist glitter glue to the pink hearts.


Glue the birch tree to the blue background paper, making sure it is centered to the heart cut out in the pink paper. Glue the grass on top of the tree die cut.  Glue the glitter heart balloons on the grass and then glue the bicycle.  Always making sure the die cuts can be seen through the heart window in the pink paper. 

Add double sided tape to the back of the pink card stock and place on top of the blue card stock, centering the heart over the scene.  Adhere to the white card base leaving the 1/8" boarder.


Die cut the Sending Love out of red card stock and add Rubber Crystal glue on top.  Once the glitter glue is dried adhere to the top portion of the card.

Watermark test image20210118_175548







Tue 26

Be Mine Slim Line Card by Sara Cook

I have a mixed media slim line card today.  A soft mixed media background, featuring the new Slim Pinpoint Heart Plate die.

Be mine full image


The card stock is a extra heavy white card stock.  Ink smoosh Distress Inks Picked Raspberry, Spun Sugar, and Shaded Lilac on a glass mat and spritz with water.  Tap the card in the inks, turning the card each time adding more ink.  Heat set the card and repeat.  Blended Spun Sugar and Wilted Violet on the dried card stock.  To mute the background smoosh Hero Arts Unicorn all over the card stock.  Heat set.  Take a large wet brush and brush water across the card to continue to blend colors together.  Heat set again.

Die cut the paper with the Slim Pinpoint Heart Plate die.

Be mine background

Randomly place the scripted stamped from the Peony Garden Corner set on a plastic sheet. Ink with Shaded Lilac Distress ink and randomly stamp the background card, turning the plastic sheet in-between impressions.  This should be random so the sentiment cannot be fully read.

Be mine word background

Focal Image:

Use the 2nd largest heart die from the double Stitch Loving Heart die set and cut out of a light purple card stock.  Center the die cut in the upper middle of the Slim Pinpoint Heart Plate die and secure in place.  Run it through the die cut.  Ink around the outside of the heart die cut with Shaded Lilac Distress ink.  Add double sided foam tape foam tape the the backside of the heart and then align on the ground. Stamp be mine from the Big and Little Valentines stamp set on white card stock with Shaded Lilac ink.  Cut out each word separately.  Swipe the side of the stamped image directly into Shaded Lilac ink to create a boarder.  Lightly blend Shaded Lilac on the stamped image to tone down the white background.  Glue in the center of the heart.

Be mine heart


From Big and Little Valentines stamp happy Valentine's Day in Picked Raspberry Distress Ink on while card stock. Cut each word out.  Make the boarder the same way as the be mine words.  Glue on the background.  Too high light the sentiments take a white gel pen and outline around the paper.

Card Base

Cut 2 pieces of white card stock to 3 3/4"x8 3/4".  Score 1/2" from top of card and fold.  This will be the bottom base.  Add g to just the 1/2" scored section of the bottom base and place the top card base on top.  Then glue the background card on the top card centering for a white boarder. To embellish die cut Scribble Leafy Branch Outline die from white card stock and Scribble Leafy Branch background from Vellum.  Arrange 3 pcs at the bottom right of the heart and 2 pcs at the top left of the heart.

Be mine upclose

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Sat 16

Love Birds by Sara Cook

Welcome everyone!  Have a Valentines day card for those love birds out there. A scene inspired by the sunset that was half pink and blue. Perfect for Valentines card and the new Sweet Bay Collage die frame it.



Take a 3” square white paper and blend 2/3 Tumbled Glass Distress Ink and 1/3 Spun Sugar Distress Ink.  


Birch Trees:

Die cut using Woodland Heart Frame out of 110 lb white card stock. Color the edges of the tress with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink. Drag some color across the trees randomly to create the bark of the birch tree.


Humming Birds:

Die cut using Poppy Stamps Little Hummingbirds out of 110 lb white card stock. Color first, using Tumble Glass everywhere but the wings.  Then color the birds head and body with Peeled Paint.  Then color the wings with Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink.  I used a light charcoal pencil to  outline the feathers in tail and wings, color in the beak and added an eye. 



Color 110 lb card stock 1/2 Tumbled Glass and 1/2 Spun Sugar Distress Ink. Die Cut using Sending Hugs dies centering the die between the 2 colors.  



Die cut Sweet Bay Collage die out of green card stock and fussy cut out leaves and steam.  Die cut the Sweet Bay Collage again out of brown A2 sized card stock   Glue the leaves and steam on the brown.


Glue the birch trees on the sky in the center of paper.  Glue the Sweet Bay Collage aligning it over the birch trees and sky background.  Glue the humming birds over the heart shaped branches.  Glue on the sentiment.  Mount on a A2 card.






Wed 06

NEW RELEASE! Heart Pop Up Card by Sara Cook

Having fun with the new Valentine's releases. I have a project today inspired by my daughter wanting a surprise on the inside of the card.  It is a pop up card featuring the new Crystal Heart die.  


Pop Up Heart:

Take 140lb Open Studio watercolor paper.  Spray with water then lightly with ink sprays.  I used pink and purple Dylusions spray by Ranger.  Let dry and then die cut a heart using the 2nd largest of the Double Stitched Loving Heart Cut Out. Cut out the Crystal Heart die out of a darker color paper that matches the background heart.  Glue together.  Add some Drewdrop Fairy Sugar glitter glue to some of the open areas and then Glossy Accents to other areas, leaving some areas blank.


Die cut the Big Hugs Scrip foreground die out of the sprayed watercolor paper and the background out of the same dark purple paper used for the Crystal Heart outline.  Glue together.


Die cut a lighter color purple paper using the Pinpoint Burst Plate.  Die cut a circle opening using the 24x24 Stitched Circle Layer die centering it over the burst. Save the cut out circle. Die cut a frame using the 28x28 and 24x24 Stitched Circle Layer dies out of the same dark purple paper.  Take a A2 size card base and temporary tape the Pinpoint Burst base on the outside.  To cut out the circle add temporary tape on back of the saved circle cut out and put back in the center.  Remove the Pinpoint Burst panel., leaving the circle die cut.  Line up the 24x24 circle die over the cut out circle.  Unfold the card so only the front panel will be cut through and die cut. Glue the Pinpoint Burst panel back on the front along with the frame and sentiment.

Inside Sentiment:

Use the "Sending" stamp from the Big and Little Words and "all my love" from the Big and Little Valentines to stamp the inside sentiment.  I used Monarch VersaFine Clair ink.


Cut out a strip of paper 1/2"x31/2".  At one end score at 1/2" and add glue to just the 1/2"score . Place the strip of paper w/glue side up on inside of the card half way down from the opening and close the card until glue dries.  Glue the Crystal Heart on the strip centering it in the circle frame.  Trim off any excess paper on the right side of the heart.  Cut another strip of paper 1/2"x2 1/2". Score every 1/2".   Fold on all score marks.  Glue one end on top of the other forming a box. Add glue to 1 side of the box and place behind the heart. Fold down the box and on the opposite side (from the side glued to the heart) add glue and fold card closed to glue to back of card.  Cut random heart sizes from the sprayed watercolor paper using the Sprinkle Heart Collage.  Glue around the inside for more love.






Mon 21

Winter Scene Gift Tags
by Sara Cook

3 tags

Good morning everyone. I'm so excite to be a designer for Memory Box.  This is my first post and hope you try this simply and fast tag project.  This sure will make your presents standout.  

Background wip

To make the sky background cut out 3 1/8" square from white card stock.  I used 80lb to keep the tag light weight.

Blend on the blue ink about 3/4 of the way down the square.  I like using Silicone Blue Fresh Ink as my snow cloud sky.  It has the perfect blend of blue and light grey to give the feel of snow in the air. 

After ink is dry press a clear embossing ink pad on the upper portion of the sky. Lightly sprinkle on ultra thick white embossing powder for snowflakes and heat set.  The heat gun can blow away some of the powder so, keep the heat gun at a distance until the powder starts to melt.

Scene WIP

Use just the inside frame and cabin die of the Family Cabin Frame die and cut out of white 80lb card stock.  Keep the pieces for the side of the cabin and door.   Die cut the framed scene again but out of a red card stock. Fussy cut out the smoke and snowbank leaving the frame.

Mask off the chimney on the cabin. Use a blending tool to add a light grey color to the smoke. Make the pressure random as color is added so it give it depth. For the grey I used Morning Mist Versa Fine Clair ink.  

Take the cabin walls and blend on a brown ink. I used Gathered Twigs Distress Ink. Do the same thing for the door but with red ink.  I used Fired Brick Distress Ink to match my red frame. I took a scrap piece of paper and lightly colored it with Squeezed Lemonade Distress Ink. Then lightly pencil marked the outline of the house on the yellow colored paper.  Fussy cut the paper out and glued it behind the house.  Glue in the cabin walls and door pieces.

In the lower left corner of the snowbank write To: and From: with a red pen to match the door and frame.  I used NO. 6 Brown Marvy pen with the fine point.

Now for final assembly.  Glue the framed scene on the sky background paper and then glue the red frame over the white frame.  Add a piece of double sided tape to the back leaving the backing on the tape to peel off when ready to add to a gift.

Change up the color scheme to match your wrapping paper.  I used red that matched my wrapping paper.

Tag on present

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