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Wed 29

Fin-Tastic Goldfish Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone.  The 3D embossed fish are so pretty.  Having the options to color, die cut, and emboss the fish with any combo makes the set so versatile.  I used the Ocean Fish die set and 3D Embossing Folder with the Memory Box Mirror paper to create the fish.  Also used several other flower dies to create the water lily and lily pad.  



Die cut the goldfish from the Ocean Fish die set from gold and bronze Rainbow Reflections Mirror paper pad.  Secure in the fish in the Ocean Fish 3D Embossing Folder using temporary tape and run through the die cutting machine.  Repeat for the 2nd fish. 



Cut a white card stock to 3 3/4" x 5".  in the lower left hand side ink blend with dye ink, I used my new Elements ink in the bright blue and turquoise with  a brush.  I left some of the brush marks to create movement.  Sprinkle with water, let stand for few seconds, and blot off with a paper towel.  Set aside to dry.


Die cut the smallest and 2nd smallest Happy Daisy Stem flower dies from heavy white card stock.  Ink blend with a light pink from the bottom up with a light pink ink.  Die cut the pistil from the Ruffled Poppy Stem die set from heavy white card stock.  Color with a bright yellow ink.  Glue the pistil to the larger flower and then the smaller on top.  Die cut the stems from the Ruffled Poppy Stem die set from heavy white card stock.  Color with a light and mid tone green ink.  You can use pens, watercolor, or any ink pads.  I used Elements Ink pads for all my coloring today.  Die cut the 4th smallest circle die from Circle Basic set from white card stock. Use the flower pad from the Ruffled Poppy stem die to die cut in the shape of the lily pad. Take Tim Holtz paper distressed to rough of the edge around the pad. Ink blend with a light green ink and then a mid-tone green ink.  Take a dark green color pencil and draw in some lines.  


Stamp a strip of white card stock with the You Are Fin-tastic sentiment from Deep Blue Ocean stamp set in black ink.  Back with a strip of black paper from Rainbow Reflections Mirror paper pad.


Cut the black paper from Rainbow Reflections Mirror paper pad to an A2 panel.  Adhere to a white A2 card.  Adhere the stems to the left side of the card, the lily pad, and then the waterlily.  Adhere the goldfish to the bottom left of the card, with 1 fish hanging off the side.  Trim off.  Adhere the sentiment to the upper righthand side.  Add a few clear Fairy Drops in the water.  Adhere the panel to the card using mounting foam tape.





Wed 22

Tropical Birthday Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone.  I have tropical birthday card, perfect for a young boy, featuring the new Tropical Leaves embossing folder and cutting dies.



Die cut the Tropical Leaves from Rainbow Reflections Mirror green and aqua paper. Secure the die cuts in the embossing folder with the foil side down on the matching impressed side using small pieces of Washi tape.  To add some additional interest using Copic marker.  For the green leaves die cuts use Y17 for highlights and G17 for shading.  For the aqua leave die cuts use Y06 for highlights and BG09 for shading.



Die cut Poppystamps Whittle Lion body from white card stock.  Die cut the mane and tail from gold paper from the Rainbow Reflections Mirror pad.  Color the body of the lion with Copic marker Y06.  Add some shading with Y17 allow the cuts around the legs and feet.  Go back over with Y06 to blend into the body.  Cut the fur off the tip of the tail and glue to the body.  Glue the mane over the head.  Take a fine tip black marker on the cuts in the face.  



Cut a light aqua blue paper from Fresh Aqua pad to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Ink blend VersaFine Clair Twilight along 1 long end around the sides.  Adhere to a white A2 card.   Cut a mid tone aqua paper from Fresh Aqua pad to 1" x 5 1/2".  Use long scissors to cut small hills into on 1 side.  Gold heat emboss Happy Birthday in the Lower center using the Deep Blue Ocean stamp set.  Adhere to the bottom of the card.  Adhere the lion on top of the ground in the center of the card.  Adhere the Tropical Leaves on the top of the card.  Trim off excess off the leaves.





Wed 15

Hello Butterfly Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone! I am enjoying this release so much with the mixture of foil plates and flowers.  So many beautiful cards to create.  The Stella Butterfly and Background die set and Black Glossy paper makes a stunning focal image to the flower and leaves dies.


Exquisite Leaves:

Use the Exquisite Leaves plate to hot foil aqua green on the dark Fresh Aqua paper.  I chose the last, greener paper. Die cut using the matching die.  Make 3 die cuts.


Die cut the 2 smallest flowers from the Bouquet Blooms and Leaves from the darkest blue from the Ocean Blue paper pad.  Die cut 3 times.

Stella Butterfly and Background:

Die cut the top die and center of the butterfly from Black Glossy paper.  Die cut the background from heavy white card stock.  Ink blend from center out with VersaFine Clair Cheerful, Warm Breeze from center to end, then Paradise from ends to just before the center.  Ink up the edge of the die cut with Paradise.  Glue the top die cut on tope then glue the center in the middle.  Use your fingers to round the end wings downwards. Then press up the wings while pressing down on the center.  



Die cut the outline Hello Daily Script from Black Glossy paper.  Die cut the background from the same Fresh Aqua paper.  Adhere together.


Adhere a A2 size paper matching paper from the Madras Plaid Blu and Violet paper paid to a white A2 card.  Trim the Black Glossy paper to 4" x 51/4" and die cut out the center using 4the smallest die from Open Studios Oval Layers die set.  Adhere vellum to the back of the cut out.  Adhere the paper to to the center of the card.  Arrange and adhere the leaves on the left hand side around the oval cut out, leaving some of the leaves off the card.  Trim off the leaves.  Adhere the Hello sentiment to the upper right side of the oval cut out.  Adhere the butterfly to the lower right side, making sure the wings over lap the sentiment and leaves. Add the flowers to the center of the leaves.  Add the gold Fairy Gems and Fairy Jewels to the center of the flowers.






Wed 08

Bright and Sunny Birthday Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone!  I have a bright and sunny birthday card featuring the Charlotte Blooms and Leaves die set.


Flowers and Leaves:

Die cut the Charlotte Blooms and Leaves die from heavy white card stock.  Ink blend the flowers using VersaFine Clair Cheerful from the center toward the tips of the petals.  Ink blend using VersaFine Clair Tulip Red from the center toward the middle of the petals.  Go back over with the Cheerful to create an orange color.  Darken the flower center with Tulip Red and add shading at the edge with VersaFine Clair Fallen Leaves.  Ink blend the leaves first with VersaFine Clair Verdant all over and then darken with Green Oasis VersaFine Clair ink.  Form the flowers by taking a large stylist from the back side to "cup" the center.  Turn flower over and run the large stylist along the petals to lightly flatten them.  Adhere the 3 flower die cuts with the largest on the bottom and smallest on top, offsetting the petals. Take an ink pen and curl the leaves over the barrel of the pen.  



Ink blend a 1.5" x 3" heavy white card stock with VersaFine Clair Cheerful. Ink blend with Tulip Red along the outside leaving the center yellow.  Then ink blend over the Tulip Red with Cheerful.  Then foil the sentiment using the Posh Happy Birthday hot foil plate and gold foil.  Then die cut out the sentiment using the matching die.  



Cut a med tone orange from the Sunny Orange paper pad to A2 size. Lightly ink blend with VersaFine Clair Cheerful and Tulip Red.  Adhere to a A2 card.  Adhere a white 4" x 5/14" white card to the center.  Add 3 flowers to the lower left corner and 1 flower to the upper right and corner.  Letting some of the flower hang off the card.  Add leaves underneath the flowers letting them hang off as well.  Trim off the excess.  Adhere the sentiment in the middle.  Add matching Fairy Jewels and Gemstones round from the lower right hand corner to the upper left hand corner.  The gem stones I used was Autumn and Treasure Chest.  








Wed 25

Hello Daisy Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone.  I have a greeting card to brighten up anyone's day.  It has been cool and rainy in the northwest and needed to create a bright warm card.  It's a good design to send to someone to say Hello and brighten their day. 



Cur a white card base to 5 1/4"x  3 1/2.  Mask the left side 1/4" with Washi tape add a mask to create a 3/4" opening with wide Washi tape.  Tare the wide Washi to create a ragged edge.  Ink blend with VersaFine Clair Cheerful, Tulip Red, and Verdant.  Let dry and and wipe off the ink from the Washi  tape.  center the Butterfly Coterie Collage Stencil over the ink.  Spread Distress Crackle Texture Paste over the stencil to create glitter butterflies.


Die cut the Happy Daisy Stem and Sunshine Daisy Stem craft dies from light, medium and dark oranges from the Sunny Orange paper pad.  Die cut the stems from a medium green from the Lush Green paper pad.  Die cut the flower center from a mid-tone brown from the Earth Neutral paper pad.  Adhere the flower layers to the Shem and then add the flower center.  Adhere he flowers to the center of the background.  



Hot foil the Posh Hello with gold foil on a dark orange from the Sunny Orange paper pad.  Then die cut with the matching cutting die.  


Create a white A2 card.  Adhere a 4'x5 1/2" card base from the same orange as the sentiment to the A2 card, leaving a 1/4" strip of white on the side.  Adhere a 1/4" strip of gold card stock from the Vintage Pastel Mirror paper pad over the white card.  Adhere the background to the left side of the card.  Adhere the sentiment with the foam tape over the bottom of the flower stems.  Adhere some Autumn Fairy Crystals and golden yellow Pastel Fairy Jewels around the flower and butterflies.







Wed 18

Lavender Field Birthday Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone!  I have a birthday card using the New Sunburst hot foil plate and Lavender Bouquet to create this beautiful field of lavender with golden sun.  I can imagine laying under the sun and taking a nap in the lavender field.  



Cut white card stock to 5"x5" square.  Position gold foil and Sunburst hot foil plate in the upper right hand corner of the paper.  Heat and run through your die cutting machine per their instruction.  I use Gemini Junior system and followed their instructions for foil plates and it turned out on the first run.  Ink blend Distress Broken China from the bottom left corner up over to the upper right hand corner.  Do not ink blend in the center of the sun. Ink blend the sun with Distress Squeezed Lemonade.  Ink blend the bottom left corner with Distress Twisted Citron keeping to the edges to create look of green steams.  


Lavender Field:

Die cut all the Lavender Bouquet dies from fun foam.  Add some double sided tape to stamp block and position the fun foam die cuts on the tape.  Ink up with Distress Dusty Concord on the flower and Lucky Clover on the stem.  Randomly stamp first through 3 generation on the ink blended background.  Having taller lavender in the left corer and shorter toward the right corner.  Die cut the Lavender Bouquet from a mid green Lush Green paper pad, 2 times.  Die cut just the flower of the Lavender Bouquet from a dark and medium purple from the Twilight Purple paper pad, 2 times.  Trim off any of the stem that is left and glue on the matching green die cuts.  Adhere on top of the stamped background randomly mixing the light and dark lavender flowers.  



Heat foil the Intricate Mini Butterflies from the same gold foil and medium tone Twilight Purple paper. Only foil first then run through the die cut machine again for die cutting.  Use temporary tape to secure the foil and paper securely to the paper so the die does not move.  Form the wings with your fingers to pop them up.



Hot foil the Birthday Wishes plate with gold and the midtone Twilight Purple paper.  After foiling use the cutting die to die cut out the sentiment.  


Create a 6"x6" card base from white card stock.  Cut the same mid-tone Twilight Purple is the flowers and sentiment to 6"x6".  Cut a gold paper from the Vintage Pastel Mirror pad to 5 1/2"x5 1/2". Adhere the purchase on the card base, the gold paper, then the card base.  Adhere the butterflies, 2 in the lavender and 1 in the sky.  Adhere the sentiment with foam tape over the sun. 







Wed 04

Mother's Day Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone!  I have a quick but stunning Mother's Day card featuring the Ruffled Blooms.  



Die the the Ruffled Blooms from Open Studios Watercolor paper.  Watercolor each bloom with the same technique of wetting the paper then use a lighter color ink on the inside to a darker color on the petal tips. Scribble the ink down on my glass mat and apply with a water brush.  The watercolors used are Zigs Real Brush pens in the following color sets; Bright Yellow and Light Carmine, Lemon Yellow and Yellow, Light Pink and fuchsia? (the name rubbed off and unsure what the real name is), and Orange and Wine.  For the center of each flower I use Bright Yellow and Dark Oatmeal.  The Dark Oatmeal I apply it direct on the flower center dabbing it in the cut pieces.  then blend with the water brush.  Shape the petals with your fingers.



Cut a piece of the light green from the Lush Green paper pad to a 3 3/4" x 5 3/4". Die cut the Jumbled Line Collage die from the center of the paper.  Cut the scraps of the paper into 1/4" strips and stack 4 tall and adhere to the back of the panel.  Cut a piece of white card stock to 3 1/2"x 5 1/2".  Cover the paper with the Sunset Blush Washi Tape.



Die cut the word MOM using the Twiggy Alphabet die set from a gold and peach paper from Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad.  Glue the smaller die cut on the top.  I added SticketIt to the back fo the peach mirror paper before die cutting to make it easier to adhere.  



Cut a card to 8" x 6" and score at 4" on the longer side of paper to create a 4" x 6" card.  Adhere the Washi tape panel to the center of the card.  Adhere the Jumbled Line Collage panel on top of the Washi tape panel.  Adhere the flowers in the lower left corner and MOM to the right of the flowers.







Wed 27

Spring Flower Boutique Birthday Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone!  I have more flower shaping today using the flower dies released in February.  Today I have a card that can be used for birthday or a mother's day card.  I use the Memory Box colored paper to make coloring the flowers and leaves easier.  Also the shaping of these flowers are pretty simple with how the dies cut into the paper.


Riverbank Large Layered Bloom Flower:

Die cut the Riverbank Large Layered Blooms from a light orange/pink card from the Berry Red paper pad 1 time.  Ink blend from the center out, half way, with VersaFine Clair Charming Pink then Clair Purple Delight.  Ink blend from the tip of the petal with VersaFine Clair Cheerful.  In between each ink blending I added ink to the flower center.  Shape the flower with an extra large stylist, on a foam mat, by pulling from the tip of the petal to the center on the front side of the die cut.  Turn the flower over and lightly push in the center. Us the same stylist on the back side of the flower center and roll it around.  Adhere the flower together, offsetting the petals.  Add the center of the flower with double sided foam tape to keep the shape.  To darken the center, tap watercolor markers around randomly.  I used Marvy Markers in black, dark brown, and dark green brown. I was trying to recreate my favorite color of African Daisies.  I pulled up a picture online to use as a reference to get the color and shaping just right.


Periwinkle Flowers:

Die cut the Layered Periwinkle from a medium Vibrant Violet paper paper pack. (I chose a color a few shades lighter then VersaFine Clair Purple Delight.) Ink blend from the center out, half way, with VersaFine Clair Purple Delight.  Use a white Posca pen and outline the tip of each petal white.  Shape the flower with an medium sized stylist, on a foam mat, by pulling from the tip of the petal to the center on the front side of the die cut.  Turn the flower over and lightly push in the center. Adhere the 2 smaller die cuts together, offsetting the petals.  I also pulled up a picture of the periwinkle online to use as a reference to get the color and shaping just right.  



Die cut the Exquisite Leaf Set out of a medium green paper from the Lush Green pad 3 times.  Ink blend the larger leaves with VersaFine Clair Cheerful from the tips to the center, then fold the leaf in half and color the center.  Then ink blend the stem with VersaFine Clair Shady Lane.  Ink blend the smaller leaves with the same technique using VersaFine Clair Green Oasis.



Die cut Happy Birthday Posh Scrip die bottom from the orange/pink Vintage Pastel Mirror paper pad and the top from the same paper as the Riverbank flower die from the Berry Red paper pad.  Ink blend the Berry Red paper with VersaFine Clair Purple Delight before die cutting.  Adhere together.


Use a white 5" x 7" card base and adhere a 4 3/4" x 6 3/4" light blue panel on top. Arrange the flowers on the left hand side focusing mainly in the lower corner.  Adhere some of the leaves with foam tape to give more dimension.  Add Treasure Chest Fairy Gemstones to the center of the Periwinkle flowers, yellow for the large and purple to the small. Adhere the sentiment in the upper right hand corner.







Wed 13

Spring Flower Scene Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone.  I'm missing the pretty cherry blossoms from my front window view.  So I recreated it in a card.  Just add any sentiment in the inside and you got a beautiful card anyone would like to receive.


Wood Siding:

Cut a piece of the Cream Woodgrain paper to 5" x 7" with the grain running long way.  Ink blend with Distress Brushed Corduroy ink all over.  Cut into 5" x 1/2" long strings.  Color the edges of each strip with Distress Ground Espresso.  


Cherry Blossoms:

Die cut the smallest flowers from the Paisley Bloom Leaf Arch from white card stock.  Color with Distress Oxide Kitsch Flamingo and Picked Raspberry.  Concentrating the color to the center of the flower.  Shape the flowers.  Turn the flowers upside down on a foam mat.  Take a stylist the same width as the petals and push the stylist down to the center of the flower.  Repeat on each petal until it forms a cup shape.  Turn the flowers right side up and with a small stylist push in the center of the flower, still on the foam mat, creating a flower shape. 


Window and Branch:

Die cut the Poppy Stamp Grand Madison Window our of heavy weight white paper twice. Glue the 2 die cuts together. Cut a piece of the Black Glossy paper just smaller then the window Fram and adhere the window with double sided tape. Die cut the Woodland Branch from a brown paper from Earth Neutral pad 3 times.  Glue the 3 die cuts together.  



Die cut the Tall Frilly Leaf Stems, leaves from the Layered Star Flowers, and the Wild Grass Boarder from various shades of green from the Lush Green paper pad.  Add a darker shade of ink to the stems of the leafs and blades of grass with Distress Oxide Inks.  For the lighter green I used Crush Olive.  Mid-tone green I used Forest Moss. For the grass I used Rustic Wilderness.  Use the same shaping technique on the leaves as the cherry blossoms but when you turn them over to the front side just light press at the base of the leave.  Die cut the 2 small flowers from the Layered Impatiens die set out of bright pink from the Berry Red pad.  Add a yellow center with a Posca paint pen.  Shape the flowers the same way as the cherry blossoms. 



Adhere the wood strips to the front of a 5" x 7" card from top to bottom.  Adhere the window to the upper center of the card.  Glue the tree branch over the top of the window frame.  Adhere the flowers around the branch.  Arrange the grass and foliage to the bottom of the card.  







Wed 06

Easter Bouquet Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone!  I have an Easter bouquet in a paper wooden basket.  



Die cut the 2nd and 3rd smallest Half Dozen Egg dies from heavy weight white card stock.  Spray the eggs with spray inks, Distress Oxide spray then a Dylusions Shimmer spray.  I used Speckled Egg and Calypso Teal, Kitsch Flamingo and Past Box Red, then Squeezed Lemonade and Tarnished Brass Mica Spray.  


Leaves and Flowers:

Spray heavy weight white card stock with pray inks, Distress Oxide spray then a Dylusions spray.  For the leaves Old paper and Dirty Martini and flowers Shaded Lilac and Funky Fuchsia.  Die cut the 2 smaller leaf dies out of the green paper.  Die cut the 2 smaller of the Layered Impatiens from the purple flowers.  Shape the flowers with a small stylist.  Turn the die cut upside down and pull the stylist from the end of the petal to the center.  Turn the flower over and press in the center.  Add glue to the center of the flower and press another flower on top, off centering petals.  On the back side of the leaves take a medium stylist and pull from the edge of the leave to the center vein.  Die cut the the Tall Frilly Leaf Stem die 2 times.  



Cut a piece of Woodgrain card stock 2" wide then cut into 1/4" strips.  Color each strip with Distress Brushed Corduroy and then ink up sides of the strip with Distress Ground Espresso.  Take 1 strip and add adhesive to the backside.  Adhere strips diagonal.  Weave in 2 strips and adhere the last weave together.  Trim off excess and cut a rounded corners at the bottom.  



Create a landscape A2 size card from cream textured card stock.  In the lower left corner adhere the Tall Frilly Leaf stems, then adhere the Exquisite Leaf Set.  Adhere the eggs to the bottom of the bouquet.  adhere the basket over the bouquet and adhere the flowers mourned the leaves.  Add a yellow Fairy Jewels.  Die cut the Happy Easter Posh Script die from purple Polished Foil paper pad.  Adhere to the right side of the card.