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Thu 06

Prismacolor Pencil Holiday Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I have been making a lot of cards lately that use Prismacolor Pencils on Kraft cardstock.  I really like the vibrant looks you can achieve.  I was going to call this a single-layer card, but I ended up cutting out the presents to glue them on the sled.  I didn't feel like making a mask in order to stamp the presents on the sled, but I think you still get the similar look to a card without layers.

The first step was to place my kraft notecard into my MISTI stamp positioner and stamp my items in black Versafine ink:


I love the look of Versafine because it gives you crisp lines, but it takes a while to dry.  Give it plenty of time to dry before you color your images or the ink will smear.

Next, I colored the bunny and sled with my pencils.  I didn't worry about crossing over lines such as the bunny's eye because I knew that I would be restamping the images later.  Here is the coloring:


You can see that my lines weren't quite as crisp as before.  I put the card back into the MISTI and restamped my images:


Notice how much better the second bunny looks.  He has really well-defined lines.  It took a REALLY long time for my ink to dry because it was on top of my waxy pencils.  I could have embossed it with black embossing powder, but sometimes the heat will warp a single-layer card.  I decided to just let it sit out for a while, and it did completely dry on its own.

To finish the card, I sponged some white pigment ink under the boot and sled and added a bit of Stickles for sparkle.  The final step was to hand draw a line between the bunny and sled so that it looked like he was pulling the sled behind him.  Here is another close up of the coloring.  Notice that I tried to make it look like my light source was coming from the top left of the card, so my bunny and presents were darker on the right and brighter on the left.


It really doesn't matter which Prismacolor pencils you choose.  For most colors, I chose a light, medium and dark version so that I could get a gradient of color.  If you are interested in the specific colors I chose, here they are:

Bunny- Cool grey 70%, 50%, 30% and 10%

Scarf- Dioxazine Purple Hue, Parma Violet, Lavender

Boot/Sack/Sled- Dark Brown, Light Umber brown, Ginger Root

Cheek and inside of ear- Blush Pink

Present in Sack and stripe on green present- Crismson Red, Carmine Red, Deco Peach

Green Present- Olive Green, Grass Green, Spring Green

Yellow/Orange Present- Pumpkin Orange, Orange, Sunburst Yellow







Wed 28

Fa La La
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I wanted to share a dimensional forest scene that has a tree popped up in the foreground and a singing bunny in the background.

Here is a close up so that you can see the Copic coloring and the popped up tree a bit better:


To color the bunny, I used the following Copic markers:

Copic Markers- C00, C1, E51, E33, E35, R20, B0000, B1, R32, R35

E51- color entire bunny

E33- color right side of bunny (about 2/3 of the way in) as well as behind and under the bunny arm.

E35- add darkest shading to ear, tail, armpits, base of bunny

R20- bunny cheeks

R32- entire hymnal

R35- shading of hymnal

For the tree section, I cut the tree frame out twice...once in white and once in green to piece together a snow-capped finished tree.  The die set comes with small birds, so I added a few of those as well.  As a final step, I popped the tree frame onto my card using a lot of foam tape for support.






Thu 22

Happy Thanksgiving
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I don't know if you are celebrating Thanksgiving today or not, but I just wanted to share shaker card I made for my mom in gratitude of hosting Thanksgiving this year.

To make the card, I used the Stitched Maple Circle Frame die to cut out some foam that would be the same size as the dic cut I would latter cut from bronze paper:


I doubled up on the foam layers so that there would be plenty of room for my sequins to move.  Next I added the center circle cut from the same die, added extra foam to prop up the layer, and filled the card with an assortment of sequins:


For the front of the card, I added some acetate behind the open circle window and attached the Maple Circle Frame and leaf I had cut from bronze metallic paper.  As a finishing touch, I added my thankful sentiment:


I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday with your friends and family!







Sat 17

Birthday Wish
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I wanted to take a break from holiday cards and focus on a birthday card.  After all, I am always in need of birthday cards!

To make this card, I cut out the Wish Journal Frame out of a square of kraft cardstock, white cardstock and blue cardstock to later piece everything together:


As you can see, the die cut left an open square out of the kraft cardstock.  I saved the kraft wish rainbow cutout for another card.  I wanted to embed my white cardstock "wish," so I placed a piece of really strong tape behind the open square and stuck the white piece on top.  I added the blue cardstock pieces around the rainbow and sentiment and sprinkled glitter over the rainbow.  The die cuts out the pieces of the rainbow, so I colored each piece with Copic markers.


I decided the rainbow pieces were darker than I wanted, so I glued them behind the glitter (on the backside of the kraft cardstock).  I liked the muted look of rainbow once the pieces were behind the glitter:


To finish the card, I added the "birthday" diecut over the rainbow and added some sequins for extra bling:


I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!








Sat 13

Peace Ornament
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I have been working on holiday gifts, so I thought I would share.  Today's project is an ornament I made using a porcelain disk, some Memory Box dies, and some glitter.  It is a fast project and VERY inexpensive.  I bought a set of disks at Michaels last year after Christmas for a cheap price, but even at full price, they shouldn't be over $1 each.  Adding the paper, glitter, tape and ribbon will still keep the project under $2.

To make my ornament, I cut out a circle from white cardstock that was the same size as my Peace Circle die.  Before running the white cardstock through my Big Shot, I put very strong tape (from Elizabeth Crafts) on both sides of the white paper.  I did that because I wanted the circle to stick really well to the porcelain and I wanted to add die cuts and glitter to the other side without either falling off the ornament.


I removed the tape backing from the front of the circle and then added my tree die, the peace circle and a red bird on top.  Once all the dies were in place, I sprinkled the open spaces with glitter so that all the open areas were covered with sparkle.  As a finishing step, I cut away the rest of the tree frame, taped my bird scene to the disk and added a ribbon:


What about your guys?  Do you make any of your holiday gifts?  I am always looking for new ideas.







Wed 10

Pan Pastel Thankful Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I want to talk about making a background using some Pan Pastel chalks and some of the new Memory Box geometric stamps.

First, I took some cream cardstock and sponged three colors of Pan Pastels (Magenta, Orange, and Gold) on top:


Next, I put my cardstock into my MISTI stamp positioner and stamped a row of triangles on top of my background using Versamark ink.  I then rubbed the same three colors of chalk on top of my Versamark ink:


Notice how the chalk really makes the pattern pop.  Don't worry about brushing the chalk on top of your Versamark ink.  It won't smudge the pattern.  You can even rub quite hard and it won't mess up your pattern.  My background did change a bit in color as I added more and more chalk to the paper.  I didn't bother setting the finished look with a sealant.  I don't like the smell of sealants, they can change the color of the chalk, and you can still handle a card with Pan Pastels quite roughly without a lot of chalk coming off on your fingers.

To finish the card, I added my thankful sentiment and added some gold leaves I cut from the Stitched Maple Circle Frame.  I cut those out in gold cardstock to match the gold shimmer from my Pan Pastel.  It is rather hard to see the shimmer in the picture, but I promise you it is there!







Wed 03

Faux Enamel Maple Frame
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Not to long ago, I posted a card of mountains and sky using a watercolor powder background.  Today I want to talk more about using those backgrounds on cards and especially for diecutting.  Long story short, I love the effect you can get with them when cut with dies!

First, a brief reminder of the technique. All you have to do is take a coffee filter, sprinkle it with some watercolor powders, spritz the filter with water to get it nice and wet and then lay it down on a piece of glossy photo paper.  I used ColorBurst powders form my watercolor powder, but another popular brand is Brusho  watercolor powders. 

The really nice thing about this technique is that if you go through the steps once, you get a bright/bold background.  If you remove the filter, spritz it again and place it on another piece of glossy photo paper, the next "printing" of color would be a bit fainter.  I often got 4-5 prints out of one coffee filter with powder on it  I never added more powder to the filter, I just kept adding water.

Here are the two backgrounds I used for the card:


The background on the left is one of the first printings from a coffee filter, so it is much darker.  The one on the right is much more muted after multiple printings.  The swirls on my backgrounds were caused by wrinkles on the coffee filter.

These backgrounds are fantastic to pair with your diecuts.  I cut a square out of the paper on the right that was the same size as my frame.  I wanted a soft background in the back.  I cut the leaves I wanted to really "pop" on my card out of the paper on the left.  Here is a closeup:


I loved the effect of the cut out leaf parts on the card.  They had the look of a thick enamel or perhaps a heavily embossed paper or paper covered with Glossy Accents. The shine of the leaf parts contrasted nicely with the matte brown cardstock I used for the frame.

One word of warning...  you really do have to use glossy photo paper and not regular glossy paper.  The watercolor powders dry beautifully on the photo paper without warping it at all.






Tue 25

Peace Mountains
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Last weekend my mom and I played around with making backgrounds using watercolor powders, coffee filters and some glossy photo paper.  We were inspired by a Splitcoast Stampers tutorial on YouTube, which you can view here.

The process itself was very simple.  We took a coffee filter, sprinkled a few powders on top and then spitzed the filter with a lot of water.  Next, we placed the filter on top of the glossy photo paper and let the watercolor transfer from the filter to the paper.  If we didn't get the look we wanted, we spritzed the filter again with water and placed it again onto the glossy photo paper until we were happy.


When I used this combination of colors, I ended up with a background that looked like this:


The background reminded me of a night sky, so I thought it would make a nice backdrop for the Snowcapped Mountain die:


To make the mountain circle, I started with a kraft cardstock circle and then cut out the mountain:


The die comes with the mountains as well as the mountain caps, so I cut out the caps separately from white cardstock and glued them onto the mountains.  To add a bit more interest, I sponged some Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Ink at the bottom of the circle and then added a blue "peace" sentiment.






Fri 14

Be Merry Snowman
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I wanted to make a Season's Greeting card instead of a Christmas card.  I changed up the colors a bit and chose a die and sentiment that could be used for various occasions.

When you cut out the All Heart Snowman die, it looks like this:


I placed a piece of white cardstock behind the large heart openings and lightly traced around the edges with a pencil:


I used the pencil marks as a guide to color the hearts with an RV02 Copic Marker and an RV55 Copic Marker.  Notice I didn't bother to stay in the lines:


I put a piece of strong double stick tape from Elizabeth Crafts behind the die cut openings and then stuck the die on top of my pink splotches:


You could still see the pencil marks since I didn't line up everything exactly, but I didn't worry about it because I knew I would be adding some glitter on top.  I also didn't worry about the small hearts because I knew I would be coloring the cut out hearts red and sticking them down onto the exposed double stick tape.  Once I colored the small hearts with an RV29 marker and the nose with a YR12 marker, I placed them onto the card.  The larger hearts still had exposed double stick tape, so I sprinkled glitter onto the sticky surfaces:


To finish the card, I added a sentiment and some die cut snowflakes.






Wed 05

Holiday Gift Giving
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I don't know about you, but if I am going to make any sort of gifts for the holidays, I need to start now.  I was inspired to start with some little metal tins I found at my dollar store that were two for a dollar.  They are the perfect size to add a small treat.

The latest Memory Box release has several circular dies that would be perfect for the top.  However, I thought the Pine Wreath would be more practical for a sample since it could be sized to fit whatever containers you have.

To make the wreath, I first cut out a lot of greenery using the die.  It cuts four pieces of evergreen at a time:


I wanted there to be a bit of variation to the branches, so I colored some of them with a YG67 Copic marker:


Candy or nuts would be great to fill the tins, but I thought for a crafter friend, a bit of peppermint striped baker's twine would be a a wonderful holiday treat:


For a finishing touch, I added a few red rhinestones and a red bow to the tin. 

How about you guys?  Do you make any of your holiday gifts?  Have you started yet?