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Tue 13

Sneak Peek
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I thought I would give you a small sneak peek of new items that will be released tomorrow.  One of my favorite new dies is the Bountiful Wreath.  The reason I like it so much is that it is just so practical.  Of course you can use it for autumn and Christmas, but you can use it for other holidays as well!  I immediately knew that I wanted to make a Halloween wreath.  I think it is also the first time I have ever made a gray wreath!

To make the card, I cut out the wreath twice...once in light gray and once in dark gray cardstock.  The die also comes with two wreath sprigs, so I cut out extra pieces of dark gray cardstock to "fluff" my wreath up a bit.  Next, I cut out a lot of Halloween elements from the Haunted Entrance Dome Layer die. My glitter bats didn't show up very well, so I cut out small cream circles to look like moons so that I would have a backdrop for the bats.  I added Halloween baker's twine to the entire wreath, but it became a bit hidden due to all the things I added to the wreath.

Here is a close up of the wreath:


Here are some other wreaths I cut that I am getting ready to use.  Once is for Christmas and the other will be another Halloween card:


I also have plans for a pink/red one for Valentine's Day.  I really love having dies that I can use over and over throughout the year.  What color combinations and occasions would you use with the wreath die?

Don't forget to check the website tomorrow to see all the latest products!



Tue 06

Colorburst Halloween
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I want to show you a Halloween card that I made using a background crafted from Colorburst powders and some water.

Colorburst powders are simply watercolor powders that are activated when water touches them. There are other brands of powders out there.  Colorburst just happen to be the brand I own.  I first started by sprinkling some colors onto a non-stick craft sheet.  I used some purples, blues and a black.  There ended up being some green on my card, but I have no idea where it came from. I think I had some powder left on my craft sheet.

Next, I spritzed my craft sheet with a lot of water and laid some watercolor paper on top to soak up the colors.  You really don't have any control over where the colors go.  Once the papers were dry, I splattered them with a little white acrylic paint that had been watered down with a splash of water.  The paint splatters much better if it isn't too thick.  Here are the pieces I created:


I thought my papers looked like galaxies and would make a nice backdrop for a Halloween card.  Here is a close up of the die cuts on top of the background:


What kind of backgrounds do you make for Halloween cards?  Or, do you prefer patterned paper?  I'm just curious.

Thanks for stopping by!







Sun 13

Clean and Simple Halloween Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Today I want to share a quick Halloween card with you.  I rather liked the simplicity of the design.

To make the card, I first masked two sides of the card and then sponged it with various colors of Distress Oxide Ink:


Next, I removed the masks so that I was left with crisp edges:


As a final touch, I popped up a circle with foam tape and added a few bats cut from black glitter paper.  You need a little sparkle after all!


Thanks for stopping by today!






Thu 10

Watercolor Pumpkin
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Have you started making fall cards yet?  If you know me, then you know that I am sucker for a pumpkin stamp.  I do have a lot of them!  They make me so happy.

To make the card, I used an assortment of Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers to color my pumpkin.  I started with some Memory Box watercolor paper and then stamped my pumpkin using Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers.  One of the tips I have when trying to color an image and decide where to add the shading is to look for any cross hatching in the design.  This pumpkin has a lot of cross hatching, so I used those places to be the darkest areas of the pumpkin.  I added brown marker over the cross hatched areas and then blended outwards using a dark orange marker.  I then continued to blend outwards using lighter markers.  The great thing about Zig markers is that you can't ruin them using a lighter marker over a darker one.  If you have any residual color on your light marker from a darker marker, all you have to do is scribble your marker onto scrap paper until the marker is "clean."  The darker marker won't stain your lighter marker.  For the lightest areas of the pumpkin, I used a waterbrush to drag the color from the darker areas into the lighter areas. 

Here is a close up of the coloring:


Have fun coloring your fall cards!







Sat 05

Haunted House "Snowglobe"
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  In the Christmas 2020 release, there was a series of dies that could be used individually to make a 2-D card or combined to make a 3-D ornament/home decor snowglobe.  In the latest release, there are new dies that make spooky Halloween scenes.

To make my spooky 3-D scene, I started by sponging Distress Inks onto white cardstock.  I always make at least two backgrounds when I get out my inks.  I love having a spare.  Once I sponged the ink, I then spritzed it with water to give it a mottled look:


Here are the colors I used:


I cut out the various layers for my scene using black cardstock:


Some of the things I would like to point out about the pieces:

On the wrought iron fence die, I cut it out a second time with grey paper and then glued the grey on top of the black.

I glued the Distress Ink background behind the last piece of the scene.

For the haunted house, I cut it out in grey paper then glued yellow cardstock behind the windows and glued brown cardstock behind the door.  I then attached the grey house onto the black die cut piece.

The final piece is the Snowglobe backer that serves as a base for all the pieces.

Here is a closeup of the scene:


Last time I used the Snowglobe Backer to make a holiday card, I placed the big flap of the die on the front of the ornament.  I thought it looked like a snowbank for my scene.  For the Halloween project, I had the flap in the back because I didn't want it to obstruct the fencing.  You can use the backing die either way and it will work out just fine.

Have a great weekend!







Thu 03

Dollar Store Halloween Shadowbox
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I wanted to share a Halloween shadowbox with you today that I created from a frame I purchased at the dollar store.  I like to buy things from the dollar store and then alter them using my crafting supplies.   I started out with this ugly item:


It was just begging to be covered up by something else.  I ripped of the "good morning" circle from the frame.  The circle is on a wooden block to raise it up off of the backing.

Next, I added some striped grey paper over the pink frame back.  For the circle, I cut out a cream circle that was roughly the same size as the good morning circle and edged it with some Pumice Stone and Hickory Smoke Distress ink.  I then added some bats cut out from black glitter paper and a sentiment for the season:


For the corners, I added some of the small elements from the Haunted Entrance Dome Layer die.  I first cut out the wrought iron gate with black paper so that it blended with the frame.  It was important to do that so that the edges blended in with the frame.  I then cut out the fence again in silver paper and glued it on top of the black.  To finish the corners, I added a ghost and a few pumpkins:


Have you bought things from the dollar store to alter?  I especially like to do it for seasonal home decor items.  Let me know what you like to make!







Fri 28

Quick and Easy Christmas Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Each season, I like to make a couple of cards that could be easily replicated for those of us who make lots of holiday cards.  For this card, I took advantage of the Garland patterned paper to do the coloring on my card.  There are lots of beautiful holiday floral patterns in this 6" x 6" pack that would work equally as well.

For the focal point of the card, I used both the Small Pine Tree Collage and Tall Fir Collage dies.  There are other dies from the new release that stack well with these dies, but I didn't want to add too much die cutting to the card. I wanted there to be dimension between the layers so that everything didn't run together.  Therefore, I popped up the top layer with some foam tape:


To finish the card, I added my little deer.  The die indents a spot for his eye, but I decided to add a dot of black marker in the center to make it show up better.  I also added a dot of brown Copic marker to make a nose.

Have a great weekend!







Sun 23

Single Pine Christmas Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I wanted to share a couple of crafty tips with you today.  First is the use of velvet paper.  There are a lot of different brands out there that sell it, but I have to admit that I had some sitting in one of my craft drawers for years.  It gives the look of suede to your card.  One of the things I like about the velvet paper is that when you run it through a machine with a die that both cuts and embosses, it looks amazing.  Here is a close up of my tree:


Normally when I work with a die like this, I put cardstock on the die, run it through the machine and then leave the paper in the die.  Next, I rearrange the plates of my Big Shot and run it through a second time using a tan embossing mat.  The first time through the machine cuts out the die and the second time through with the mat helps emboss all the little details of the die.

With the velvet paper, I skipped the embossing step.  I simply ran it through the machine and it cut and embossed at the same time.

The second thing I want to share is how to create a radiant of light on your card like I did around the star:


Step one is to choose  a center dot on your card.  I chose he top of my tree.  Next, I placed my mask/index card at that point and then sponged a little yellow ink off of the paper.  Any dye based ink works well.

I continued moving the index card and continued with my sponging:


Once I worked my way around and formed a circle, I lightly sponged all over the ink to smooth the edges a bit.

To finish the card, I added an epoxy star sticker and some floral Memory Box holiday paper.

Thanks for visiting!







Sun 16

New Snowglobe Dies
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I want to share a dimensional vignette using some of the new snowglobe dies.  You can use the dies individually flat on a card (samples at the end of the post), or you can use them in conjunction with each other to make a dimensional ornament or home decor item for your shelf. I was pleasantly surprised that my scene stood up just fine on its own, so I think I will keep it on my desk instead of hanging it on the tree this Christmas.

To make my snowglobe, I cut out various layers from the new dies.  Notice that the treelines are staggered in what I think of as "stadium seating." The back trees and snowbanks are higher so that you can see them.


Originally, I was going to use a light blue cardstock for the back, but I later switched to grey to make a night scene.

If you are building a snowglobe scene, there is a backer die that forms the back of the scene as well as the base and front snowbank.  Everything is scored and when you fold it, it looks like this:


The base has three scored lines.  I did not fold at these lines because they are meant to be guidelines of where to add your various snowglobe layers. 

When I added all of my layers to the base, I was left with a 3-D scene.  Here is a view from the side:


The dies cut a hole at the top so that you can add a string to turn your scene into an ornament.  I used the backer and all 3 snowglobe scenes to build a very detailed vignette.  However, you could fold the base smaller and only use 1 or 2 of the snowglobe dies for a thinner scene.  I will show you how in an upcoming post.

As I mentioned earlier, if you only have one snowglobe die, you don't have to make it into a home decor item.  You can adhere it flat onto a card, and it still looks just as great.  Here are some samples:

Membox1 Membox2

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!







Sun 09

Plaid and Glittery Penguin
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends. Yesterday I shared a felt ornament that I made using the Plush Big Penguin die.  I stitched my pieces together using thread and the holes that the die cuts in the material.

Today I wanted to share a card I made using the same die.  Once again, the die cuts holes along the edges for stitching, but I decided I liked the look of the die on its own and opted not to stitch my paper. 

To cut out the penguin, I used some of the Frosted Glitter pad paper.  I really wanted a penguin that sparkled. I might make another one as an ornament because I think the glitter paper will reflect Christmas tree lights beautifully.  When I layered my card, I was surprised how much I liked the red and black plaid paper paired with the glitter paper.  Usually I would think of the plaid as more "rustic" and the glitter as "glitzy," but I liked the contrast of the two together.

I cut out a matching plaid scarf using a die from the Plush Beautiful Snowman set.  I have plans to also use the top hat from the snowman set with my penguin since it fits him as well.

One last note about the card...  although I left the holes unstitched, I decided to put colored paper behind the holes on the fet and the scarf. I thought those holes were a bit distracting when left open:


I hope everyone is having a wonderful, and perhaps crafty, weekend!