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Mon 28

Paper Strips Christmas Cards
by Anne Thompson

What to do with those extra Memory Box paper scraps or the one or two pieces left from a 6X6 paper pad?  


To make these two cards I started with my Memory Box papers scrap box and pulled out all the red plaid pieces and the few loose sheets from various 6X6 paper pads and cut them into strips of random widths.


Then I started gluing them onto the front of a white notecard on a bit of a slant, leaving just a narrow space between each paper strip and letting the strips go out over the edge of the card.

Once I had all of the strips in place I trimmed off the bits that were hanging over the edge.

What to add to the front on top of this background?  I knew I needed something rather large but simple, so for both cards I cut the background for the CELESTE SNOWFLAKE 94697 from white cardstock.  For one card I added a plaid circle cut with one of the dies from the CIRCLE BASICS SET 30087 under the snowflake and oriented the card so the fold was at the top.  I cut the MERRY CHRISTMAS CURLED SCRIPT 94682 from red mirror paper and added that to the center of the snowflake and dotted the i with a Christmas red jewel.

IMG_3979 (1)

For the second card I stamped "Be Jolly" from the SWEET CHRISTMAS CLEAR STAMP SET CL5283 in the center of the snowflake using VersaFine Clair Tulip Red ink.


Then I made two more cards with green plaid paper strips.  This time I used the background for the GLORIETTE SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE 94696 cut from white cardstock, stamped with the sentiment "Wishing you a Christmas filled with Joy" in VersaFine Clair Shady Lane green ink from the SWEET CHRISTMAS CLEAR STAMP SET CL5283.  I  added the GENTLE PINE NEEDLE SPRIG 94597 (Holiday 2021) cut with green cardstocks from the LUSH GREEN COLLECTION SP1003 and finished these cards with red Christmas Fairy Dewdrops or white Christmas Fairy Crystals.


I have quite a few plaid strips left and will make several more cards like these.  With December right around the corner I've got quite a few more cards to make as well as gift tags.  It's going to be a busy week in my craft room!

Happy crafting!

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DDP101Celeste Snowflake 94697
DDP101Gentle Pine Needle Sprig 94597
DDP101Gloriette Snowflake Collage 94696


Mon 21

My Winter Solstice/Greetings from Maine Card
by Anne Thompson

I designed a card for today that will most likely be the one that I use to send a Winter Solstice message or greetings from Maine this holiday season.  As I write this post, this card very much looks like the view from my window--a dark evening sky, silhouettes of bare trees among the pines, and a few scattered snow flurries.


  • This is a card of many layers.  I started with a white A2 notecard and covered the front with a brown/blue plaid from WOODSY PLAID PP1018.
  • For the next layer I added the BIRCH TREE TRUNKS 94701 cut from a light brown Woodsy Plaid paper.




Because I plan to make a bunch of these cards I will set up an assembly line process, die cutting multiples for each step.  If everything goes according to plan they'll be ready to be sent out in time to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  If not--they'll be Happy New Year greetings!  

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 14

Little Bundled Snowman Scene
by Anne Thompson

Today's challenge for me in assembling this card was keeping track of all the little pieces for the LITTLE BUNDLED SNOWMAN 94678.  I really need to clear off my work surface before beginning a new project each time!  I missed one snowman layer (which I didn't realize until I looked closely at the picture on the envelope after I had the card together) and I substituted a pearl for the tiny pompom on his cap as both pieces went AWOL. IMG_3955-ink

To make this card I started with a blank white A2 notecard and covered the front with a blue plaid from the SPRING PLAID  PP1012 6X6 paper pad.  I then cut the FOREST PATH 94702 twice, once from white cardstock and again from a second piece of the same blue plaid.  I layered the white scene minus the white path onto the background paper and added the blue path layer to make a stream in the forest.


To construct the LITTLE BUNDLED SNOWMAN 94678 I cut everything from white cardstock.  I used an orange marker to color the nose.  I used fingertip daubers and VersaFine Clair Pinecone ink to color the twig arms and VersaFine Clair Tulip ink to color the scarf and hat parts.  I added small black jewels to make coal eyes and buttons and a large pearl for the hat's pompom.


I assembled all of the pieces using the narrowest Scor-Tape (1/8") and added the snowman next to the stream using foam dimensional dots.


I've left room to add an appropriate sentiment later.  This all-occasion card design will work for the holidays, winter, even Valentine's Day.  And there are so many color and paper options, too.  I'll definitely be making more of these Little Bundled Snowmen!

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 07

When Fall Comes to New England
by Anne Thompson

I love fall here in Maine.  The bright colors of the leaves are gone and most of the leaves have fallen leaving bare branches in my woods.  A few brown leaves are hanging on the old oak tree in the front yard still.  This time of year I put Cheryl Wheeler's song "When Fall Comes to New England" on repeat because it so perfectly sums up what this season is for me.  Today's card is a simple one with the song lyrics inside.

I'm sorry but Typepad continues to not let me post photos.  

note:  photos added 11/8/2022


Basically, this card is the FOREST PATH 94702 cut using two different brown plaids from the WOODSY PLAID PP1018 6X6 paper pad.  I added a light brown scene first without the path and used the path and snipped off trees in a darker brown plaid for the card front.  For the inside I found the song lyrics online and printed them off and then cut them and pasted them onto another light brown plaid paper.  I added a few leaves cut from a scrap of dark brown plaid using  just the leaves dies from BOUQUET BLOOMS AND LEAVES 94652.


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Even though I can't post photos I can share the song lyrics.

When Fall Comes to New England

--Cheryl Wheeler
When Fall comes to New EnglandThe sun slants in so fineAnd the air's so clearYou can almost hear the grapes grow on the vine.
The nights are sharp with starlightAnd the days are cool and cleanAnd in the blue sky overheadThe northern geese fly south insteadAnd leaves are Irish Setter redWhen Fall comes to New England.
When Fall comes to New EnglandAnd the wind blows off the seaSwallows fly in a perfect skyAnd the world was meant to be.
When the acorns line the walkwaysThen winter can't be farFrom yellow leaves a blue jay callsGrandmothers walk out in their shawlsAnd chipmunks run the old stone wallsWhen Fall comes to New England.
The frost is on the pumpkinThe squash is off the vineAnd winter warnings race across the skyThe squirrels are on to somethingAnd they're working overtimeThe foxes blink and stare and so do I.
'Cause when Fall comes to New EnglandOh I can't turn awayFrom fading light on flying wingsAnd late good-byes a robin singsAnd then another thousand thingsWhen Fall comes to New England.
When Fall comes to New England...


Mon 24

Bear in the Pines
by Anne Thompson

I've been following the adventures of a bear cub in the next town, no mother bear anywhere for days and days.  He has been successfully captured by the local game warden and transported up north to the only bear rehabilitation facility in Maine.  There he will be fed and cared for through the winter to be released in the late spring.  This is a good ending to what could have been a disaster for this little fellow.  His story made me take another look at the LAYERED POLAR BEAR 94685 die and reimagine him as a different kind of bear.  Maine bears are black bears and wouldn't be as interesting created in paper as ones in brown plaids...


This is a "Beary" Christmas design that can easily be replicated in assembly line fashion with a sentiment added inside the card.

I used plaid papers (of course) from JOLLY CHRISTMAS PP1019 and WOODSY PLAID PP1018.

The dies I used are LAYERED POLAR BEAR 94685 and PINE NEEDLE FRAME 94687.


To make this cared, die cut all the bear parts using two coordinating papers and put it together using the envelope picture as a guide.  Add some Fairy Jewels for the eyes and nose.

Die cut the Pine Needle Frame from one of the green plaids, making sure to remove all of the tiny pieces.

Cover the entire front of a white notecard with another plaid paper in a lighter tone.  Add the Pine Needle Frame using a glue pen.  Put foam dimensional dots on the back of the bear and pop him into the center.

Either die cut, stamp, or write a sentiment inside the card.

Have some fun making bears of many colors.  This is one of the cards we'll be making at my class this week.  I can't wait to see the bears they create!

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 17

Sparkle Poinsettia Merry Christmas
by Anne Thompson

I've started getting serious about making cards for Christmas, ones for me to send and ones as samples for classes I'll be teaching later this month and in November.  The one I'll show you today combines the POINSETTIA WATERCOLOR FLORAL 94676, GLORIETTE SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE 94696, and MERRY CHRISTMAS CURLED SCRIPT 94682.  And, of course, I used plaid paper from JOLLY CHRISTMAS PP1019!


I decided to make the poinsettias this time using two plaid papers from JOLLY CHRISTMAS PP1019 and the POINSETTIA WATERCOLOR FLORAL 94676 die.  After cutting out the pieces I layered the two plaids for each flower, so one was more pink on the larger leaves with darker red accents and vice versa on the other.  (The image on the envelope the die came in is a good guide for how you might assemble the poinsettia pieces.)  Then I put two flowers together to create one bigger poinsettia.  

I had already chosen another red plaid from the Jolly Christmas papers and trimmed it 5 1/4 X 4 before adding it to the front of a white notecard.  When I rested the poinsettia on the card, it looked like it needed something to anchor it and separate the plaids in the flower from the plaid background a bit.  I chose some gold glitter paper (it was a single sheet in my scrapbox from one of the Memory Box glitter pads) and die cut the GLORIETTE SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE 94696 background piece.  I cut it again using white cardstock and then layered the gold one on top of the white one for a bit more dimension. 

I attached the poinsettia to the gold snowflake and then used foam dots to add that to the card.  I put it up high enough on the card so there would be room to add a sentiment.

I chose the MERRY CHRISTMAS CURLED SCRIPT 94682 die and used more of the gold glitter paper to cut it out.  I added it to the card using a glue pen.

To finish I added the teeny-tiny center pieces of the poinsettia to the flower centers after coloring them green with a marker (tweezers were helpful for this step) and then put gold CHRISTMAS FAIRY JEWELS JWL005 in those flower centers, used them as well as to dot the i in Christmas, and then I added three more along one of the plaid lines to fill an empty space.

These are the materials I used:


I've already die cut more flower pieces from plaid papers, solid cardstock, and mirror paper and assembled them into poinsettias; and I'm storing them in the envelope with the die.  I often find that making extras--even when I don't have a plan for using them yet--makes it that much easier and faster when I do come up with a card design idea.  And storing them with the die also reminds me that I've done that work already and there it is!


Happy Crafting!

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Wed 12

Cookies for Santa 
by Anne Thompson

Some of the dies in the Christmas 2022 Collection reminded me of the decorated gingerbread cookies I used to make with my mom for the holidays.  Today's card features a plate of cookies for Santa made with FEATHERY SNOWFLAKE DISCS 94681, STARBURST SNOWFLAKE DISCS 94679, and ALPINE SNOWFLAKES 94680 with an extra large cookie tucked inside the card made with the CELESTE SNOWFLAKE 94697.





to make this card

  • cover the front of a white notecard with a red plaid paper from JOLLY CHRISTMAS PP1019
  • use two circles from the CIRCLE BASIC SET 30087 to make a white cardstock plate and add it to the card front
  • to make the cookies, cut the outline for the CELESTE SNOWFLAKE 94697, the FEATHERY SNOWFLAKE DISCS 94681, and the STARBURST SNOWFLAKE DISCS 94679 from a light brown cardstock--I used the KRAFT WOODGRAIN PAPER SH44003--leaving all of the little pieces in place
  • use a sponge dauber to add a little brown ink on the cookie edges--I used VersaFine Clair Pinecone ink--our cookies were always a little well-done...
  • cut the ALPINE SNOWFLAKES 94680 and both of the snowflakes discs from white cardstock; punch the snowflakes from the centers of the disks
  • use a glue pen to add the detailed snowflakes to the centers of the cookies; add a few tiny pearls for  decorations to cover the tiny oval indents 
  • select the cookies that look the best--some of mine were a little burned--and add those cookies--I used three-- to the plate and tuck the large Celeste Snowflake cookie inside the cardIMG_3926-ink IMG_3929-ink
  • using the clear stamp "Hope your Holidays are Sweet" and red ink--I used VersaFine Clair Tulip Red--stamp it on a scrap of white cardstock; mount this on a scrap of a different red plaid paper and add it to the card



  • to finish the card, make a tiny tag and write " for Santa" on it in red ink and attach it to the plate


Yum!  This would be a cute card to use for a cookie swap invitation or to attach to a bag of cookies you made as a gift for a friend or neighbor.  I do think that for the next batch I make I'll add more layers under each cookie so they look a bit more substantial and three-dimensional on the plate.  I do love how the white details look like royal icing.  And the pearls remind me of dragees, those hard silver balls Mom used to put on cookies and cakes for decoration that really were inedible.  

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 03

Layered Narrow Pines Along a Forest Path
by Anne Thompson

I often send cards to mark the change of season.  As we've recently moved from summer into fall and those cards have been sent, I've started working on cards to mark the Winter Solstice and to celebrate the transition from fall into winter.  The snowy Layered Narrow Pines and the Forest Path work well together (and even alone) to create that wintery feel.


materials used for this card:

  • white notecard
  • brown plaid and green plaid papers from WOODSY PLAID PP1018
  • white cardstock
  • FOREST PATH 94702

to make this card

  • cover the front of a white notecard with brown plaid paper 5 1/2 X 4 1/4
  • die cut the Forest Path and the snowy layers of the pines from white cardstock
  • die cut the narrow pines from a dark green plaid paper--while I had the dies out, I also cut some trees from green cardstock from the Lush Green Collection and lots of snowy layers


  • use a glue pen to attach the snowy details to the pine trees
  • glue the Forest Path background and the path to the notecard
  • add the three Layered Narrow Pines
  • leave space in the snowy foreground to add a sentiment later


For the second card I used a blue paid for the background, snipped off the white trees from the Forest Path, and added five of the Layered Narrow Pines that I had cut from the green cardstock.


And for the third card, I used just the three Layered Narrow Pines against a soft green plaid background.


These are also good designs for cards to send to guys on your list--just change up the sentiment for any winter celebration.

I love how so many of the Memory Box dies work together.  I think the combination that I used for these cards was sort of expected.  But I've been trying out some other more unexpected combinations of dies, papers, and techniques to see what happens as I start to create more holiday cards.  It's exciting to see what works and what doesn't--maybe I'll even share some of both!  Happy Crafting!

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Mon 26

Another Home Decor Idea Reimagined as a Card
by Anne Thompson

Last week I showed you my front door as a card--a pair of skates with a big plaid bow.  Something else I've done in the past is prop an old sled by the front door with a pair of skates tied to it and a red bow.  Today's card is a variation on that theme using the LAYERED SLED and the smaller CLASSIC PAIR OF ICE SKATES.


These are the materials I used.

  • red plaid papers from JOLLY CHRISTMAS PP1019
  • a tiny scrap of brown plaid paper from WOODSY PLAID PP1018
  • a scrap of dark brown cardstock from EARTH NEUTRAL SP1009
  • white cardstock
  • a scrap of BLACK GLOSSY SH44004
  • a scrap of silver from VINTAGE PASTEL MIRROR PAD FP1002
  • red embroidery thread and a large-eyed needle
  • a tiny red/white dots bow
  • LAYERED SLED 94686
  • GLORIETTE SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE 94696 (just the outline that makes the solid shape)

Here's a photo of almost everything on my list.


to make this card

  • start with a white notecard and add a piece of red plaid paper 5 1/4 X 4 to the front
  • die cut the outline Gloriette Snowflake from a lighter red plaid paper and add it to the notecard
  • die cut the Layered Sled three times--from dark brown cardstock for the base, from silver for the runners, and from a light brown plaid for the wooden slats on the sled top; assemble using a glue pen--don't forget to add the wooden steering bar; add it to the snowflake shape at a bit of an angle
  • for the skates, die cut them three times--from white cardstock, from black glossy paper for the sole and heel, and from silver mirror cardstock for the skate blades; assemble using a glue pen
  • thread a large-eyed needle with a double thread of embroidery floss; tape the ends behind the body of the skate and sew through the loops to make the skate lacings, up from underneath each time; tie the threads for each skate together and secure to the card with a Glue Dot behind the knot
  • add a bow to cover the knot


When I was working on this card I felt it needed something to anchor the sled and skates.  I tried a variety of shapes behind them before settling on the snowflake outline and then opted to make that in a red plaid paper for more color.  Thinking about it now as I'm writing this I want to make this card again and try a glitter snowflake for even more texture and some added sparkle.  I know I'll be making more sleds--the combinations of papers is limitless--and I'm already thinking of other dies that will work with the sled.  I love how one idea sparks a multitude of others. 

This finished card can be used for many occasions throughout the coming winter just by adding an appropriate sentiment inside. 


What inspires you when you sit down to design a card? How does that initial idea develop and even change as you gather materials and put things together?  

Happy Crafting!

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These are the papers I used.


Thumbnail Thumbnail-1



Mon 19

My Front Door Decor as a Card
by Anne Thompson

For the holidays and throughout the winter I hang my old white and well-worn ice skates with a big plaid ribbon on the front door, and that was the inspiration for today's card.


For this card

Here's what I did to make the skates.

  • I threaded a large-eyed needle with deep red perle cotton and looped it doubled up through the eyelets on the two white cardstock skates.  I sewed from the bottom to the top, taping the loose ends at the bottom on the back of each skate and leaving extra long tails at the top.  (You could use any type of cording or embroidery thread for this.)
  • It works best to assemble the skate starting from the bottom layer--the silver blade.  I put small Glue Dots on the round knobs on the top of the silver skate blades and secured that piece to the back of the black heel/sole of the skates.
  • Then I used a narrow line of glue with a Glue Pen on the top edge of the black piece and added it to the bottoms of the white skates.
  • I knotted the "laces" and used a Glue Dot to anchor that near the top center of the card after I had added a piece of red plaid paper 5 1/4 X 4 to a white notecard.
  • I placed a few Glue Dots behind each skate to attach them to the background paper.


  • I glued the plaid and white layers of the bow parts together and then assembled the bow using large glue dots behind the small rounded center piece to attach the loops and ribbons.  When I added it to the card I used foam dimensional dots behind the loops and center.


I have a card that I can use for Christmas or any time throughout the winter.  It might even become an invitation to a skating party.


You can view all of the 2022 Christmas Collection here.

Happy Crafting!

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