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Sun 19

Budding Gladiola Stem Happy Birthday
by Anne Thompson

I needed a quick birthday card today and I hadn't yet used the BUDDING GLADIOLA STEM 94792, so...

IMG_3179 (1)

I started with a white A2 side-fold note card.  I trimmed a piece of card stock from the BLUSH COLLECTION SP1012 to 4 X 5 1/4 and added that to the front of the card.

I had this piece of plaid from the GLADIOLA PLAID PP1027 pad left over from last week's card and it fit perfectly to use as an accent panel.

I die cut the BUDDING GLADIOLA STEM 94792 with a scrap of yellow card stock from the SUNRISE COLLECTION SP1013.  I also cut it from one of the greens in the GREENERY COLLECTION SP1011. 

I added some Hero Arts Fresh Peach ink to the blossom areas and then assembled the flower.  For some extra dimension I glued the yellow stem on top of the green one and then added the small green pieces at the base of each blossom.  

I glued the stem to the plaid paper on the card front and then glued on the tall leaves.

I added one of the ST010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOIL GREETINGS WHITE CIRCLE TABS at the base of the flower stem using a dimensional foam dot.  For a little extra glitz I placed three of the TREASURE CHEST FAIRY GEMSTONES GEM101 in the upper right.

IMG_3176 (1)

If I were to make this card again I'd probably color the yellow stem green.  Or I could use the green stem I cut out and snip the yellow blossoms from the yellow stem to glue in place on the green one.  And I think I'd use two shades of green for the tall leaves.  Things to think about--I don't always have a definite plan in mind when I start to make a card.  Think this might be the last birthday card I need for the month of May.  Thank you cards next???

Happy Crafting!

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94792Budding Gladiola Stem 94792
Treasure Chest Fairy Gemstones

PP1027-1PP1027-1PP1027-1 SP1012-1


Sun 05

Pretty in Pinks Sensational Gladiola Stem
by Anne Thompson

Today's card features the SENSATIONAL GLADIOLA STEM 94789 in many shades of pink.

IMG_3110 (1)

These are the materials I used:

IMG_3105 (1)

IMG_3106 (1)

IMG_3110 (1)

This month's blog challenge (here) is Pretty in Pink.  What will you create and post?  

Happy Crafting!

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CRY101Sensational Gladiola Stem 94789






Sun 28

Exquisite Butterflies Visit the Fanciful Gladiola Stem
by Anne Thompson

Here's another yellow gladiola card!  This time I used the Fanciful Gladiola Stem to lure in the Exquisite Butterflies!

IMG_3085 (1)

I used three of the plaids from GLADIOLA PLAID PP1027--one yellow plaid for the card background as well as another yellow plaid and an orange one for the EXQUISITE BUTTERFLIES 94771.

IMG_3090 (1)

I started this card by making the Exquisite Butterflies.  I cut them first from a yellow plaid and then from the orange one.  When I assembled them I put the yellow images underneath the orange ones and added a little bit of VersaFine Clair Acorn brown ink to the butterfly bodies.

IMG_3092 (1)

Then I die cut the FANCIFUL GLADIOLA STEM 94791 from yellow card stock in the SUNRISE COLLECTION SP1013 and cut it again using a green card stock from GREENERY SP1011.  I added a little bit of Hero Arts Butter Bar Ink to the blossoms.  I used the envelope to help me assemble the stem (and even then I still had a few tiny pieces leftover--I think if I had cut the die again from an orange card stock I could have figured out where all the tiny pieces would fit to accent the larger blooms).  A glue pen and tweezers were helpful tools.

IMG_3093 (1)

 To assemble the card, I started with a blank white top-fold note card and added the 5 1/4 X 4 yellow plaid paper to the front.  Next I glued on the completed Fanciful Gladiola Stem.  I then used tiny foam dimensional dots to add the three largest butterflies and glued on the smallest one.  I left the wing layers so that I could fold them up a bit for more dimension.  The last thing I did was to glue on one of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOIL GREETINGS WHITE TABS ST006.

IMG_3095 (1)

This card could have been a thank you one by using a different foil greeting tab or I could have stamped on an appropriate sentiment for whatever occasion I chose.  So many options with these lovely dies from the 2024 Gladiola Collection.

Happy Crafting!

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94771 94791Fanciful Gladiola Stem 94791 
Exquisite Butterflies 94771

94771Happy Birthday Foil Greetings White Tabs ST006



Sun 21

Gladiola Floral Duo (plus one)
by Anne Thompson

I'm back with more yellowy glads--this time using the Gladiola Floral Duo to create three blossoms for a pretty "happy birthday to you" card.

IMG_3057 (1)

materials used

IMG_3052 (1)

  • I used a side-fold horizontal card white card base.
  • I chose a piece of the gold print paper trimmed to 4 by 5 1/4 from the GLIMMERING GLADIOLA PAPER PAD PP1028 and added it to the front of the note card.
  • I selected a coordinating yellow paper from the SUNRISE CARD STOCK COLLECTION SP1013, trimmed that to 1 1/2 X 5 1/4 and added that band near the top of the note card.
  • I stamped the greeting "happy birthday to you" on that band, combining two stamps ("happy" and "birthday to you") from the BOLD CHEERFUL FLORAL CLEAR STAMP SET CL5279 (also available with coordinating dies CL5279D) and using VersaFine Clair Acorn ink.
  • I cut the GLADIOLA FLORAL DUO 94793 twice from watercolor paper.  I used a fingertip dauber and Hero Arts Butter Bar ink to color the flower petal pieces and Memento Rich Cocoa for the stamens.
  • After auditioning them on the card front, I chose to use only three of the flowers I made (rather than four) and bent the edges of the petals for a bit more dimension.
  • I placed the three gladiola blossoms on the note card using dimensional foam dots.

IMG_3056 (1)

This design would work for many occasions--just change up the sentiment, the papers, the flower colors--so many combinations are possible!  Happy Crafting!

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PP1028 94793
CL5279                           Gladiola Floral Duo 94793



Sun 14

Whimsical Gladiola Happy Birthday
by Anne Thompson

Glads were always my mother's favorite flower.  She especially loved the yellow and orange ones.  There are so many gladiola dies in the newest release--2024 Gladiola.  It was hard to decide which to feature.  I chose the WHIMSICAL GLADIOLA 94790 and yellow/orange papers for today's birthday card.  I think Mom would have loved this.

IMG_3039 (1)

to make this card

  • die cut WHIMSICAL GLADIOLA 94790 using one of the yellow/orange plaids from GLADIOLA PLAID PP1027
  • die cut it again using one of the bright greens from GREENERY SP1011
  • assemble with a glue pen, using the illustration on the die package as a guide 

IMG_3029 (1)

  • die cut one of the CURVED CAP PINPOINT LAYERS 94646 from a darker green card stock in the Greenery pack

IMG_3033 (1)

  • cut one of the floral papers from GLIMMERING GLADIOLA PP1028 for the front of a top-fold A2 note card--5 1/4 X 4  (I used a cream note card and the orange gladiola paper)
  • add the Curved Cap Pinpoint Layer to the front of the card with the curved end pointing down
  • glue on the Whimsical Gladiola stem
  • add one of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOIL GREETING WHITE TABS ST006 under the gladiola stem

IMG_3038 (1)

My cat Olive decided to photo bomb this picture of the card next to a bouquet of not-yet-open yellow/orange tulips.  She couldn't resist an opportunity to sit on the table in front of the window and gaze at the lake.  Puddles in the road but the 18" of snow we got last Wednesday is all gone!  Spring rains again as I type this post.

IMG_3045 (1)

Happy Crafting!

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94790Whimsical Gladiola 94790




Sun 07

Cheerful Floral
by Anne Thompson

For today's birthday card I chose the large CHEERFUL FLORAL CL5278 and the coordinating BOLD CHEERFUL FLORAL CL5279 clear stamp sets along with a set of Distress Inks in shades of blue to highlight the largest flower.

IMG_3023 (1)

to make this card

Stamp the large floral image from CHEERFUL FLORAL CL5279 on white card stock using VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink.

IMG_3017 (1)

These next stamps are all from BOLD CHEERFUL FLORAL CL5279.

Stamp the largest bold flower using the lightest blue Distress Ink, Tumbled Glass.

IMG_3017 (1)

Stamp this next image using Salvaged Patina Distress Ink.

IMG_3017 (1)

Stamp this center of the flower image using Peacock Feathers Distress Ink.
IMG_3017 (1)

Then stamp the smallest image in the flower center using Mermaid Lagoon Distress Ink.
IMG_3020 (1)

By using inks that start out really pale and finish with the brightest, you get some interesting depth and texture in the flower.

IMG_3023 (1)

I chose a coordinating blue card stock from LAGOON SP1010, a plaid from ANEMONE PLAID PP1025, and a floral from ANEMONE GROVE PP1026 for a variety of layers on this card.

Working from the top layer, trim each paper as listed below and attach them as you go (stamped image to the blue card stock to the floral paper, etc.)

  • trim the stamped image to 2 1/4 X 3 1/4
  • trim blue card stock 2 1/2 X 3 3/4
  • trim floral paper 3 X 4 1/4
  • trim blue card stock 3 1/4 X 4 1/2
  • trim plaid paper 4 X 5 1/4 

Add the finished layered panel to the front of a top-fold A2 (4 1/4 X 5 1/2) note card.

When I attached the stamped image to the next paper layer, I positioned it toward the top to leave room to add one of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOIL GREETINGS WHITE TABS ST006.

IMG_3023 (1)

I'm not sure that I lined up all of my stamping perfectly, but I like the end result using the bold stamps to color the central flower.  These are the two stamp sets:

CL5278 CL5279

I think I'd like to try this again maybe using shades of pink and red or yellows and oranges.  And maybe I'd add some leaves because there are interesting bold stamps for those, too.  Have you used these two sets together yet?  

Happy Crafting!

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Sun 24

Happy Easter Gift Bag with Layered Lamb and Clara Blooms
by Anne Thompson

It doesn't feel much like spring here today with over a foot of new snow on the ground!  I'm still thinking spring, however, and crafting the items I need for Easter a week from today.  Here's a Happy Easter gift bag that features the Layered Lamb and Clara Blooms.

IMG_3007 (1)

I began by die cutting the LAYERED LAMB 94730 from watercolor paper.  I then inked all of the pieces with VersaFine Clair Morning Mist ink, a gray ink, using a fingertip dauber.  I assembled the lamb using a glue pen.

IMG_3003 (1)

Next I cut out multiples of the CLARA BLOOMS 94730, one set from a green card stock in the GREENERY COLLECTION SP1011 and two sets from a light yellow card stock from the SUNRISE COLLECTION SP1013.  I used fingertip daubers to add VersaFine Clair Shady Lane ink to the green leaves and layered all three sets with the green ones on top of the two yellows.  I then added Hero Arts Butter Bar ink to the petal pieces and layered all of them together to make two large blooms.

IMG_3005 (1)

I die cut the HAPPY EASTER CURLED SCRIPT 94731 from black mirror card paper.

IMG_3006 (1)

For the gift bag I cut a piece of green card stock from the Greenery Collection 3X6 and added it to the front of the bag.  I used dimensional foam dots to add the flowers near the bottom of the panel and the sheep tucked in around them.  I used a glue pen to add the "happy Easter" greeting.

IMG_3007 (1)

And I have a gift bag ready for Easter treats!  Think about ways you can use Memory Box die cut images to decorate your gift bags and boxes.  Happy Crafting!

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94730Layered Lamb 94730 94688Clara Blooms 94688

94730Happy Easter Curled Script 94731

SP1011Greenery SP1011
SP1011Sunrise SP1013



Sun 17

Sitting Sparrows Under the Berry Branches and Leaves
by Anne Thompson

I wanted to use the Sitting Sparrow die for today's card from the newest collection, 2024 Spring Cheer, because it was one I hadn't yet tried.

IMG_2995 (1)

I began by die cutting the SITTING SPARROW 94724 twice using two colors of blue card stock from the LAGOON SOLID CORE CARD STOCK PACK SP1010.

IMG_2984 (1)

I used a fingertip dauber to add a bit of Peacock Feathers Distress Ink to the various bird parts and colored the bird beaks with an orange marker.  I assembled two birds, one with the lighter blue body and darker blue accents and the other vice versa.  The embossed areas on the bodies make it easy to add the wings in the correct position.  I added tiny blue BRIGHT FAIRY JEWELS JWL003 for eyes.

IMG_2987 (1)

Next I die cut the BERRY BRANCHES AND LEAVES 94704 from a bright green paper from the GREENERY SOLID CORE CARD STOCK PACK SP1011.  I added bright green Fairy Jewels (from the same set--JWL003) where the berries would go.

IMG_2983 (1)

I used a lighter blue card stock from the Lagoon pack and one of the larger NESTED GLOBES 94532 to cut a shape to anchor all of the images I'd cut and assembled.  I chose the SNOW FLURRIES STENCIL 88626 and the Peacock Feathers ink to add some interest to the shape.

IMG_2992 (1)

To assemble the card, I started with a white horizontal side-fold note card and inked around the edges using a fingertip dauber and the Peacock Feathers ink.  I added the globe shape with the flat edge aligned with the fold on the notecard.  I used a glue pen to attach the branches and leaves at the top edge of the dot-stenciled shape.  I popped the birds on using dimensional foam circles.

IMG_2996 (1)

One of my neighbors had bluebirds in her yard the other day, so I might have to send her this card.  A great design for any season--just change up the paper and Fairy Jewel selections!  I'll add an appropriate sentiment on the inside--there are so many good ones to choose from in the Spring Cheer Collection--dies, stamps, and foil greetings tabs.  

Happy Crafting!

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94724Sitting Sparrow 9472494724Berry Branches and Leaves 94704

ThumbnailNested Globes 94532ThumbnailSnow Flurries Stencil 88626

SP1010Lagoon SP1011SP1010Greenery SP1010

JWL003Fairy Jewels JWL003



Sat 09

Cheerful Florals for Spring Birthdays
by Anne Thompson

I hope you remember to set your clocks--spring ahead!  In celebrating the arrival of spring, at least clock-wise, I decided that for today's card I would use stamps from the new Cheerful Floral and Bold Cheerful Floral clear stamp sets on watercolor paper so I could use some watercolor pencils to color the images.

0-3 (1)

I stamped the large floral stamp from CHEERFUL FLORAL CL5278 with VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink on watercolor paper. 

0-6 (1)

I used my Derwent Watercolour Pencils to color the image.  When it was dry, I trimmed it to 5 1/4 X 4.  I then pulled some color from a raspberry pencil onto a wet brush to spatter the white areas around the edges.  I used a Hero Arts Raspberry Jam ink and a finger dauber to add a touch of color around the edges.  I mounted the panel to a piece of raspberry red card stock from the BLUSH SOLID CORE CARDSTOCK PACK SP1012 that I had trimmed 5 1/2 X 4 1/4.  I added the panel to a horizontal side-fold note card.  

0-5 (1)

I knew I wanted to use this for a spring birthday card.  I found a sentiment I liked on the new clear stamp set BOLD CHEERFUL FLORAL CL5279.  (There are so many great sentiments on both of these stamp sets.  This card design could be used for many occasions just by changing out the sentiment stamps.)

0-2 (1)

I stamped "happy birthday to you" in the lower left corner of the panel.

0-3 (1)

I liked this card so much that I made another one, this time backing it on a green card stock paper from GREENERY SOLID CORE CARDSTOCK PACK SP1011.

0-1 (1)

I want to stamp this image again on regular card stock and multimedia paper to try various other coloring materials--regular colored pencils, markers, pastels...and I want to switch its orientation on a card with maybe the tulip-like flowers on the left or play with vertical positions and maybe try it on a regular A2 side-fold or top-fold card.  I think there is a lot that can be done with this stamp.  AND there are also stamp and die combination sets for these two:  CL 5278D and CL5279D!

Happy Crafting!

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CL5278 CL5278D

Cheerful Floral CL5278/CL5278D
CL5278 CL5279D

Bold cheerful Floral CL5279/CL5279D


Blush SP1012            Greenery SP1011


Sun 03

More is More on this Happy Spring Card
by Anne Thompson

I didn't have a final plan in mind when I made this card.  I knew I wanted it to have flowers and chickens and a basket of eggs, so I made a lot of each.  And this is the end result:

0-6 (1)

materials used

I started by die cutting, inking, and assembling the images--chickens from both yellow and orange card stock; the basket and eggs and the two parts of the Happy Spring sentiment from water color paper; and the flowers and leaves from a lighter weight water color paper.

0-1 (1)
0-1 (1)

0-5 (1)

0-1 (1)

Once I had everything cut out, colored, and assembled, then I had to decide how to put it all together.  I chose a piece of light blue card stock from the Lagoon Collection, used a large rectangle die  from the A2 Rectangle Frames Die set to cut it and added that to the front of a white note card.  I placed the basket of eggs in the lower right corner, using a foam dimensional dot.  I then put foam dots on the back of the Happy Spring sentiment and placed that in the middle of the card.  I added a Fairy Jewel to dot the "i".   Next I adhered the flowers flat to the note card, tucking them under the sentiment a bit in places.  Lastly I chose the three yellow chicks and popped them into empty spots.  Here's a close-up of the finished card:

0-8 (1)

I'll send this card out sometime this month when spring actually arrives.  It felt very spring-like today.  Rain is forecast for almost every day this week which should wash away what little snow we have left.  Maybe the woodchuck was right and we will have an early spring!

Happy Crafting!

Anne Signature

materials used

94726Layered Chicks 94672

94779Clara Blooms 94688


SP 1013  Sunrise       SP1010 Lagoon

94779Happy Spring Debut Script 9477994732Woven Basket of Eggs 94732

ThumbnailA2 Rectangle Frames Die Set 94672