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Mon 23

Dutch Barn Fun Fold Card
by Anne Thompson

This week I continued experimenting with some new-to-me fun folds.  I decided for this post to focus on the Dutch Barn fun fold card after watching some YouTube videos and reading some blog tutorials.  This fun card fits into a 5 X 7 envelope.  The barn roof flips up and the doors open to reveal your greeting inside.


materials used and steps to make the Dutch Barn card

  • white cardstock for the base; cut 5 X 11; score at 7"
  • white cardstock for the lower doors, cut 3 1/2 X 3; score at 1/2" on the 3" side
  • fold and burnish the score lines
  • attach the doors:  put adhesive on the folded 1/2" flaps and glue them onto the inside of the card, lining up the folded edge with the side and the bottom edges of the card on the left and the right
  • with the card flat, the doors open, attach a piece of black cardstock 4 3/4 X 6 3/4 (this covers the flaps where the doors attach); add a layer of white cardstock on top measuring 4 1/2 X 6 1/2
  • On this inside panel I added one piece of pine from POINTY PINE NEEDLE SPRIGS 94487 cut from green plaid paper.
  • to decorate the barn roof top-fold flap, first round the two lower corners; cut a piece of black cardstock 4 3/4 X 3 3/4, round the two lower corners and attach it to the flap; add plaid paper cut 4 1/2 X 3 1/2, also with rounded corners 
  • On the barn roof I added the POINTED PINE NEEDLE FRAME 94483 cut from green plaid paper and the SPECIAL MERRY CHRISTMAS 94499 cut from black cardstock.
  • on the doors, add black mats 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 and plaid paper 2 X 3
  • for the bar that attaches to the left door, cut white cardstock 3 1/2 X 1, add a layer of black cardstock 3 1/4 X 3/4 and a layer of plaid paper 3 X 1/2
  • I added the other piece of pine from Pointy Pine Needle Sprigs to the bar.

This looks like a lot of steps but the card goes together rather quickly and easily.  


There are so many ways to decorate this card form.  And plenty of space for more plaids from the CHRISTMAS PLAID PP1009 6x6 pack!   I made a second card using the  two dies from BOUNTIFUL WREATH 94490 cut from white cardstock and added to another plaid barn.


Have you used this form before?  I can't wait to make more of them and not just for Christmas.  In fact I will probably use the second card for Thanksgiving this week.  I think it's my new favorite fold!

Happy Crafting!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mon 16

Sledding Slimline Card
by Anne Thompson

I've been trying new card forms lately.  Since I hadn't made a slimline card before, I have two to show you that feature the Large Vintage Sled on a snowy field created with the Snowmen Snowglobe die and decorated with pine branches and sprigs.  This is the first one I made...


materials used

and this is the second one...


This time I used Cranberry Snow cardstock for the front and another piece on the inside placed on top of Cranberry Distressed Dots paper.  I named the sled Rosebud because I used both the front and back of the rosebud paper in the Garland pack to make the sled.  I also used a dark green dot paper from Garland Stripes and Dots for the pine needle pieces.

I started a third card, this time horizontal, and moved the sled to the inside.  On the front I have the white mat layer and think I will add an interesting patterned paper and my sentiment there.  


Any of these cards could be used for the holidays or could be sent any time this coming winter.  I do LOVE the large vintage sled!


Happy Crafting!

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Mon 09

Mad for Plaid Twisted Gatefold Cards
by Anne Thompson

I'm still working with plaids this week but I've gone back to experimenting with fun folded cards.  I really love the look of Twisted Gatefold Cards and found several tutorials online (some with videos) and lots of images on Pinterest.  I've never made these before and the samples I'm sharing today aren't perfect but I'm getting there.  I have three cards to show you in this post, and I'll begin with my favorite.

This is what the card looks like open and standing up.


This is the card laying sort of flat.


And this is what the card looks like folded flat to go into a 5X7 envelope.


I decorated this card using MISTLETOE BUNDLE 94484, LARGE VINTAGE SLED 94496, and SPECIAL MERRY CHRISTMAS 94499.  I used plaid paper from CHRISTMAS PLAID PP1009, medium green dots and brown dots/stripes papers from GARLAND STRIPES AND DOTS PP1011, and gold foil from POLISHED FOIL PACK FP1001.

Now let's see if I can explain how to make this.

  • Start with a 9X6 piece of cardstock.  I found lighter weight paper gave me crisper folds and sharper points.
  • On the 9" side, score at 3" and 6".  That gives you three panels that are each 3X6.
  • In the first and last panels, score from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.
  • Carefully fold the score lines using your fingers on the first and last panels to get those nice sharp points, then fold the other lines and burnish them all.
  • Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock 2 3/4 X 5 5/8 for the center inside panel for the sentiment.
  • I also cut a piece of plaid paper just a bit smaller and added that onto the center inside panel.

It should now look something like this.


  • Cut a piece of coordinating cardstock 2 5/8 X 5 3/8 for the front triangles of the twisted panels.
  • Cut from the top right corner to the bottom left.
  • Add those triangles to the matching twisted panels.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper 2 1/4 X 4 3/4, cut it from the top right corner to the bottom left, and add these pieces on top of the triangle mats.
  • The card is now ready to decorate.


For this card I used the MISTLETOE BUNDLE 94484, MISTLETOE SWAGS 94485, and SPECIAL MERRY CHRISTMAS 94499.

On each of my cards I added a series of layered squares--2", 1 3/4", 1 1/2'--to the left twisted panel, sort of as a closure, though it doesn't actually latch the card shut.  That gave me a place to add the MISTLETOE BUNDLE 94484 cut from one of the green dot papers or a plaid paper along with a bow from the matting cardstock and white pearls in several sizes for mistletoe berries.


Here's the card that goes with the above closure.

IMG_2906-ink (1)

I love the way this card folds up to go into the envelope and it will truly surprise the recipient when it pops open in this unexpected way.  Fun!!!

Up here in Maine we've had weather in the mid-60s and low 70s for several days.  I'm not complaining a bit but it seems weird to be making Christmas cards and gathering supplies to make wreaths.  And this coming weekend I'm participating in a Vintage Christmas Market.  Sweater weather rather than parkas this year!

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 02

Sledding on a Single Pine Landscape
by Anne Thompson

I'm still crazy about the Memory Box plaids--I'm on my fourth CHRISTMAS PLAID PP1009 packet of 6 X 6 papers!  I saw yesterday that the monthly challenge for November will be a continuation of last month's Playing with Plaids topic, so this card fits right in.  More inspiration!


I have always loved the Vintage Sled 94495, but I really love even more the LARGE VINTAGE SLED 94496 which became the focus image on this card.  I made the sled base using the dot side of the brown paper from  the GARLAND STRIPES AND DOTS PP1011 pack of 6 X 6 papers and used the reverse stripe side for the slats.  When I cut those slats, I first put Scor-Tape on the back of the paper to make it easier to adhere the slats to the sled after cutting them.  I used a tiny pointed tool to poke holes in the steering bar on the sled and tied on some thin black string...you've got to have a rope of some sort to pull the sled back up the hill after sliding down!  I decorated the sled with the MISTLETOE BUNDLE 94484  leaves cut from my favorite green plaid paper in the Christmas Plaid pack, the bow cut from white cardstock, and the berries are white sticky-back pearls.  


I used some of the brown plaid paper cut 5 1/4 X 4 on the front of a white notecard and added the SINGLE PINE LANDSCAPE FRAME 9980 cut from white cardstock, glued in the lower left of this top fold card.  I cut the SPECIAL MERRY CHRISTMAS 94499 from a scrap of the green plaid with more Scor-Tape on the back.  That made it very easy to adhere to the bottom left of the Single Pine Landscape Frame.  

IMG_2876-ink copy

As I was putting this card together I thought of all the times my dad would take us sledding, usually with a stone wall or barbed wire fence at the bottom of a long hill.  I can still hear him yelling "Get off the sled!  Get off the sled!" as we got close to the end of each run.  

I did add a strip of the brown plaid paper on the inside of this card, a piece of what was left from cutting  the cover rectangle.  I then added a bow cut from a scrap of the green plaid paper and placed a white pearl in its center.  I usually try to carry over to the inside some detail from the front of the card.  And I will probably stamp mistletoe on the envelope as well to give a hint about the contents.

I'm getting quite a collection of cards to mail out at Christmas and almost every one has some bit of plaid paper on it.  Love those plaids!!!  Can't wait to see what you will create and post to this month's Challenge.

Happy Crafting!

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IMG_2879-ink (1)


Mon 26

Merry Christmas Among the Pines
by Anne Thompson

I had some time this week to experiment with the PINPOINT SNOWFLAKE PLATE 94513 and cut a number of backgrounds from a variety of materials--foil papers, different colored cardstocks, and printed papers.  I love the way it cuts not just the pinpoint snowflakes but the edges for a perfect card front at 5 1/2 X 4 1/4.  I chose the one I made from the pale green dot paper as the background for the PINE TREE COLLAGE 84504.


materials used

to make this card

  • I began by adhering the Pinpoint Snowflake paper to cover the front of a white notecard.
  • I cut the Pine Tree Collage pieces from white cardstock and trimmed the tree frame to fit so that a little of the Pinpoint Snowflake paper showed around the edges.  
  • I used Glue Dots to add the four tree triangles.
  • I cut both the Special Merry Christmas and the Pointed Pine Needle Frame from the darker green dot paper.  I snipped off most of the frame and place the pine needles in the upper right corner after adding Merry Christmas across the tree tops.


I have been thinking of ways to add light behind the Pinpoint Snowflakes...perhaps a three-dimensional box card lit from above with tiny LED lights might give me the effect I'm after.  I'll let you know if I come up with a plan and a product!

...And because I love working with the plaid papers...and it is fall...and plaid is this month's challenge theme...here is a bonus card for inspiration.


Happy Crafting!

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Mon 19

Cards From Last Week's Plaid Collections Envelopes
by Anne Thompson

Today I have three cards made from three of my plaid collections envelopes that I posted last Monday.  Remember these?  You can find that post here.


I thought I might begin with this envelope...


And here is the finished card, both the front and the inside.


I used a white notecard as a backdrop for the darker red plaid and used a white cardstock mat behind the brighter red plaid before layering on the holly branch and the cardinal.  I used a different red plaid for the background inside.  Then I layered on a white square on more of the bright red plaid before adding another holly branch.  In retrospect I think I should have added another white mat behind that second plaid so it would show up more.  The holly branch and the cardinal are from the Spirit of Christmas stamps and dies set.

For the second card I used leafy stems from the Berry Wreath stamp and die set on three different plaid layers.  I really like the way these three different plaids work so well with each other and the watercolored leafy stems.



I made it originally to be a top fold card, but it also works with the side fold.

For the third card I used my favorite red/orange plaid matched up with an orange striped paper on the front and a red dot paper on the inside.


Again the striped paper under the white box on the inside gets lost against the dots so I think another white mat would look better...something I'll keep in mind as I complete more cards from these envelopes.  

materials used for these cards

  • white notecards and cardstock
  • VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink
  • pan watercolors and water brushes


Have you been using the plaid papers in interesting ways?  This month's challenge on the blog is Playing with Plaids.  Check out that post for more inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 12

Matching Plaids, Dots and Stripes with Watercolored Images
by Anne Thompson

Now for something completely different...I am not going to show you a finished project.  Instead I'm going to show you how I approach using a variety of papers together with watercolored images because I love mixing up multiple papers on one card.  This past week I received Memory Box  6 X 6 paper pads in the mail that I had ordered--CHRISTMAS PLAID PP1009 and GARLAND STRIPES AND DOTS PP1011.  And this is what I did with them:


Let's see how I got to these ten envelopes.  You can guess from just the front covers of these paper pads how many designs and color combinations are possible:


I began by taking all of the plaid papers out of their binding and laying them out in pairs, front and back.  Then I began matching up combinations in much the same way that I play with fabrics as a quilter, considering colors, tones, patterns, textures.  As I worked through the sorting process I stopped occasionally to look for papers in the Stripes and Dots collection that I could add in for more interest.   As I worked I also began cutting the papers into standard sizes I use most...4 X 5 1/4, 4 1/4 X 5 1/2, 3 X 6, 2 X 6...and included whatever smaller scraps were left over as well.  I placed each paper collection into an envelope and set all ten of them aside.

Next I stamped a bunch of images on Memory Box WATERCOLOR PAPER WP101 using VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink.  I chose the cardinal, holly leaf and berries branch, and poinsettia with coordinating dies from SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS CL5261-D.  I stamped both the smallest and the medium-sized mistletoe sprigs from MISTLETOE SWAG CL5247.  (You may have this stamp set or MERRY AND BRIGHT MISTLETOE CL5246 in your stash.  They are no longer available in the online catalog.)  And I used the smaller leafy branch and its die from BERRY WREATH CL5260-D.  With the envelopes of papers close by I chose colors from my pan watercolors that coordinated with the papers and used waterbrushes to paint the images.  I spattered some of the images with watery gold paint once they were dry.

This is one of my favorite combinations:


And another:


And just one more:


I now have ten envelopes of coordinated papers, cut to sizes I use most often, along with some already prepared watercolored images all ready to assemble into at least ten, and probably lots more, cards.  All I need to do next is pull out the box of white and holiday-colored note cards, some coordinating cardstocks if I want to layer anything, adhesives, and some sentiment stamps and inks and I'll be ready to go.  Maybe I'll start with this envelope: 


Happy Crafting!

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Mon 05

Simple Poinsettias with Garland Papers
by Anne Thompson

I have found a way to use both sides of one piece of GARLAND 6X6 paper PP1010 for one card front, layered up and embellished with a simple poinsettia...or two.


It was sort of a happy accident when I cut a 4" piece off the green fully printed floral 6" X 6" paper and found the printed corner when I flipped over the 2" strip that was left.  I adhered the larger piece trimmed 4" X 5 1/4" to a white notecard and trimmed the corner piece 1 3/4" X 3 3/4" before adding it to a piece of 2" X 4" white cardstock.  I then cut the red floral paper, corner side up and in 2", and set up the card front in the same manner as the green one.

For the red card I stamped the poinsettia from the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Clear Stamp/Dies Set CL5261-D using VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink on Memory Box watercolor paper.  I used a couple of shades of red pan watercolors and a waterbrush on the flowers.  Once they were dry I used the coordinating die to cut them out, added three small white pearls in the center of each and attached them to the smaller panel using thin dimensional foam tape.

For the green card I stamped the same poinsettia along with the leafy branch from the BERRY WREATH Clear Stamp/Dies Set CL5260-D on white cardstock using VersaFine Clair Rain Forest (olive-y green) ink.  I cut them using the coordinating dies, attached the leafy branch under the poinsettia with a Glue Dot, and placed a cluster of very tiny gray pearls in the flower center before attaching it with foam tape to the card front.  

The Blog Challenge this month is Playing With Plaids.  While I wait for more CHRISTMAS PLAID 6X6 paper PP1009 pads to arrive in the mail, I thought I would show you what I did with the little bits I had left from the first pack.


We'll be looking for your plaid ideas!

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 28

Spirit of Christmas Cardinals and Holly
by Anne Thompson

I'm starting to build up my supply of holiday cards for December featuring great images and sentiments from the SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Clear Stamps and Dies set CL5261-D.  (The stamps are available by themselves, CL5261, if you don't want the dies.)  I particularly like the the cardinal and the holly/berries branch and used them against plaid paper for this first card, stamping the images on white cardstock with VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink before coloring them with my Prismacolor pencils and then die cutting them.  I also added Ruby Crystal Fairy Sugar/glitter glue to the berries for some extra sparkle.

IMG_2756-ink (1)

I started with a dark green cardstock notecard with the plaid paper attached to white cardstock and trimmed really closely before adhering that panel to the card front.  I used dimensional foam tape to attach the cardinal at an angle and secured the holly branch and glittered berries to its body with Glue Dots.  I even added the tiniest black gem I could find in the center of its eye.

Because the inside of the card was dark green, I added a white panel and the leftover strip of the plaid paper.  I stamped "Wishing You A MERRY CHRISTMAS" on a scrap of white cardstock and mounted it to a piece of the same green cardstock as the notecard, leaving plenty of room for a brief note and signature.


The second card I made is similar...stamped and colored and die cut cardinal and holly branch against plaid paper with just a tiny bit of Goldfinch Fairy Dust/glitter glue added to the berries and a tiny black gem eye.


I used a complementary plaid on the inside and the same sentiment on a white panel.


And because I've been stamping a dozen or more pumpkins on printed papers this last week  I tried that technique on this third card.  I used an orange-y/red plaid for the cardinal and a dark green plaid for the holly, red pearls for the berries and another tiny gem eye on the bird.  I love that bird!


This time I layered the front and back patterns of one of the papers from the GARLAND 6X6 paper pad PP1010 on a Holly red notecard and added "WARMEST WISHES".  On the inside I used one of the dotted papers and a different piece from the Garland pad and added "MERRY CHRISTMAS" along the bottom edge.


materials used on the three cards

  • SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS Clear Stamps and Dies set CL5261-D


  • papers from CHRISTMAS PLAID 6X6 paper pack PP1009
  • papers from GARLAND 6X6 paper pad PP1010
  • dark green dotted paper from GARLAND STRIPES AND DOTS 6X6 paper pack PP1011
  • dark green and white cardstocks
  • white and Holly Red notecards
  • VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink
  • a variety of Prismacolor colored pencils in reds, oranges, and greens

Happy Crafting!

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Mon 21

Going Batty in the Woods
by Anne Thompson

I don't make many Halloween cards, so today's work was a good challenge for me.  I don't like to see bats up close and flying around my head here in the woods even though they eat mosquitoes, but these black glitter ones are pretty cute!  I also love the glitter paper woodland layers against that black/white/gold plaid!


To start I went through my dies to see what could be used to create a Halloween card, and I pulled these.


I actually made a practice card first before the final glittery one so I could try out an idea I had about putting the domed layers together.


I like this first gray/black/browns card but felt I needed more color on the front in addition to the glitter papers on the next one.

So I added a piece of plaid paper from the CHRISTMAS PLAID 6X6 PACK PP1009 to a Licorice (black) notecard.  Then I die cut everything using black and two different gold glitter papers from the FROSTED GLITTER PAD GP1004 and the HOLIDAY GLITTER PAD GP1005.  


Here's an explanation of the something different way I layered the dies together.  I put the Snowglobe Backer piece down first, then the darker gold Winter Wood Dome Layer, dropping the top of that piece to snug up against the the inside of the first arch.  I used glue on the pieces that attached to the plaid paper and Scor-Tape that adhered to the glitter paper layer behind it.


I added the black glitter Haunted House Entrance Dome Layer in the same way.


Next I added the tiny bats inside the domes against the plaid paper.  I placed a larger Cave Bat in the upper right.  I stamped "Boo" from the HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN CLEAR STAMP SET CL5264 on a scrap of the plaid paper using VersaFine Clair Nocturne (black) ink, mounted it on a scrap of gold glitter paper, and mounted that onto a scrap of the black glitter paper.  To add it at the bottom center, I used a skinny piece of foam tape at the bottom edge of the sentiment piece so it would lay flat against the glitter paper layers nearer the top of the sentiment.


On the inside of the card I added a piece of black and white checked paper from the same paper pad and another large Cave Bat.  I stamped "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" from the same stamp set using the same ink.


I think these two cards will go in the Halloween box I send to my grandsons next month.  Happy Halloween!


Happy Crafting!

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