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Mon 03

Scribble Daisy Against the Distant Sun Collage
by Anne Thompson

Send hugs anytime with a card that features the Scribble Daisy  against the Distant Sun Collage.

IMG_1460 (1)-ink

  • white notecard
  • blue plaid paper cut 5 1/4 X 4 from SPRING PLAID PP1012
  • cut DISTANT SUN COLLAGE 94628 from white card stock
  • trim with CURVED CAP PINPOINT LAYERS 94646, the die that is the third one up from the smallest

IMG_1449 (1)

  • add these layers to the note card
  • cut SCRIBBLE DAISY 94617 using blue card stock (that coordinates with the plaid) from the OCEAN BLUE COLLECTION SP 1005
  • add to the panel
  • add a blue Dewdrop from the CHRISTMAS FAIRY DEWDROPS DDP101 to the flower center

IMG_1456 (1)-ink 

  • cut the HUGS TENDER SCRIPT 94669 background from a scrap of the blue card stock and the detailed letters from a scrap of the blue plaid
  • adhere the layers together

IMG_1460 (1)-ink

  • add the sentiment to the lower right corner
  • finish the card with two more of the blue Dewdrops

IMG_1460 (1)-ink

Happy Crafting!

Anne Signature


Christmas Fairy Dewdrops DDP101

Distant Sun Collage 94628

Hugs Tender Script 94669

Curved Cap Pinpoint Layers 94646


Spring Plaid PP1012 

Scribble Daisy 94617


Ocean Blue SP1005





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