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Sun 26

Golden Plumed Feather
by Laura Fulcher

Greetings friends. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Today I want to talk about using up your scraps in cardmaking. I absolutely love making backgrounds with paints and inks. In my early days of crafting, I would throw away the ones I didn't like. Sometimes I didn't like the colors I used and sometimes it just looked like a big mess. Here is a background I made that I didn't really like:


I had taken watercolor paper and dabbed it in a whole bunch of watercolor paints. When it was dry, I tried to stencil over it using a floral stencil and some gold paint. There was a lot going on in the design, and I wasn't really fond of all the paint blobs. However, I knew not to discard it because I knew it would be perfect for die cutting. The beauty of die cutting is that you can just cut out the pieces that you like. Plus, if you use a layering die such as the one I used on today's card, the top layer often hides the flaws of the bottom layer.

Here is what the feather looked like after I cut out the solid background and added the gold detailed layer on top:


Next, I added a second smaller feather on top, a few jewels and a sentiment. Don't throw away your mistakes! I promise you there is always something there you can use.






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