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Sun 29

Kisses for You
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends. I thought I would post a project today for Valentine's Day instead of a card. I have being seeing people on TikTok take funnels and fill them up with Hershey's Kisses and place them onto aluminum foil. Once you wrap the funnel up in the foil, it looks like a giant Hershey's Kiss. It is hard to tell the scale from my first picture, but here is my "kiss" next to a 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" card I made using the same die:


The Kiss stands about 6" tall. I bought a set of three funnels at the Dollar Tree for $1.25. The largest funnel uses an entire bag of Kisses whereas the medium and small funnels can share a bag of Kisses. For my current project, I used the smallest funnel.

To make the tag, I cut out a red heart with sticky paper attached to it. I then attached the bottom part of my sentiment onto the sticky tape:


To finish the tag, I sprinkled the whole thing with glitter, which attached to the rest of the sticky tape:


I then added the top of my sentiment as well as some outline hearts from a coffee/heart die. The outline hearts were a last minute thought, and I wished I had added them directly to the sticky tape before I added the glitter.

I attached some twine and then printed out a tag with the word Hersheys on it. I looked up the font that Hersheys uses, and it is called Milton. I wanted it to match the original. That might have been overkill, but I liked the end result.

Thanks for stopping by today!







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