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Thu 12

Heart Shaped Wreath Card
by Sara Cook

Hi everyone.  I have a heart shaped wreath card for any occasion featuring the new For You Posh script die set.



Cut a heavy Kraft card stock to 4" x 5 1/4" panel.  Die cut a heart in the center of the panel using the 2nd largest die form the Double Stitched Loving Heart Cut Out die set.  Splatter with white ink and gold metallic watercolor paint.  Add double sided foam to the backside of the panel.


Flowers and Leaves:

Doe cut the following flower dies from a heavy white card stock several time, Layered Star Flowers, 2 smallest Layered Impatiens, and 2 smallest Paisley Blooms.  I used Pan Pastels to color to color the flowers. The main colors were applied from the tip of the petal to the center. For the Star Flowers I used the pastel purple and then lightly applied fuchsia.  For the Paisley I used fuchsia and pastel purple.  For the Layered Impatiens I used fuchsia and red/orange. For the centers I used the primary yellow and applied with a small makeup foam brush and pushed the color into the petals, lightly blending.  Shape the Layered Star Flowers using a straight reverse tweezers, placing them in the center of the petal and pinching the petal upward over the tweezers.  Adhere all the layers together with liquid glue on a foam mat and pushing on the center to set the glue.  For the impatiens and paisley blooms use a ball tip shaper that is just slightly smaller then the petal.  From the backside of the flower on the foam pad press from the tip of the petal to the center to have the petal cup over the ball tip.  When complete with all the petals flip the flowers over and use a smaller ball point shaper to push in the center to cup the full flower.  Glue all the flower layers together.   Die cut the leaves from the Layered Star Flowers from a dark and mid-tone green from the Fresh Green paper pad 3 times.  



Die the bottom of the For You Posh Script die set from shiny gold paper and the top from peach paper from the Vintage Pastel Mirror pad. Adhere together.


Add the background panel to a side folding white A2 size card.  Adhere the largest of the leaves from the Layered Star Flower die set around the heart cut out alternating the colors.  Add the flowers around the heart starting with the largest flowers then filling in with the smallest.  Fill in the wreath with the smaller leaves, trimming as needed.  Add the sentiment with tape runner to the center of the heart cut out.  I found it easer to tuck it in after the wreath was made.   Add any sentiment on the inside.  I make my cards ahead and leave the inside blank and add a sentiment when I need a card. 







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