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Mon 19

My Front Door Decor as a Card
by Anne Thompson

For the holidays and throughout the winter I hang my old white and well-worn ice skates with a big plaid ribbon on the front door, and that was the inspiration for today's card.


For this card

Here's what I did to make the skates.

  • I threaded a large-eyed needle with deep red perle cotton and looped it doubled up through the eyelets on the two white cardstock skates.  I sewed from the bottom to the top, taping the loose ends at the bottom on the back of each skate and leaving extra long tails at the top.  (You could use any type of cording or embroidery thread for this.)
  • It works best to assemble the skate starting from the bottom layer--the silver blade.  I put small Glue Dots on the round knobs on the top of the silver skate blades and secured that piece to the back of the black heel/sole of the skates.
  • Then I used a narrow line of glue with a Glue Pen on the top edge of the black piece and added it to the bottoms of the white skates.
  • I knotted the "laces" and used a Glue Dot to anchor that near the top center of the card after I had added a piece of red plaid paper 5 1/4 X 4 to a white notecard.
  • I placed a few Glue Dots behind each skate to attach them to the background paper.


  • I glued the plaid and white layers of the bow parts together and then assembled the bow using large glue dots behind the small rounded center piece to attach the loops and ribbons.  When I added it to the card I used foam dimensional dots behind the loops and center.


I have a card that I can use for Christmas or any time throughout the winter.  It might even become an invitation to a skating party.


You can view all of the 2022 Christmas Collection here.

Happy Crafting!

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