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Mon 26

Another Home Decor Idea Reimagined as a Card
by Anne Thompson

Last week I showed you my front door as a card--a pair of skates with a big plaid bow.  Something else I've done in the past is prop an old sled by the front door with a pair of skates tied to it and a red bow.  Today's card is a variation on that theme using the LAYERED SLED and the smaller CLASSIC PAIR OF ICE SKATES.


These are the materials I used.

  • red plaid papers from JOLLY CHRISTMAS PP1019
  • a tiny scrap of brown plaid paper from WOODSY PLAID PP1018
  • a scrap of dark brown cardstock from EARTH NEUTRAL SP1009
  • white cardstock
  • a scrap of BLACK GLOSSY SH44004
  • a scrap of silver from VINTAGE PASTEL MIRROR PAD FP1002
  • red embroidery thread and a large-eyed needle
  • a tiny red/white dots bow
  • LAYERED SLED 94686
  • GLORIETTE SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE 94696 (just the outline that makes the solid shape)

Here's a photo of almost everything on my list.


to make this card

  • start with a white notecard and add a piece of red plaid paper 5 1/4 X 4 to the front
  • die cut the outline Gloriette Snowflake from a lighter red plaid paper and add it to the notecard
  • die cut the Layered Sled three times--from dark brown cardstock for the base, from silver for the runners, and from a light brown plaid for the wooden slats on the sled top; assemble using a glue pen--don't forget to add the wooden steering bar; add it to the snowflake shape at a bit of an angle
  • for the skates, die cut them three times--from white cardstock, from black glossy paper for the sole and heel, and from silver mirror cardstock for the skate blades; assemble using a glue pen
  • thread a large-eyed needle with a double thread of embroidery floss; tape the ends behind the body of the skate and sew through the loops to make the skate lacings, up from underneath each time; tie the threads for each skate together and secure to the card with a Glue Dot behind the knot
  • add a bow to cover the knot


When I was working on this card I felt it needed something to anchor the sled and skates.  I tried a variety of shapes behind them before settling on the snowflake outline and then opted to make that in a red plaid paper for more color.  Thinking about it now as I'm writing this I want to make this card again and try a glitter snowflake for even more texture and some added sparkle.  I know I'll be making more sleds--the combinations of papers is limitless--and I'm already thinking of other dies that will work with the sled.  I love how one idea sparks a multitude of others. 

This finished card can be used for many occasions throughout the coming winter just by adding an appropriate sentiment inside. 


What inspires you when you sit down to design a card? How does that initial idea develop and even change as you gather materials and put things together?  

Happy Crafting!

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These are the papers I used.


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