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Tue 26

Scattered Blossoms by Jean Okimoto

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Here's a spring card for a Mom - or anyone - who loves flowers and hearts.  Hi, Jean Okimoto here with a scattered flowers slimline design combining Memory Box and Poppystamps blossoms on a Madras Plaid background.


Cut Hex Half Pinpoint from a Madras Plaid Coral and Green 6x6.  Cut the second-largest Double Stitch Happy Heart Cut Out from the pale peach Delicate Pastels Glitter Pad 6x6.  The double stitches are an outline surrounding the heart - we're using just the inside heart here.

Cut Layered Cosmos twice from the Berry Red Collection 6x6.  Assemble the flowers.

Cut the Poppystamps Potpourri Flower Set from the Berry Red 6x6 and the pale peach Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad 6x6.


Prepare a pale green speckled recycled cardstock slimline card (3-½" x 8-½").  Attach the top edges, sides and bottom of the plaid Hex Half to the card.  Tuck the tip of the heart behind the Hex Half.  Attach the flowers.

Add green Christmas Fairy Jewels for sparkly accents.

Two Hex Halfs (halves?) create a mirror-image hexagon window - but it's a great single die for pockets too.  You can even tuck a giftcard into it for Mother's Day, or any occasion.  Hope your gardens are beginning to bloom and provide a source of inspiration for your cards!

Thanks for visiting the blog - see you in May!







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