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Mon 12

Nested Globes + Seed Stems/Layered Daisies + Glade Butterfly = 2 Just a Note Cards
by Anne Thompson

I ended up with two Just a Note cards for this post that each began with plaid papers and Nested Globes cut from watercolored papers, plaid papers, foil papers, and glitter papers and accented with Glade Butterflies and Seed Stems or Layered Daisies.


Without a design in mind for a finished card, I started with two pieces of Memory Box Open Studio WATERCOLOR PAPER WP101 and watercolor pencils in shades of green and blue.  I oriented one paper vertically and the other horizontally, painting blue "sky" and green "grass".  Using the set of NESTED GLOBES 94532 I cut globes of different sizes from each of those papers.

My next step was to cut more globes in a variety of sizes from a variety of papers--a blue/green plaid from MADRAS PLAID BLUE AND VIOLET PP1014, blue foil from POLISHED FOIL PAD FP1001, light green glitter paper from GRACEFUL GARDEN GLITTER PAD GP1002, and bright blue glitter paper from TWINKLING JEWEL GLITTER PAD GP1003.

I then cut one of the small SEED STEMS 94534 from a scrap of the paper I had watercolored and two more from some scrap plaid paper.  I cut the detailed GLADE BUTTERFLY 94578 from another watercolor leftover piece and from some of the light green glitter paper and cut the solid one from blue foil paper. And I made several of the LAYERED DAISIES 94472 from plaid paper scraps.

Then I was ready to start to put a card or two together from the bits I had assembled in a pile on my work table.

Card One


  • For this card I started with a white notecard and covered the front with a piece of plaid paper. 
  • Then I added these paper layers--a large globe from my vertical watercolored paper, a smaller blue foil globe, a smaller plaid globe, and an even smaller globe from my horizontal watercolored paper. 
  • Next I added the Seed Stems, gluing down just the stems with colored gems in the seedy centers. 
  • I used a Glue Dot to secure the detailed painted butterfly to the foil one underneath and added a gem to its center.  I used another Glue Dot to attach it to the card.
  • I die cut the base for JUST A NOTE POSH SCRIPT 94527 from more of the blue foil and the detailed lettering from a plaid paper scrap.

IMG_3092-ink (1)
IMG_3092-ink (1)

Card Two


  • Again I started with a white notecard and covered the front with plaid paper.
  • I chose two of the large glitter paper globes, one light green and one blue, and inverted them before stacking them on the front of the card, using Scor-Tape to secure them in place.
  • I added two of the LAYERED DAISIES 94472 on the left edge of the blue globe and adhered blue plaid gems in their centers.
  • I used a Glue Dot to attach the Glade Butterfly and put a blue gem on its body and pulled the wings up a bit for added dimension.
  • I cut the base for Just a Note from a scrap of the green glitter paper and the detailed words from a scrap of the card background plaid paper.


This was very much a "let's see what I can make from this pile of stuff" process of card-making.  Starting out I knew I wanted to watercolor with my watercolor pencils and I wanted to do something with the Nested Globes, but I did not have a clear vision beyond that.  And in the end I really like these cards.  The foil paper and gems on the first card and the glitter paper on the second really pop.  Do you always start with a clear idea in mind or do you collect a bunch of stuff and see what happens?

Happy Crafting!

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