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Sat 06

Deep-Emboss the Floral Bouquet Heart by Jean Okimoto


Dies are great for embossing but they sometimes need a little extra help.  Add extra dimension to your embossed designs with some behind-the-scenes washi tape and a diecut .  Hi, Jean Okimoto here with a few techniques, delayed by many hours of internet connection challenges.


Two special steps in the embossing process create smooth details and minimize splitting and cracking of the cardstock.  First - attach wide washi tape behind the bright pink 80# (or heavier) cardstock to stabilize it and keep it from tearing.  It's on the backside and won't be seen.  Cut it with the largest Double Stitch Happy Heart Cut Out.


Next, cut a scrap of cardboard with the Floral Bouquet Heart - use a metal shim for a smooth, complete cut.  Place the die over the pink heart as usual.  Place the cardboard diecut behind the pink heart so it functions like the bottom layer of an embossing folder. Tape the stack to the embossing mat so it won't shift.  Pressure-emboss it using the rubber embossing mat and plates required for your machine.  

Cut Sprinkle Heart Collage from pink cardstock and trim the edges.  Place a strip of the white sheet from the Frosted Glitter Pad behind the cutouts.

Cut BIG Hugs Posh Script from light gray and bright pink cardstock and assemble the double-layered greeting.Attach everything to a light gray slimline card (8-½" x 3-⅝").  Add  ¼" dots punched from the silver sheet in the Holiday Glitter Pad.

P1003064 2

Embossing adds interest to any project - let your Memory Box dies create focal points and backgrounds to complement your design without overwhelming it.  

Thanks for visiting - have a great weekend!





that is such a clever idea to create the embossing on the heart die cut. you ALWAYS come up with "aha" moment techniques that make the card design so unique. I can't wait to try it out!

Thanks Debbie - I think you'll like the results!
My aha moments are decreasing - but I try to share them before I forget what the moment was all about.

Jean - thanks for the (as Debbie put it - "aha" moment!) - but of course I have a question or two (ha ha - you must miss me, huh?!) - do you have to waste nice washi tape or can it be sticker paper (too thick?)? Also, the cardboard die cut -- is that like a thinner, cereal box weight of cardboard? Sorry for all the questions! Love the card and the dies are in my Impress shopping cart!

Jan - Thanks - my moments are trending more towards senior than aha! Material used to stabilize embossed cardstock should have some "stretch" so it won't crack - sticker sheets may crack. Use a laminate sheet that doesn't need heat. Cardboard from a cereal or LaCroix box would work for the 2nd diecut. The new release has tons of cool new designs for your cart!

Thank you Jean! YES! have already added some of the new stuff! Waiting for you to tell me which ones I should get - heehee!!!

Jan - Order at least one of everything! Prepping a New 2021 Spring Collection card kit for Impress and Stamps+Memories - THANKS + THOUGHTS.

Such a beautiful card, Jean! And the dies that you used are wonderful. I really need to perfect this embossing technique that you explain here and I thank you for the very clear directions and as always, the inspiration!

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