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Mon 14

Plush Big Penguin Pocket Pet
by Anne Thompson

I'm working with a penguin theme for my grandsons' Christmas gifts this year--large quilted stuffed penguins, penguin pajamas, and penguin fabric for art smocks I'm sewing for them.  In looking through Memory Box products featuring penguins, thinking I would make cards and gift tags, I decided to first sew the boys some penguin pocket pets using the PLUSH BIG PENGUIN 94403 die set.


I tried several kinds of felt and found that the stiffer craft felt gave me the best cuts with holes that didn't tear while sewing.  (I could have added a fusible stabilizer to the softer felt and that would have worked well too.)   I used my sewing machine and a zigzag stitch to add the white face/tummy to one of the two black body pieces.  I used some fabric glue to attach the eyes and nose to the face and to attach the feet between the two black layers.  I used six strands of black embroidery floss and a large-eyed needle and just did a running stitch in the holes around the edge to join the front and back, pausing every once in awhile to tuck in a bit of stuffing.  


One finished and another cut out and ready to sew.  This penguin is just the right size to be a perfect pocket pet.  In fact, I think they will end up tucked into the pockets of the art smocks when I mail their gifts this week.

Plush Big Penguins would also make cute package tie-ons or Christmas tree ornaments, with or without stuffing them.  Don't have felt or sewing supplies?  Cut some single layer penguins from black and white and orange cardstock to add to cards or for gift tags.   I'll be making Plush Big Penguin tags for the boys' presents with their names and "Love from Nanne" written on the tummies.  Cute!

Happy Crafting!

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very sweet!

Lovely, this would make a fab key ring.

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