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Tue 13

Sneak Peek
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I thought I would give you a small sneak peek of new items that will be released tomorrow.  One of my favorite new dies is the Bountiful Wreath.  The reason I like it so much is that it is just so practical.  Of course you can use it for autumn and Christmas, but you can use it for other holidays as well!  I immediately knew that I wanted to make a Halloween wreath.  I think it is also the first time I have ever made a gray wreath!

To make the card, I cut out the wreath twice...once in light gray and once in dark gray cardstock.  The die also comes with two wreath sprigs, so I cut out extra pieces of dark gray cardstock to "fluff" my wreath up a bit.  Next, I cut out a lot of Halloween elements from the Haunted Entrance Dome Layer die. My glitter bats didn't show up very well, so I cut out small cream circles to look like moons so that I would have a backdrop for the bats.  I added Halloween baker's twine to the entire wreath, but it became a bit hidden due to all the things I added to the wreath.

Here is a close up of the wreath:


Here are some other wreaths I cut that I am getting ready to use.  Once is for Christmas and the other will be another Halloween card:


I also have plans for a pink/red one for Valentine's Day.  I really love having dies that I can use over and over throughout the year.  What color combinations and occasions would you use with the wreath die?

Don't forget to check the website tomorrow to see all the latest products!



Looks like a great die! And your card is lots of fun!

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