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Tue 06

Colorburst Halloween
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I want to show you a Halloween card that I made using a background crafted from Colorburst powders and some water.

Colorburst powders are simply watercolor powders that are activated when water touches them. There are other brands of powders out there.  Colorburst just happen to be the brand I own.  I first started by sprinkling some colors onto a non-stick craft sheet.  I used some purples, blues and a black.  There ended up being some green on my card, but I have no idea where it came from. I think I had some powder left on my craft sheet.

Next, I spritzed my craft sheet with a lot of water and laid some watercolor paper on top to soak up the colors.  You really don't have any control over where the colors go.  Once the papers were dry, I splattered them with a little white acrylic paint that had been watered down with a splash of water.  The paint splatters much better if it isn't too thick.  Here are the pieces I created:


I thought my papers looked like galaxies and would make a nice backdrop for a Halloween card.  Here is a close up of the die cuts on top of the background:


What kind of backgrounds do you make for Halloween cards?  Or, do you prefer patterned paper?  I'm just curious.

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your backgrounds make a fabulous night sky for your great scene!

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