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Sun 23

Single Pine Christmas Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I wanted to share a couple of crafty tips with you today.  First is the use of velvet paper.  There are a lot of different brands out there that sell it, but I have to admit that I had some sitting in one of my craft drawers for years.  It gives the look of suede to your card.  One of the things I like about the velvet paper is that when you run it through a machine with a die that both cuts and embosses, it looks amazing.  Here is a close up of my tree:


Normally when I work with a die like this, I put cardstock on the die, run it through the machine and then leave the paper in the die.  Next, I rearrange the plates of my Big Shot and run it through a second time using a tan embossing mat.  The first time through the machine cuts out the die and the second time through with the mat helps emboss all the little details of the die.

With the velvet paper, I skipped the embossing step.  I simply ran it through the machine and it cut and embossed at the same time.

The second thing I want to share is how to create a radiant of light on your card like I did around the star:


Step one is to choose  a center dot on your card.  I chose he top of my tree.  Next, I placed my mask/index card at that point and then sponged a little yellow ink off of the paper.  Any dye based ink works well.

I continued moving the index card and continued with my sponging:


Once I worked my way around and formed a circle, I lightly sponged all over the ink to smooth the edges a bit.

To finish the card, I added an epoxy star sticker and some floral Memory Box holiday paper.

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Thanks for the tips, Laura!

The cars is elegant in its simplicity!

So pretty, love the shine you brought to the top of the tree for the star!

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