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Sun 09

Plaid and Glittery Penguin
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends. Yesterday I shared a felt ornament that I made using the Plush Big Penguin die.  I stitched my pieces together using thread and the holes that the die cuts in the material.

Today I wanted to share a card I made using the same die.  Once again, the die cuts holes along the edges for stitching, but I decided I liked the look of the die on its own and opted not to stitch my paper. 

To cut out the penguin, I used some of the Frosted Glitter pad paper.  I really wanted a penguin that sparkled. I might make another one as an ornament because I think the glitter paper will reflect Christmas tree lights beautifully.  When I layered my card, I was surprised how much I liked the red and black plaid paper paired with the glitter paper.  Usually I would think of the plaid as more "rustic" and the glitter as "glitzy," but I liked the contrast of the two together.

I cut out a matching plaid scarf using a die from the Plush Beautiful Snowman set.  I have plans to also use the top hat from the snowman set with my penguin since it fits him as well.

One last note about the card...  although I left the holes unstitched, I decided to put colored paper behind the holes on the fet and the scarf. I thought those holes were a bit distracting when left open:


I hope everyone is having a wonderful, and perhaps crafty, weekend!







This penguin is such a fab focal point for this card, fun mix with the pretty plaid papers.

Beautiful 😉

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