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Sat 07

Video- Glitter Paper and Copic Markers
by Dave Brethauer

Memory Box has brand new 6" x 6" glitter paper packs that are perfect for die cutting (the glitter stays on the paper and doesn't transfer to your hands or everything you own).  You can also add details and interest by pairing the glitter papers with Copic markers.  The video above teaches you about how well the two pair together.  You can also watch the video directly on YouTube here.

Don't forget that this month's challenge theme is glitter glues and glitter papers.  The video might inspire you to join us!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Your enthusiasm is contagious! Not only do u show, tell, educate but put yourself out here for all of we crafters! Thank you for giving us so much! Most sincerely! Freedy

Amazing tutorial! Thank you so much, really enjoyed the video and I love all the brilliant ideas!

Love them colored like that, gorgeous examples! I think I will use my sharpies on it :)

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