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Sun 19

Vellum Hugs
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I have been seeing so many cards with stripes lately that I was inspired to make my own.  For my card, I went through my scrap bin and cut pink and red cardstock into 1/4" strips.  I tried to use lots of different shades as well as a few metallic papers for interest.

Next, I lined up the strips onto another piece of cardstock and glued them all down.  Gluing them onto another piece of cardstock allowed me to cut the top and the bottom of all of the strips using my paper cutter so that they would all line up.

Here is a close up of the center:


For the central part of the card, I cut out the hugs sentiment using black cardstock and a vellum heart using one of the Double Stitch Loving Heart dies.  Both the Hugs die (in black) and the Double Stitch die (in vellum) are meant to coordinate with each other, so it makes layering the two quite easy.  The vellum is completely optional, but it adds a bit of interest to the card and it makes the word "hugs" easy to read over the stripes.

You could use this card for Valentine's Day, but the design allows you to use different colors and send the card year-round to someone who just needs a hug.

Have a fantastic Sunday!






So pretty, I just love the vellum as the background!

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