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Mon 20

Tiny Gift Bags with the Pinpoint Leaf Heart and the Love Airy Script
by Anne Thompson

How about a cute little red gift bag--or three-- adorned with the PINPOINT LEAF HEART  94390 and the LOVE AIRY SCRIPT 94326?!!!

IMG_2210 (1)

I found the cute little bags in a bundle at Michaels and thought they'd be perfect for valentine table favors.  When I got them home I auditioned a number of dies, finally settling on the Pinpoint Leaf Heart and the Love Airy Script which I cut from gold foiled cardstock.   I used a tape runner for the heart and a glue pen for "love" to adhere the die cuts to the bags.  I still had the box of Christmas ribbons out so I grabbed some narrow red satin ribbon, shiny red curling ribbon, gold tinsel twine, and narrow gold wired ribbon and tied some on the handles.  Easy peasy and adorable!


I just love the look of the Pinpoint Leaf Heart so I cut as many as I could from all of the gold foiled cardstock I had.  I wasn't sure how I'd use them until I found a dozen little red heart-shaped boxes.  A perfect fit!


Sometimes when I know that I'm going to be decorating bags or boxes and have a particular die or stamp in mind as the feature image, I will often take a die cut or stamped sample with me to the store to see if I can find the bag or box that is the perfect size.  Most often, though, I work in the reverse order--I buy the bags and boxes and then figure out what I have that will work the best like I did for these.  Filled with chocolates and other little treats, these are going to look so pretty on our Valentine's Day table.

Happy Crafting!

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Pinpoint Leaf Heart 94390

Love Airy Script 94326




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