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Sat 08

Folded Button Cards
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  This month, the challenge theme is "buttons."  I wanted to share with you two folded button cards along with the dimensions to recreate them.  Both cards used the new Rose Bouquet stamp set as well as some watercolor paint.

For the first card, I cut two pieces of paper:

Black 11" x 4 1/4"

White 5" x 4"

On the inside of the card, you can see that it was folded so that the black cardstock had a 1" flap.  Notice that the white cardstock of the front panel is slightly longer than the black carcstock on the front:


Once I colored the roses on the front, I centered it on the black panel so that the top, left side and bottom of the card to place it correctly.  Remember, the right hand side of the white panel will hang over the black.

Score the 11" long black cardstock at 4 3/4" and 10"

When you assemble the pieces of the card, glue two buttons on the front of the card so that one is on the white panel and one is on the black flap so that you can close the card with some twine.


For the second card, I made a faux envelope flap on the front that was held closed by a button.  Here is what the flap looks like when it is open:


It has just enough room to add a sentiment.

To make the front, I started with two pieces of watercolor paper that both measured 4" x 5 1/4." The first piece had all the stamping.  The second was scored and cut to make an envelope flap.  Here is how to create it:


Score the length of the card at the 3/4" mark.  Next, I marked the center of the card and drew a line from the edge of the flap to the center point to use as a guide in your paper cutter.  When you cut the triangle flap, adhere it to the watercolored piece by gluing the 3/4" strip to the back:


In this picture, I moved the paper slightly so that you could see where the flap is adhered.

I hope you are having a great weekend and are inspired to make some cards with various flips and folds.








Love the cards and your creativity, Laura!

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