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Tue 16

Happy Easter Basket
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  I have been working on Easter cards this week and thought I would share one of the designs.  It combines the Egg Basket Frame die as well as the Tall Grassy Stems border.  I wanted to add some grass to the bottom, but I had to give it a bit of a "haircut" around the basket so that you could see the eggs better.

For the eggs, I cut them out with white cardstock and then colored them with various Copic markers.  Here is a quick tip when choosing what copic markers to use.  The numbers on your pens tell you two things.  The first number on the pen tells you the value of the color (how much grey is in it).  The scale is from 0-9 with the lower numbers being very bright and the higher numbers being much more grey.  The second number on the pen tells you how dark the color is with lower numbers being light and the higher numbers being dark.  Knowing this information can help you choose what colors you want to use.  If nothing else, if you choose colors from different color families that have a similar numbers, they are going to work really well together since they have similar amounts of grey to them as well as similar brightness levels.  Confused?  Let's talk about the pens I chose.  I decided I really liked the Y13 pen, so I decided to pair it with other colors that had a similar number to 13 such as B12, BG11, BV13, G14, R11, YG13, and YR12.  I hope that makes sense.  Here is a close up of the eggs:


Let me know in the comments if you have questions about the Copic numbering system or choosing colors.









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