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Wed 04

Fourth Inspired Birthday Card
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  To those of you who celebrate it, happy 4th of July!  Today I wanted to share a birthday card inspired by the 4th of July.

Last time I shared a card with the new Wave Ribbon Collage die, I used it as a frame to weave scraps of paper.  This time I wanted to utilize it for its geometric shape.  I thought the stripes would look a bit like an American flag waving in the wind if I used red and white for the stripes.  Changing the colors you use can make a huge difference.

The first step was to cut out the Wave Ribbon Collage die twice out of dark blue paper:


I decided to put the blue cardstock onto a white card so that the white would show through for half of the stripes and I wouldn't have to cut out more white pieces.  I did have to cut out some red cardstock to create the second half of the stripes.  If you look closely, you can see that the red and white stripes are different heights.

Next, I embossed my birthday sentiment and cut out a bunch of white stars to finish the look.  I debated on whether or not to use the same size star for the card, but I liked the look of the different sizes better:


I am inspired by the die to get a third look out of it.  I love the challenge and I love to see how many uses I can get out of one die.

Have a very happy 4th everyone!







Happy 4th! a very nice use of the Wave Ribbon die!

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