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Mon 30

Easy Chalk Background
by Laura Fulcher


Greetings friends.  Today I want to share the new Pine Tree Deer Collage die with you along with a quick and easy background for your card.  This is one of those holiday cards that you could easily replicate if you have a long list of cards to send.

First step is to take a piece of white cardstock and sponge it with various shades of blue chalk.  I really like to use PanPastels because the blend really well with each other.  I first added the dark blue followed by the turquoise and then blended everything with a soft metallic blue until I got the gradient of color I wanted:


A couple of things about using the chalks.  First, I didn't add anything to the paper before I added the chalk.  I simply sponged the colors on top.  Second, I didn't spray the finished piece with a sealant.  The reason I didn't is that my PanPastels don't really smudge that much, the cards aren't really meant to last forever, I find sealants to smell funny and finally, sealants can also change the color of your chalk.  Of course, if you wanted to add a setting spray on top, you can.  Just make sure to do it in a well ventilated space.  The PanPastel colors I used were Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise, and Pearlescent Blue.

The next step was to run my background through my Big Shot with the Speckled Background die.  That die cuts out randomly spaced and shaped circles, which are perfect for a snowfall effect:


As you can see, the paper underneath the background shows through.  All you have to do is put a white piece of cardstock behind the background to make it look like snow.

Fun fact...  if you take the same paper and rotate the Speckled Background die 180 degrees before running it through the machine again, you get more circles that are spaced in such a way that they don't overlap your first set of circles.  Running it through a second time gives you a heavier snowfall effect:


All that was left to do was cut out my deer scene from white cardstock and pop it up onto the card with some foam tape.  Of course, I can't put a deer on a holiday card without adding a red Rudolph nose on top:


I am definitely going to play more with the color palette of this card because I think it will make a great masculine or Fall card.  I love getting the most out of my dies.