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Wed 07

Sweet and Simple - with the Heart Gift Box and Circle Basics by Jean Okimoto



Sweet, simple and special...a Heart Gift Box filled with a Valentine treats!  Hi - Jean Okimoto here - Valentine cards are already signed, sealed and on their way,  so let's make some pretty treat boxes today.


Cut pink, red and flamingo cardstock with the Heart Gift Box die.  It cuts, scores and adds a heart window in one quick step. 

Cut screenprinted papers - like these from Shizen Design and available at Impress - with the 1.5" Circle Basics die.  Round diecuts let you rotate the circle until you find the perfect combination of colors and patterns to fill the heart cutout.  Attach the circle behind the cutout.

Fold the box on the pre-scored lines and attach the side tabs.  Punch holes at the top, thread them with gold cord, and add the candy.  Tie a knot and curl the cord with a bone folder or the side of that green plastic burnishing tool.  


Heart-shaped favor boxes aren't just for February 14th...they're great for engagement parties, showers, weddings, Mother's Day brunch, or just to remind someone how special they are.

Thanks for stopping by - have fun making these sweet and simple treat boxes!

See you again next week...or at the CAKES, CANDLES AND BIRTHDAY WISHES afternoon class at Impress on February 10th.  








Just curious what the finished size of the box is and if it is designed to fit any specific brand name candy. Since it appears that the top remains open after being constructed, it would have to be filled with pre-wrapped candy, so I'm wondering what would actually fit. I checked the link, but the size noted there didn't say whether that was for the die (which it normally is) or the finished box. I did see one of the designers mention using cellophane bags for the candy, but it would still be nice for someone to share the finished size of the box so customers would know the various kinds of candies it could be used for. Thanks!!!

I made several of these to hang on my metal tree stand for a Valentines Day table centerpiece. So festive and fun! The Dove chocolate heart I put inside each one makes them hang straight. I love your version with the Shizen paper and the different color shades for the hearts. This is a great die that I will also use for Danish hearts at Christmas. Thanks again for the inspiration Jean!

The completed Heart Gift Box is approximately 2-¼" wide at the top and 2-⅜" vertically from the bottom point to the center of the top. The sides are ½" deep. I filled these with First Street foil-wrapped chocolate peppermints from a local Cash and Carry store that sells restaurant and convenience-store products. Two or three Dove Hearts would also fit - use glue dots to adhere the top hearts.

Thanks for the Christmas Danish hearts idea! Papers from your Shizen Design stash will be perfect for the gift boxes. See you at Impress!

The Shizen papers add an elegance to the favor boxes--so pretty!

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