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Tue 27

Glittery Sending Love
by Laura Fulcher


I enjoy a sparkly card, but it is very important to me that I use a strong enough adhesive that the glitter has no chance of coming off the card.  For my card today, I purposely chose an adhesive sheet from Elizabeth Crafts that is extremely strong. 

I started the card by die-cutting the new Sending Love die out of white cardstock and then placing it onto a sheet of double-sided adhesive paper.  The one thing you need to be careful of when die-cutting the message is to save the little dot that goes over the "I." 


The next step on the card is to add a ton of glitter to it so that it sticks to all the exposed areas.  I decided the glitter behind the saying wasn't enough, so I made a matching glitter sheet to use as a layer on the card.  After all, can you really have too much glitter.  I made sure to really press the glitter down onto the adhesive and wiped away all the extra glitter with a brush.  Once I did that, you can rub your finger over the glitter and none will come off onto your hand.  Fantastic!


One last thing of note...  when I put the double-sided adhesive behind the message, I made sure to glue it down onto some white cardstock to make sure that the color of the glitter really showed.  If you look at the card itself, it looks like I glued the white layer onto a black layer.  However, if I had done that, the glitter wouldn't have been as shiny.  There is a hidden white layer behind the glitter and on top of the black cardstock.

I'm curious...are people pro glitter or anti glitter on their projects?




Great card...very pro glitter Laura!

WOW LAura, just gorgeous and PRO glitter all the way! LOL

Love your card I sway towards clean and simple and yours made me smile in a good way as it reminded me of a squidgy licorice allsort,

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