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Sat 01

Wintertime Joy, Honeycomb Background and Stitched Rectangle Trimmings
by Jean Okimoto


Send Wintertime Joy with a scattering of DIY Honeycomb Background sequins...it's quick and easy!  Hi, happy weekend - Jean Okimoto here.  Congrats to the winners of our September Stencil Challenge - and now Melissa, Donna and I are sharing some  inspiration for October's Sequins Challenge.  

Here's  an easy way to upcycle Memory Box honeycomb diecuts into dimensional holiday bling.


Cut Light Pink  mirror (or foiled) cardstock with one of our Honeycomb dies - I used the 4.25" x 5.5" Honeycomb Background for a eternal supply of them.  You can also  use the Honeycomb Remnant, Honeycomb Corner or Honeycomb Collage.  

Place the diecuts on a scrap of felt and cover them with waxed paper.  Craft foam and mouse pads felt a little too bouncy - but experiment with them and different weights of metallic cardstock.  Use a circular motion and the large end of a stylus to burnish them and add dimension.  The waxed paper helps the stylus glide over the hexagons - and you can see right through it so you know where they are!  

Remove the waxed paper and press the center with the large end of the stylus to resemble the hole in a real sequin.  Celebrate the first annual International Faux-Sequin Burnishing Day!

(If you're REALLY ambitious and detail-obsessive you can punch tiny holes in the center with  a screwpunch...but hurry, Christmas is just 84 days away.)


On to the rest of the card...paint watercolor paper with Peerless Watercolors and let it dry.  Cut it with the 2.25X 3.5" Stitched Rectangle Trimmings die.  I love the slightly narrower dimensions of this new rectangle set - and it cuts delicate matching stitched frames too!  They feature the perfect layering proportions for A-2 cards.  

Splatter it with water and let it dry again.  Splatter it with the Red Gold Gansai Tambi Starry Color and dry it.  This set of rich, luscious metallic pigment inks was a special gift from my friend and design star Donna Mikasa.  Thank you Donna!

Scrunch up some waxed paper and rub it briskly over the Wintertime Joy die to help release all of the delicate little pieces.  Diecut it from watercolor paper.  

Attach everything to a side-folded A2 card of watercolor paper for a perfect match.  Add your dimensional honeycomb 

Thanks a bunch for stopping by this weekend.  Join us for the October Sequins Challenge - we'd love to see what you've designed!







Very lovely card, Jean. Love how you made the little sequins with the remnants. Clever girl!!!!

Fab card and lovely die too and I do save all my little punch bits from my dies you never know when you will find a use for them, I thought about using them as filling for shaker cards but love the idea of seqins so thanks for the tutorial.

OMG, aren't you the smart one....how clever you are.

I have used remnants of die cuts before, but would never have thought to do what you did.

Great post today. Thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas.

LOVE this idea!! So much cheaper than buying sequins and you will always have a perfect match!!! Thank goodness for the First Annual Faux-Sequin Burnishing Day!
Love your card too!! TFS!

Jean, you are very clever indeed. A fabulous card for sure!

Thank you for the tip of using "left over die cut pieces" and the gorgeous card! Joy...great die!

Lovely card. Cool idea with the sequins. Always looking for ways to use the negative cuts. TFS. Hugz

What a great tip!

Love your "eternal supply" of sequins! And (blushing) thanks for the shout out--you used those pigment inks before me!

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