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Fri 17

Plush Flower Wreath Video

Floral wreath full 2

Hello everyone and welcome - we have created a special blog post featuring our plush floral dies! We've had a lot of questions on the basics of using these fantastic dies, so we've created a video that shows a step by step lesson on how to assemble a flower from scratch. 

The video was created by Dee (our inventory manager) and Brenda (our shipping manager) - these two are in charge of getting our orders pulled and shipped to stores around the globe. In addition to working hard at Memory Box, they are serious crafters - and we found time for them to put together this awesome tutorial. Dee cut out and assembled the dozens of felt flowers that you see in the video - and Brenda did the voiceover! It was so much fun creating one of these videos with the two of them - they both have a great attitude and keep things hopping around here. I am hoping to convince them they should do more videos!


The most wonderful thing about making these flowers is that each bloom will be unique - how you glue the petals together and how closely you space them will make the flowers bigger or smaller, tighter or looser. It is so fun to see the felt flowers "bloom" right in front of your eyes!

Dee created the flowers using 99423 Plush Ruffled Rose, 99425 Plush Succulent, 99429 Plush Narrow Succulent, 99427 Plush Camelia, 99419 Plush Perfect Gardenia and 99421 Plush Classic Rose - and she used a rainbow of colors. The assembled bouquet is breathtaking!

Felt rainbow

Once you make a few of these you realize how quick they are to assemble and it is so easy to make extra - so that you have a stash of them to use on projects. 

Wreath close up

Before you know it, you'll be assembling floral projects, like the wreath in the video! A project like this is so satisfying - the felt is substantial enough that you know it will last for a long time and be so appreciated. Will you give it away once you finish?

Or maybe keep it for yourself? It may be hard to let this project go!

Be sure and check out our other resources for the plush flower dies and other felt projects - we have a step by step photo tutorial that offers a different perspective on assembling these flower projects - and there is also a Felt Look Book featuring some amazing hand sewn projects. I hope you love working with these plush dies as much as we do!

Be sure to check out all the Plush Dies we have to offer - so many floral and seasonal holiday designs  - and more to come this year! You can see the collection by clicking here!





This is really Gorgeous!!

Great job~! I loved this video, the length was perfect for me! And, now I just want to make a ton of these flowers! Thank you!

Dee and Breanda this is an awesome video ! Love that you showed how easy these dies are to work with! I love these dies and like you said so easy to use! That is one gorgeous wreath ! Well done!

Great video! I loved seeing how to put the flowers together and the wreath you designed is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Your flowers are gorgeous as is your wreath. Great tutorial.

Wow simply stunning and looks such alot of work ,you certainly had fun crafting.

This is fabulous, you did a fantastic job, TFS.

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