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Sat 02

Watercolor a Memory Box and Open Studio Calendar - #4
by Jean Okimoto


***1/11/16 UPDATE***We've added a Memory Box Calendar + Watercolor Workshop class to the Impress class schedule!  It's  on Sunday January 31st from 12:00 to 3:00 PM - $43 includes a metal calendar stand too.  Please bring a waterbrush.  Please call 206 901.9101 to reserve a seat.

We've reached the final quarter of our watercolored calendar.  Jean Okimoto here with a few of my favorite seasonal dies from Memory Box and Open Studio, Peerless Watercolors - and of course, more sequins.  I love how those tiny, sparkly little circles of prettiness can add so much to a design.  


Cut three of the 4-¾"x 3-¾" Open Studio Pinpoint Rectangle Layers from watercolor paper.   Paint one of them with orange, rust and yellow Peerless Watercolors.  Cut Swirling Ghosts from watercolor paper and daub Memento London Fog lightly along the edges of three of them.  Attach scraps of black cardstock behind them for eyes.  Attach black and copper sequins.


Cut a 3-½" x 2-½" Pinpoint Rectangle Layer from green cardstock.  Paint of strip of cream cardstock with orange, green, and yellow Peerless Watercolors.  Press it with a dry iron on the cotton setting.  Cut Autumn Border from the watercolored cardstock.  Attach chartreuse sequins.


Paint a Pinpoint Rectangle Layer with turquoise, blue and teal Peerless Watercolors.  Cut Snow Burst from white glitter craft foam.  Attach clear and turquoise sequins


Hope you've enjoyed creating this calendar with me!  Designs for previous months are shown here, here and here.  

Here's a link to InKollage, my Pinterest page and gallery of designs from Outside the Box.  I know most people pin someone else's designs on their pages...but I refer to it for a quick personal reminder of what I've done in the past - and a one-stop look at some of the great Memory Box and Open Studio products in my stash.  

Thanks for visiting Outside the Box, taking my classes, and for all of your special comments throughout 2015.  I'm looking forward to sharing more ideas, designs and techniques with you as we unveil our 2016 Collection.  You'll love it!




Very pretty cards, Jean. I want to check out your Pinterest page as I so admire your work.

Jean --- just LOVED your Mem Bx/Open Studio calendar!! Thank you SO MUCH! GREAT ideas -- beautiful artwork - can't wait to make one for myself OR use as cards!! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you always create with your designs!

Thanks Jan. You'll love the new dies in our 2016 Collection too - lots of calendar possibilities. Be sure to comment on each post during our blitz - from January 4th thru the 8th - for a chance to win some great prizes!

Ah ha! Here is the 2016 calendar! I would love to take a class - another beautiful way to keep track of time! Thank you, Jean!

Love the watercoloring on the calendar pages! Makes for a quick, colorful background!

Thanks Jacky - I'm looking for an open Sunday at Tukwila to schedule the calendar class - maybe Sunday January 31 ?

Thanks Donna...I keep trying to copy your style! Working on it...

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