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Fri 25

Happy Holidays!


Greetings everyone!  I hope that you are enjoying the holiday season.  Today is Christmas, and it is the final day of Olga's "25 days of Christmas videos with Memory Box" over on the Memory Box YouTube channel.  I hope that you have enjoyed the series.  She did an amazing job creating videos with fun projects, tips, and techniques.

If you receive our blog entries as an email and can't view the embedded video pictured above, you can follow this link directly to the video- https://youtu.be/sYqg136A92U?list=PLZyrrzvuadZXA_dxJhRUcyF48yeRewIC_

Did you miss the series?  Don't worry!  The holidays are a perfect time to catch up with all 25 videos.  The projects have a Christmas theme, but the ideas and techniques can be used year-round for every occasion.  Here is a link to the entire series- https://youtu.be/NbwuGivcYko?list=PLZyrrzvuadZXA_dxJhRUcyF48yeRewIC_

Happy Holidays from Memory Box!


I watched Olga's videos each day and enjoyed them so much. She put so much time into this series with amazing results. I'll miss her daily videos. Thank you, Olga.

Happy New Year!!!

This shadow box is STUNNING!!! Love it!

This is an amazing project - so beautiful! Thanks so much Olga - your creation is beautiful! Happy New Year!!

I also wanted to say thanks SO much for doing the videos. First - they are gorgeous and just fun to watch her create them. Second - it is very relaxing to watch with a cuppa joe and snow outside. Third - great use of products and using dies in multiple ways. Lastly - there is going to be a run on small wooden frames and foam tape so we can all make shadow boxes! Thanks again for all that hard work - it is really appreciated.

A beautiful project, and so well explained. Thank you!

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