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Tue 20

Newbury Ornament Fun
by Jennifer Van Pelt

Hello out there,

It is starting finally starting to feel a little less like summer and a little more like the holidays are heading our way. I had fun doing a little paper piecing with the Newbury Ornament Vignette Die on the card I made for this post today. I hope you like it!


I also had some fun using the Tilted Frames Die vertically and putting 'merry' spelled out from the Alphabet Soup Die in the openings, I then put 'christmas' on the inside of the card from the Stitched Merry Christmas Square Frame Die. With this technique you could spell out whatever you wanted, some variations I thought about were 'peace' or 'happy'.


You can also try some different color combinations with this card for the ornaments and the outlines and cardbases....many variations can be made and I tried several...they all looked pretty great. Some were wild, funky, fun and of course traditional... it just depends on your mood and who you are giving the card to as to what color combination you might want to use! Have fun and play...that is what it is all about right?




Love....it...very nice :)

I, too, customize my cards to the individual's taste, etc. Love your fun card.

Never thought to use the frame die vertically, great idea x

Cute card, Jennifer!

neat, has that retro feel to it!

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