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Mon 17

Party Supplies

I collect bags and boxes when I find them on sale to save for wrapping gifts or for use as party decor.  For some reason, I've been finding a lot of red and white striped items lately.  (Leftovers from the Fourth of July?)  I decided to repurpose them for party supplies for a picnic, adding white cardstock die cuts to dress them up.


Here I've used red and white striped favor bags and white dishes for my place setting on the picnic table.  The one on the left might hold an invitation or the menu for the gathering or a note/card for an attendee.  The top is folded over twice and decorated with  the largest of the STITCHED BOWS die no. 30056, the longest of the CURLED RIBBONS die no. 98936, and a TRUMPET VINE die no. 99075 with a red gemstone in the center of the largest blossom.  For the bag on the right, I folded up the bottom of the bag and glued it on the back to make a short silverware pouch to hold a paper napkin and plastic cutlery.  This one is decorated with the largest STITCHED BOW with a red gemstone in the center and the shorter of CURLED RIBBONS.


And here's the popcorn box with the largest of the STITCHED BOWS and the TRUMPET VINE, again with a red gemstone in the center of the largest blossom.  I could add a small glass inside the box with flowers from my garden.  Or the box might actually hold popcorn or crackerjacks, pretzel sticks, or another snack food.  Or I could put favors in the box that tie in with the picnic's theme.


Here I've got a different place setting using another of the treat bags.  This time I folded the top down twice to make a cuff on the top of the bag, glued a ribbon to that cuff, and tucked a TRUMPET VINE under the ribbon bow so that it is on top of one of the slanted red stripes.  I used this pocket for a paper napkin and plastic cutlery, set inside a white salad bowl on top of a red plate.

I'm already thinking about how I might use more of these treat bags and popcorn boxes to wrap holiday gifts, again decorating them using die cuts from the 2015 releases.

Happy crafting!


These are so pretty with the ribbon, bows and flowers!! What a great idea - thanks so much for sharing it!

How cute...love expanding possibilities and thinking outside the box.

Brilliant creative ideas, Anne! It's so great to see the way of taking dies beyond cardmaking!

Great idea they dress them up just lovely!

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