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Fri 10

Frosty Holiday Wreath

'Morning Crafty Friends!

It's a beautiful day today and I have a sparkly Christmas card to share with you.


 Do you see the brand new die used here?  It's not the Frostyville Wreath (though that's one of my favorites)--it's the Pine Needles! They're covered in chunky glitter and peeking out from the flower bouquet.  The die looks like this:


These were die cut in white, colored with 2 different shades of green, dabbed with clear glue, "dunked" (a highly technical term) in clear vintage glass glitter then tucked behind the decorative embellishment. You'll see these again on the inside of the card---I just love them!

Since the floral embellishment was so dimensional, I glued and stacked 5 layers of the Frostyville Wreath together to make it thicker--otherwise the flowers would have overpowered the wreath.  I also added lots of clear, blue and silver gemstones to the snowflakes on the wreath.

The background was stamped multiple times with the Twelve Days musical score then sponged with various shades of blue ink, leaving the center lighter. 


Inside, I sponged white ink over the brand new Tiny Snowflake Stencil onto navy card stock for an all-over pattern.  I then added the stamped flagged panel, Woodland Branch, Reed Bird (die cut from red velvet paper) and those heavily glittered pine needles again. A touch of white ink on the upper edges of the Woodland Branch makes it look snowy too.


 Here are the creative Memory Box products I used on this card:


98418 Frostyville Wreath

98968 Pine Needles

G1899 Twelve Days Stamp


98160 Perched Reed Bird

B2007 Joyful Combo

98187 Woodland Branch

88583 Tiny Snowflake Stencil

Making this frosty card made it seem a bit cooler during our intense heat wave (my poor garden flowers are wilting) and I just kept thinking of ice crystals and snowflakes.  Mind over Matter, right?

Have a great weekend and take time create some art...

Happy Friday!



Gorgeous! This is why I love Memory Box. You can make a beautiful card with a bit of imagination and some dies.

Wow! that's a beauty. the blue back round is so pretty.

This is a magnificent card. In addition to wanting to recreate it, I also got so many clever ideas . Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Oh my goodness gracious!!! I absolutely NEED the incredible Pine Needles die! Absolute fabulosity to the extreme!!! I have so many ideas racing around in my head for ways that I will use these!
As a matter of fact, I am actually getting happy shivers up and down my spine just thinking about the cards I will make with them! OOOOOOOOOOOO! I love it when this happens!!! Now I just need to make some money so I can get them!!! Thank you for creating such wonderful dies for me to create with!

super ces cartes! bises

Gorgeous cards...love the background on the first card. Love the pine needle die. Great job on both cards.

I have to keep coming back and looking at this over and over because I am so enamored with it! The Pine Needles are absolutely life alteringly amazing! I am actually salivating at the thought of owning them! Will have to be after the first of the year before I can even consider getting them because of medical bills but I WILL own them eventually!

Back for yet another look at this gorgeous card!!! Seriously salivating over the Pine Needles die!

I think the Pine Needles die is my absolute, all time favorite die ever!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!

so pretty, love the thickness of the wreath and the glitter on the pine needles, lovely spotlight on the center of the wreath and pretty floral arrangement!

I am sooooooooooooo happy right now!! I received an unexpected check in the mail and was able to order the amazing Pine Needles die!! It has been shipped and I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival!! YAY YAY YAA!

Beautiful card! More dies to add to my list, but that's the whole point, right? :)

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