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Wed 23

Is less more?


Hi everyone! I hope you aren't done with stamps after last week's stamping blog blitz. Me- I can't get enough of all the new stamps that Memory Box has to offer. 

I love birds and have a million bird stamps, dies, stencils etc., but this absolutely adorable "berry bird" CS2009C  just called to me and I had to have it. the ideas are swirling and you may be seeing him more then this time in my upcoming blog postings.

Today the question is- "is less is more?" I usually agree, but I am not so sure today. My first card (I just had to post the pic with the sun shadows on the card, it looked so cool!!) is abut layers with the cut out to highlight our sweet bird. But in this card it is all about one layer simplicity. the exact same stamping but just on one layer.


When I showed my DH, who is my best critic both cards and asked him which he liked best, he immediately said he would buy the one layer card if he saw it in a store, because of its simplicity. Me- I like the layered card best.

Soooo now it's your turn- "is less more?' Tell me which card you prefer, any special reason?

Stay tune for more "berry bird" cards.



I'm smiling because I think you have an ant or mosquito on the second card. Like them both; am going to try the idea of the first one.

I like the layered one best.... the cut away just pulls the eye to the little bird and I love that...
Yep,,,it's an ant... to cute!!!!

I like them both, but my favorite is the layered cad!

I love the layered card for the unusual cut away...gives it just a little extra pop! To me, this does not take it out of the realm of "less is more". It's perfect.

Love them both. But I think I would favor the layered look on the first card.

Yep, that would be an ant on the card. I took several pictures and each one has an ant in a different location. I didn't notice it till I had the pics in the puter!!

Both are beautiful, but I too would pick the layered one...but I think the little ant prefers the simple one...must have been upset when those berries weren't real.

I like the simple one best as the bird can fly free.

I like the layered one just because it has more depth. Love that little bird!

I always would pick a layered card because I think it adds dimension to the card. I'm also a bird lover and love how you highlighted him. Both cards are cute but prefer the first one. Enjoy your week.

Your first simple one layer card is beautiful, but I must admit I'm drawn to the second layered card more...(but just a little more)!

I prefer the layered card. The circle cut out just adds to the fun of the bird and creates a nice framing effect.

I like the layered one best

Both cards are just lovely but I really like the circle layered card! Actually, when I first skimmed your posting, I thought the bird was on the inside of the card and was dying to see how you did that! (the circle cut with the bird on the inside!)... I agree that the berry bird image is sweet and doesn't need much else (except those red pearl berries!).

They're both cute but I think I like the simple card best.

Both cards are very cute. I think what would have been the coolest would to have made the top layer open up to reveal the simple card with the sentiment inside. That would be the best of both worlds.

I really like both too, but when I keep moving my view from one to the other, I must admit, that the layered card have a bit more texture somehow like there´s a little more to make interest with that circel and it looks fabulous, so in the end, I think I´m with you on this one and preffer the layered one a tiny bit better. SMILE

Really cute card!! :)

Wow, now I am smiling also, I don't think I would have ever noticed the ant, thanks Connie for the giggle. At least it has good taste. I like the one layer because of it's interest and simplicity. For some strange reason I feel that the layered opening should be on the right side.

très mimi cette carte! bises

I like the layered card because it mimics a bird sitting in a hollowed out tree trunk.

My hubby and I both like the first one more, but I am the kind of girl that can't stop, I have to keep adding, she looks so sweet paper pieced, love the "beeries"

I LOVE them both, but the LAYERED CAD is my FAVORITE!!! =) I LOVE the colors and the FUN Pearls on the Flower!! The ant is FUNNY!! =) THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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