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Fri 02

Stencil and Tiles

Whoohoo the weekend is almost here, and I'm definitely looking forward to the 75 degrees and sunny forecast for Saturday!!  With Mother's Day and Father's Day just around the corner, I wanted to do something a little bit different for today's post and show a wonderful way to use stencils to make a great gift set.

I created a set of coasters for my Dad for Father's Day though of course Moms drink tea and coffee as well:)


I've used the fabulous stencil called Rings and Puddles 88506. As soon as I saw this stencil all I could think of is that it looks just like the coffee rings and spots on the "good furniture" (as my mother would say) that my dad created with his coffee cups!  I wanted to give him a reminder of the good ol days:)

I picked up the 4x4" unglazed tiles from Lowe's (you can find them at Home Depot too)...they may be referred to as natural stone tiles depending on the store.  I washed the tiles with warm water and soap just to get the extra dust off so the ink would take better to the tile.  I used a rag and added copic refill (Y28) to the rag and rubbed it on the tile to give the tile a little darker color.


I prefer using tiles that aren't completely smooth to add a little more character and texture, and it looks a little more natural and worn as well. 

Spray the backside of the stencil with a temporary adhesive as the stencil will tend to slip since the tile is not flush with the table top like paper.  I've found Stazon ink is the best ink when I work on tile because it dries quickly and is permanent.  I applied the ink using a blending tool and foam pad. I stamped out different portions of the stencil varying the patterns on each of the tiles so each had a slightly different unique look.


I cut a 3.75 x 3.75" piece of self adhesive cork and apply to the back of the tile.  I used a corner rounder prior to applying the cork, but that's my own personal preference.  The last step is to apply several coats of acrylic sealer letting the tiles completely dry before applying each coat.

I hope I've inspired you to a little bit today!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and can find some time to do what they enjoy.



Very nice😀great idea. Does the Stazon come off the stencil so that it can be reused?

Yes, the station can be cleaned off using stazon cleaner

Darn auto correct! Stazon not station

sympa ton set! bises

Great out of the box idea...love it, easy too.

Love the coaster idea!

Love the look with the stencil. I have only tried this with mod podge so am excited to try unglazed tiles.

These are very nice. I love the concept, but I wonder if they really absorb the water from the glass. With the acrylic sealers, the stamping and the coloring is protected, but doesn't the water just bead up and then drip on you???

Thank you for sharing this idea. It's definitely something I'd like to try!

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