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Fri 14

Under Construction

Good Morning Crafty Friends!

  Here are a few cards for the boys and "kids at heart".  I'm very happy Memory Box created these "heavy equipment" dies--they're so fun and original.


Here's a look at each one individually...

First, my favorite:

This mighty dump truck is off-loading lots of great soil (coffee grounds-hee hee) onto a beautiful flower.  It's easy to make the bed of the truck appear to stand on end by carefully cutting it away from the frame of the truck.  Cut the truck once from yellow cardstock and again in red, then piece them together.  A little white glue holds the coffee grounds in place.
On each of these cards I used parts of other great Memory Box dies and I will list everything, with a link, so you can make them too.
This little "dozer" has scooped up a load of hearts for a special delivery.  Again, I cut the die from two colors of paper and pieced them together.  I cut the wheels from black paper, added the "bucket" cut from yellow and colored the exhaust pipe with a black marker.
Now for a little digging...by now you know the drill, tread from black paper and the stack colored with a marker.  Free hand cut the hole in the dirt (kraft paper), add the puffy clouds and tree (placed half way off the card) and that's it!  So much fun...can you dig it?  (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun)
Thanks for stopping by today to check in...
Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!
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very fun!
Sandra ltb

I have been eyeing those dies and you showed them off beautifully. All 'boys' will love these cards.

aww they are too cute!

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