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Fri 31

Pretty Perky Poppy

Perky Poppy 

Hello Crafty Friends!

  Today I'm bringing you the new Perky Poppy--my version is the California Poppy because it is orange instead of the usual bright red color.  Here in California it is our official state flower.  They are commonly seen growing wild alongside freeways and open fields.  Love those poppies!

Perky Poppy

     To make this Poppy slightly dimensional I cut the flower twice and layered a few petals with mounting squares.  Slight shading was added using dark orange ink onto the petal pieces using a small inking sponge. The beautiful Donnington Tendril was added as extra gorgeous foliage.  It's so versatile--I cut the tendril on the right and moved the curved piece to the mid-section.  Felt like I was arranging real flowers!

  Thanks for checking in on the blog today--hope you enjoyed this beautiful Perky Poppy and Donnington Tendril card---make it for any occasion!

Sunday is the Super Bowl---any fans out there?  Who are you rootin' for?

Happy Friday!



Nicely done Jenny...looks just like CA!

That's a gorgeous card! I love poppies, and my son loves orange. In fact, his bedroom is Broncos orange and the color of our house is pumpkin. As former residents of Denver, we'll be rooting (loudly) for the Broncos.

Sandra ltb

Very nice card

Gorgeous flower, such pretty colors and love the extra greenery you added!

Beautiful! I love it.

That's so gorgeous

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