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Thu 14

Back to the basics and excited to be back!!!


I am so excited to be back on the Memory Box team. I had to step down about a year or so ago because I was back in school to get my BSN and it was just a bit overwhelming for me. I am just about done and can manage my time much better, so I sent Dave a note asking if he would take a prodigal gal back. 

Dave, welcomed me back with open arms as I hope all of you will. For those who don't me, my name is Sue T.- yes that is what I am called by everyone I know- not Sue, but Sue T. I am a stamper, I love stamping- rubber, acrylic or cling. I have been caught up in the die craze, but always come back to stamping. My posts will feature stamping with dies used only as an embellishment. Isn't stamping what sucked us into this crazy and awesome hobby?!!?

My cards are clean and simple, very reminiscent of what Dave taught us at those famous east coast summer class tours. (if any of you were lucky enough to have taken any of them, you know what I am talking about! Dave- come back to us!! We miss you!!) My posts will always feature stamps as the central focus. They will be easy to replicate and will provide a jumping off point for your own creativity!

I was so excited when my package arrived from Memory Box. All cling stamps- great quality and awesome images! I immediately was in my studio putting ink to rubber.

Of course if you know me you know no stamp is safe in my hand, especially cling or acrylic! I see the stamp and immediately think how can I alter it to make it even useful. That is what I did when I saw Deer in the Field CS 1944



This is how the stamp arrived to me. Isn't it great!??! Can you see the possibilities? How about this?



Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. Now I have 3 stamps to play with! Hint- do not do this unless you have really sharp scissors or an x-acto knife.

What was really fun when I created this card was to find the curve of the pine tress totally matched the curve in snowfall CS 1961E. Can you see what I did. I stamped the snow fall first, then I added the row of pines, next I add a few of the single trees and lastly added the deer in front of the trees.

As our blog title says - "Think Outside the Box" when using your stamps!

I hope that you enjoyed my post and that you are as excited as I am to rediscover or discover your roots- stamping!




Welcome back Sue. Thanks for sharing your construction process; it's a beautiful card.

wow...think of the possibilities...great visual and beautiful card...very inspiring.

Welcome back, Sue! We missed you!

Thank you for going back to stamps. Although I like the results of some dies, I find them frustrating to use (can't get my mind around the aspect that "with this die you need these kinds of shims, with that one a different kind"!) Stamps are so much more fun - also, as a whole, I like the simple cards! Just me, I guess. Welcome back.

Welcome back - I'm happy to have you and your card designs back!

Welcome Back Sue T
Thanks for focusing on stamping and CAS
Looking forward to your future posts

I agree with Connie... stamps are so much more fun, although I broke down and got a die cutting machine which I occasionally use. When I first met Dave years ago, I loved the simplicity of his beautiful work. I still do. I look forward to your work, Sue T. Thanks for coming back.

It's great to have you back , Sue!! I love the cards. I am delighted to know your focus will be on stamps and stamping. Thank you.

I love how you put this card together. It's a shame the tree and deer stamp is out of stock.

Welcome back Sue T! Love your card! Thanks for the inspiration, and after the 'surgery' you did a fantastic job with that stamp. TFS

Welcome back. Love this card the simplicity and movement around the card. Looking forward to seeing lots more.

One more awesome card from Sue T. Love it! So glad that you are back with Dave!!!

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response to my return as well as your interest in all things stamping! I have lots of ideas spinning around in my head to share with you in the future!

Welcome back Sue T. So happy that you returned to us!

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