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Fri 24

The Lovely Peony

A while back I was on a flower card kick, after sharing my Beautiful Blooming Vine, Asters Anyone? and the Fabulous Phlox Photo Frame I asked which Memory Box flower you would like to see next and many of you mentioned the Peony.  So today I bring you the Lovely Peony in 2 versions--2 because I just couldn't decide which one I liked best.  Maybe you'll weigh in on this decision...

Version #1 Glittered Peony


Here are the easy steps to the Peony:

  1. Afix Sook Wang or Be Creative double sided tape to plain white cardstock.  Place the Lovely Peony Outline die onto the carrier side and die cut.  It may take a few passes through the die cut machine to cut through the carrier sheet.  Handle carefully so as to keep the flower intact.  You do not want the petals to seperate from the outline.
  2. Carefully remove just the carrier sheet on the outer petals only (tweezers work best) revealing double sided tape, douse with the darkest color glitter (fuschia). Polish the glitter into the sticky areas, brush off excess.
  3. Remove carrier sheet from remaining petals, douse with light pink glitter, polish into sticky areas, brush remaining loose glitter back into bottle.
  4. Finally, remove carrier from outline, douse with highlight (translucent) glitter, polish, brush.
  5. Glitter the leaves using double sided tape on cardstock, removing carrier liner, dousing, polishing, brushing residual glitter.

It is important to always start with the darkest color glitter and finish with the lightest color so as to keep the lighter colors bright and clear.

Now for Version #2 


  1. Die cut the Lovely Peony Background from bubblegum gingham paper and again from several layers of pink tulle netting.
  2. Die cut the Lovely Peony Outline from Azalea pink metallic paper.  Afix all three layers together using glue dots or hot glue.
  3. Stamp Mail Definitions (G1839) onto flat white button using Staz-On ink (permanent).  Thread embroidery floss through button holes and tie off.
  4. Die cut Lavish Branch (98486) from green and fuschia paper.  Paper piece pink flowers onto green branch, cut in half, tucking and securing both pieces with glue dots behind Peony.


98482 Lovely Peony Outline

98483 Lovely Peony Background

98406 Fresh Leaves

98486 Lavish Branch

G1839 mail Definitions

B1909 Just Thinking of You


Which version do you like the best?  #1 or #2?

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday!



Both cards are great but I really like card #2 the best. The first one is a little "Christmasy" so I prefer the pink gingham this time of year. The pink metallic outline is perfect!

both are so lovely, but the second one has to be my favorite :)

They are gorgeous and I really like both of them!

I don't know, I love both cards!! Loved your glitter idea, it looks so pretty! And I also like the layered flower. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

I'm with you, Jenny, I love 'em both!

They are both pretty but number 2 got the larger gasp! Add another must have to my MB wishlist. I'd love to try to make both. New to your directions so could you please explain "carrier side"and "carrier sheet" in card 1. Thanks for the inspiration.

I have to go with the second card. They are both beautiful (LOVE the purple sparkly glitter!) but there's something about the addition of the die cut branch and the tulle behind the flower that makes me like the second one a little better. Nice work on them both!

Really like both, but if forced to choose I would go with #2 with the sweet tulle.

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