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Wed 08

Mannequin in the rain?


(click photos for full size)

Is this too silly to post? ok, Don't answer that! lol  I got this mannequin die without the dresses that go with it...so I've been puzzling over it. A couple days ago I got this idea to put it with the umbrella in the rain!  So it just grew from there! lol  (I know, the buttons are big but it just adds to the whimsy of it? I hope!)


I had fun making it into a front panel step card and bringing in the tree too!


The rain die was really fun and easy to run through several times to make the raindrop background.

Memory Box Dies I used...
Grand Oak Tree
Tall Dressform (I did shorten it a bit)
A Little Rain
Spring Border
Petite Umbrella
Round Buttons 

Memory Box rubber stamp I used...
April Showers combo 

Memory Box Card-stock I used...
Key Lime Gingham
Licorice Gingham
Licorice Distressed Dots 
Vanilla Bean
Cherry Blossom 

Hope this finds you laughing in the rain!  Thanks for stopping by!



Wow! That rainy brackground is fabulous. TFS

Great card! Hope Dave will offer an A-2 card size rain die in the future.

Lovely little scene you've created ! Though the buttons are indeed big...

Pam - this is a terrific card and has accomplished what the card is suppose to do - sell the product! I'm buying all four of the dies and I certainly agree with everyone's comments...Okay, for me, the buttons made it look like a raincoat, so perfect! Indeed, the rain background is fabu!!!

Thank you gals! I wish I could show it to you in person! Photos are good but it's cute IRL! lol I love what you said about the buttons on a raincoat Gina! I hadn't thought about that! I keep debating whether to take the tree off or not! lol

Pam, this smaller die is really easy to position and stayed in place really well. I guess I like it small simply because it's one I wouldn't use that often and that makes the smaller price point a good deal for me. Now I'm wondering if it would work at an angle! lol

Amazing card. I just love it.

Thank you Carol!

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