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Thu 20

12 Dies of Christmas Giveaway- Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of the 12-day giveaway.  Personally, I think today's die (Drop Ornament 98378) is one of the most versatile.  I have seen some stunning samples done with it.  It can be used alone, or there are an assortment of dies that can be layered on top of it.

For a chance to win this die, leave a comment to this post by Sat, Dec 22nd at 11:59pm EST answering the following question:

What is your favorite holiday decoration that you own?  It could be for Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Good luck!



My favorite holiday decoration is an ornament I bought at the UW bookstore. It has a purple clad Santa with a black and white Husky dog standing up and licking Santa's face. We call it "Targa mauling Santa," after a dog we once had who was overly friendly at times. I think of her fondly every year when I put the ornament on my tree.

My favorite holiday decoration is a santa I have owned for 60 plus years. My mother let me buy it at the local 5 and dime store when I was young. His little beard is discolored but he still gets a place of honor every year on the tree.

I have so many to choose from. My dickens villages, and my white bear with wings that plays silent night. THis is just a few.

HA! This is the next die I am planning to order! I bought the snowflake one that layers over it, and forgot to get the solid one! So it would be fantastic to win it!
My favorite holiday decoration ...
.... my Mom just recently gave me an old wooden light-up church to go under the Christmas tree. It's been in the family for many years and my Mom (age 90) remembers it from when she was a kid. It's missing some glitter and has a few broken colored cellophane windows, but I adore it!

My favorite holiday decoration is a set of occupational santas- a fireman, a policeman, sailor, a doctor, a teacher, a postman, a businessman. They just remind me of all the good work done by a variety of people.

My favorite holiday decoration is my collection of 50 years worth of santas. They are standing and hanging on the Christmas tree.

My favorite decorations are a box of old German glass ornaments handed down through the generations to family members.

My favorite decorations are our advent calendars. We have two - one for each daughter. One is a square box with 25 little doors, the other is shaped like a tree with 25 drawers, They are the first thing I get out every year.

My favorite decorations are the ones that my children made in school. These are my treasures!

My favorite decorations are the tissue paper wreaths with my children's picture in them that they made for me when they were in Kindergarten!

you are right ... it is a wonderful die!
Thanks for the fun.
Sandra ltb

My favorite decorations are my kids' handmade ornaments made from school. I keep and treasure them all. Especially the ones made when they were in Kindergarten. Absolutely the best! Thanks again for this chance.

I have a wonderful ceramic Christmas tree with small lights! It's my favorite!

Christmas are my favorite but Halloween comes in with a strong second place.

My favorite: hummingbird ornament discs for my tree! They are works of art!!!
Thanks for the chance to win the ornament die!

My favorite holiday decoration is my angel menorah for Hanukkah.

A bird christmas ornament. Had it for years.

My favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones my children made years ago when they were in elementary school. So precious.

My front door wreath on the outside of my home is my fav.
ava g

My favorite would be ceramic Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus that I made in ceramic classes back in 1973. I did all the painting and glazing and my instructor did all the kiln firings. They stand about 18" tall and grace our fireplace hearth every Christmas. I can't believe they have never even gotten chipped over the years. My daughter was two years old when I made these.

My favorite decoration is an ornament I made in kindergarden. It is a string of paper bottle caps from glass milk bottles. It is painted red and glittered. The string is red yarn. My mom saved it and gave it to me when I had my first Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is my favorite. Even though it's a different one year, it's my favorite decoration. To go with it are my son's handmade ornaments from school. Priceless.

I love the star on top of the tree that used to belong to my parents. :)

Since we moved to Florida from Chicago, my three lighted outdoor snowflakes make me smile.

My Christmas tree is my favorite decoration. I have a lot of handmade ornaments made by friends and family members that I cherish.

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