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Mon 13

Simple Joy

IMG_9347Hello.  I hope you are looking forward to a week of ideas featuring the latest Memory Box dies and stamps.  Remember to leave comments on the designer posts.  Each day two comments at random will be chosen to win one of the new Memory Box dies.

For my card today, I wanted to show you a rather simple design for a Christmas card.  I don't know about you, but when I make 50-75 Christmas cards, I need something that I can easily make.   The card itself uses the new Classic Upper Alphabet (98361) as well as the Ribbon Candy Border die (98400).  I was ecstatic when I saw that Memory Box came out with three new styles of alphabet dies.  I love being able to say anything I want!

One of the questions I am often asked is how do I adhere detailed die cuts to a card.  My favorite product is Glue Gloss by Clearsnap:


It has a wand like lip gloss that lets you add little dabs of glue where you want.

Another good product is a Xyron machine.  It REALLY adheres the die.  The only downside is that you have to "clean up" any extra adhesive before you put it on the card.  I usually use a bamboo skewer to get rid of the extra glue.


When I ran my ribbon die through the Xyron, you can see I was left with extra glue.  However, instead of removing the extra glue, I decided I wanted to keep the glue and add glitter to it to make the ribbon look like candy.  Here is a picture of the extra glue:


 Here you can see the glue with the glitter:


When I adhered the letters, I used one of the tiny leaves from the Flowering Winterberry die (98391) and some red rhinestones to look like holly:

Remember, you have until 11:59 pm EST tonight to leave comments on my post as well as Anne's.  Good luck!



Beautiful card...sometimes simple is better!

This card made me feel very nostalgic! Looks like something you would have seen in the late 60's or early 70's. Beautiful

Love the card. Very simple but very nice.

I love the glitter idea. This is a stunning card!

This simple card is stunning.

Great idea for a simple card - has to be simple when you are producing in quantity!

Such a great idea to use the extra glue to hold some glitter - simply elegant card! Thanks for sharing !

What a lovely card! Especially with the alphabet dies -- you can substitute any of your favorite one-word OR short Christmas greetings, like PEACE, BLESSINGS, HOPE, etc.

Very nice. Less is sometime better than more. I have to remember that. Thanks for sharing!

That lipstick glue is a brilliant idea! I can see how you can have more application control than one with a spout. thank you for sharing!

I do appreciate the simplicity and the suggestion of Angelika's, too, posted at 4:43 PM....thank you!

Can't wait to get my hands a few of he new dies.

Really nice card. Good idea for using the glitter as xyron does leave glue behind. Thanks for sharing.

HOLY COw! What a sweet little card! So simple, but, it has it's own WOW!!! LOVE it!

Love that ribbon die; sure reminds me of that hard candy we used to suck on when we were young. Like the simplicity of this card.

Great card and thaks for the tips on the glue!

WOW. I love this card. I too look for something that it simple yet elegant to make as I have lots of them to send out. Thanks for the idea.

I love the sheer simplicity of the Joy card. Great idea. I think we all want simple for numerous cards to make. Thanks for the great idea. Linda

I have to find that glue... what a great idea also with the glitter trick. I should have just said... ditto ditto ditto.

I love the elegant simplicity of your card! AND I have that alphabet and ribbon die! What a wonderful coincidence.

Really looking forward to this release, it was about this time last year that I discovered MB for the first time. I was interested to see what glues you use on the die cuts too. Love the simple look of the card, I try and go for simple too if I have a lot to make.


Great card! Thanks for the ideas for adhering ribbon diecut. Love the glitter with the Xyron especially. Will work with lots of my intricate diecuts!

Great idea about the glittler for the edges whne I use my xyron. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new dies. Thanks

A lovely simple but elegant card.

Love this!!
I totally agree...
when having to make a large number of cards...
easy is best!
But I also think they can look amazing...
like this one!
LOVE that alphabet!! :)

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