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Fri 09

Christmas Gift Wraps

Found the perfect gift?  Now let's talk about presentation.  

Start with ordinary kraft wrap-- you know, the kind used for mailing packages-- and transform it into gift wrap with the help of Memory Box stamps, embellishments and tags.


These small gift boxes were wrapped in both kraft packaging paper and plain 'ol white copy paper right out of the printer tray.  I added natural elements like twine and live juniper cuttings, as well as glittery die cut designs and shimmery ribbons.

Here's a closer look...(click on any photo for a larger view)


This Wintery church was easy to create.  

First, apply double sided tape (Scor-Pal or Sookwang) to a small piece (2 1/2" x 4") of white card stock, then run it through your die cut machine using the Country House die.  Add a shim between the plates and die if it doesn't cut all the way through the first time.

Pop out the shape and remove the contact sheet to expose the remaining sticky side (try not to touch the sticky side--use tweezers to handle it) then cover with cool highlight micro-fine glitter.

Next, rub you finger all over the glittered side to burnish the glitter.  This keeps it from rubbing off later and gives even coverage with a velvety feel.

Push out any window openings left intack and fold back the windows and door---welcome to church!

I used the same treatment on the Star of Wonder, using blue micro fine glitter, and attached it with a small glue dot to the bow center.

Layer the church over the large scalloped circle and adhere to the box wrapped in white copy paper---so simple!

And if you like even more sparkle and drama...


Stamp the Vintage Christmas Words in sepia ink on the kraft paper. 

Now wrap the box and use your prettiest ribbons, both sheer and crocheted, then attach the shimmery rosette using the same glittering technique as the Wintery Church box.

Instead of using the center circle that comes with the rosette die, I substituted the little Perched Reedbird die and glittered her as well.  You know what they say..."Put a bird on it!" and call it Art.

The cuttings are from my Juniper tree in the front yard--I really like the variegated type, don't you? Anyway, use whatever you have growing in the yard---or your neighbor's yard.  These dry slowly so they'll still look nice for Christmas.

With me so far?  Here's one more gift box...

Follow all the same techniques mentioned above:  ribbons, glittered die cuts, stamped die cut tag---it's easy and can you imagine their expression when you present your gift?

The only thing that could make it even better is to have Memory Box stamps and dies inside the boxes as the gifts--wouldn't you agree? 


98165 Country House Die (Church)

98160 Perched Reedbird Die

G1797 Vintage Christmas Words

98109 Scalloped Circle Die

98121 Blooming Rosette Die

98145 Museum Tag Die

98167 Star of Wonder Die

806 Meadow Leaf Die 

B1826 To and From

Distressed Dots Vanilla Bean paper

Happy Friday!





WOW...Jenny...lots of ideas and tips!!

Great ideas and so beautiful

Such fun wrappings! Beautiful!

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