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Tue 07

Tubes, Tins and Other Things!

Welcome to Day #2 of the Memory Box Household Idea Blitz! Over the next few days you will be treated to more cool ideas for re-purposing everyday household items, so pour yourself a "cuppa", sit back and enjoy!

One thing I find I really enjoy is being challenged to think "outside the box" and this blitz did just that. My first reaction was to look around the house to see what might be in need of  re-purposing - oh, the number of things I found *head shaking*! 

I had been preparing for a demonstration for my quilt guild, so the first thing I spied was a number of clear packing tubes containing fusible webbing for making iron-on appliques. Immediately I envisioned a tube filled with cookies - it takes so little to encourage my brain to go straight to thoughts of cookies or candy! Anyway, I decided to make a gift container for candies. This is what I started with...


and here is the finished product...


To begin, I set aside the top cap and then cut the tube in half, which oddly was the most difficult part.  Even though I measured and marked the cut line, it still took a few tries to get the top of the tube to be level. If it's not level the cap definitely does not fit corrrectly. Once that was accomplished it was on to the cap! A 1/2" strip of Moroccan Cranberry paper was adhered around the edge of the cap and also at the bottom of the tube. A smaller 1/4" strip of Moroccan Thistle was adhered along the very edge of the red strip on the cap. Now the next part takes a little patience but is well worth it! Place the cap on the tube and take a strip of white paper that has been punched with Martha Stewart's icicle border punch. Carefully place this icicle strip so it butts right up against the bottom edge of the cap and adhere it to the tube. As you can see, when the cap is in place it looks as if the icicles are part of the cap!  The last task for the cap is to punch a hole on opposite sides, through which a 1/2" red satin ribbon can be threaded and tied on the inside, underneath the cap. A regular hole punch worked fine for this. A tag created with the Be Merry (B1386) stamp, VersaMagic Red Magic chalk ink and the smallest of the Spellbinders Labels 8 dies. This little cutie was edged with super fine glitter and tied to the ribbon using red sewing thread.


Now on to the tube, which already had the band of red paper on it.  Before starting to layer the rest of the strips of paper on the tube, I stamped the Sleek Penguins (C1383) on a separate sheet of paper with Memento Tuxedo Black, cut them out and set them aside for later use.

Using a 3 inch strip of white paper, I punched the icicles on one edge while at the opposite edge I cut the paper "wavy" to look like small mountains.  This strip was adhered to the tube, with the icicles overlapping the cranberry strip.  A 1/2" strip of thistle was adhered slightly above the icicles. The penguins were placed above the strip of thistle.  After looking at the finished product it finally dawned on me that the penguins needed snow!!! Easy peasy to add using Staz-On white and the snowflakes on the side of the Snow Day stamp (B1378).  Of course, the finishing touch was to fill the tube with my favorite holiday wrapped kisses!!


Just for fun I have one more thing to share with you.  Last night, after dinner, I cleaned the kitchen and was gathering the recycle items when it dawned on me that some of these items could lead a new, happy re-purposed life!  Again, what I started with...


all cleaned up and ready to be "prettified"...


the finished products...


These were so super, super simple to make using left over Memory Box papers from other projects and 1/8" Scor-Tape!! The tin on the right is actually an empty spice tin I found that needed nothing but the papers added to it - now how cute of a gift tin is that? Filled with candy or a small gift, it would make the cutest darn stocking stuffer ever! The smaller of the cans was filled with wax and a wick to make a small candle. The larger of the cans holds a store bought candle.  I had SO much fun playing with these tins, especially that little one. I had nothing to melt the wax in so I decided my hubby did not need the sauce pot that came with his grill, so it became my melting pot. Problem #1 solved!  Problem #2 - I had no wax chips at home *sigh*. Not to be deterred I pulled out a box of old candles, chopped them up (save those wicks!) and into the pot they went. The finished product is pink thanks to a piece of red wax that was added to the pot!  Once the wax was melted, I poured it into the decorated tin and held the wick in place until it set. The top was not a smooth as I wanted it to be so out came a tiny blowtorch - I don't think I've ever seen that particular look of panic on hubby's face before now -lol!! That little blowtorch worked like a charm and without burning the house down or singing the cat's whiskers, the top was smooth as... well, wax!

Now it's your turn - look around and see what everyday items you can find to re-purpose!  Most of all - have fun!!



I'm inspired!! Love the use of the plastic tubing. I can't believe how many things I just toss away without thinking of another use. Very cute, cute gifts.

What great ideas! I'll never throw out another cat food can again without asking myself if I can re-use it for something else.

Wow! Great projects and inspiration! Love the candles as that is something I never would do myself.

I can't dcide which project I love the best. I can just imagine the look on Lee's face when out you came with the blow torch. I am going to try mamking my own candle too, after this inspiration.

Love both these projects!

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