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Sun 21

Oh, Christmas Tray!

After starting this project at the beginning of August, I thought I had better finish it so that I could show my last classes of the year on Friday and yesterday.  I knew the feel I wanted it to have, but accomplishing it was another story.  Have you ever had a project like that.  I did show it to the ladies in Toledo and Tiffin, but of course I couldn't leave well enough alone and had to tweak it a little more today.  Then trying to photograph it was another can of worms.  It's time to walk away from the tray. 

This tray uses one sheet of Mistletoe Evergreen Bough 12x12 paper.  I was going for a cohesive background with a nature theme.  The stamps used were D1152 Winter Cardinal, D1277 Tree Border, F1413 Birch Trees, B1385 Heaven Sings, G1421 Believe Poinsettia Collage, D1415 Cedar Sprig, and B1416 Holly Sprig.  Peace is from the Calm and Bright design adhesive.  The Glitter Ritz glitter works amazingly well with the Design Adhesives.  The little snowflake on the rosette is from one of the 6x6 Mistletoe papers.  Don't laugh too hard at the little bird.  He's sculpted from some Fimo clay.  This really was a fun project, you just need to know when to stop -- hard for me to do sometimes.  Thanks so much to the students at all of my classes this past year.  I appreciate every one of you.  Can't wait to start up classes again after the holidays in January.  The new space in Tiffin looks like it will be wonderful and spacious when it is finished.  Pick up one of these trays and show me what you come up with.  I'd love to see your samples in the Memory Box Flickr gallery.  Until next time....


Love it. lets get some more ideas they can't come in fast enough. Thanks.....p.s. I just picked up my winter stamps in Topsfield.. I am rarin' to go......

These trays are SO MUCH fun. I did one for my sister using pictures of her pets as a theme. Challenging when it came to some of the smaller slots in the random-sized tray where I "cheated" and used stickers & embellishments. I was pleased with the results. Love yours. Connie

You did a great job Debbie. You captured the nature theme, this is really beautiful.

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