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Mon 22

Paper Tree

Have you ever wondered what to do with left over pieces of paper from card making or other projects? I don't know about the rest of you but I can't bring myself to throw even the tiniest pieces away! You never know when you might need them <lol>

I've been working on a number of projects this week for my next Memory Box class at One Little Spark so there's been lots of left overs. As I was "picking up the pieces" last night  I decided this was the time to make a "tree" using all those scrap papers. This is something I've wanted to make for ages but never did.

Paper tree #2 

Besides paper, all of which are from the Mistletoe and Tinsel collections, the only other supplies needed are a 24" styrofoam cone and a pack of straight pens (basic quilter's pins work great!)

The paper scraps were all cut to 1" x 6".  It took 80 strips to cover this size cone. Starting at the bottom of the cone, fold one strip in half and pin to the cone. Continue this until the first row of paper strips  completely circles the base of the cone.

Start the next row by placing the strip over the area where two pieces meet on the first row.  Each row also overlaps the previous row by about an inch. 

Paper tree #3 

To add a little sparkle to the tree, I began inserting strips of silver and gold shiny ribbons, also cut to 1" x 6".  The wire edged ribbon worked best for this. Once the tree was completely covered, a bow was placed at the top with a few ribbon streamers curling down the sides.

I placed it in the foyer until a permanent home was located but I do believe I like it just where it is!

So how do you use your left over paper pieces??



This idea could not come at a more perfect time. Thanks, Pat! -kk

You simply amaze me Pat. Now if you would just cut those 80 strips of paper for me. *wink* This is an awesome project.

I am so making one of these... wow

Pat this is fabulous! Gorgeous. I am going to keep this project for my youngest as she is always wanting projects to work on. I just need to cut the strips ahead of time or show her how to.

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