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February 20, 2009


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Pistachio Green - perfect for a peacocks tail
Grass Green-
Sparkling Diamond - bracelet, necklace or earrings
Deep Lagoon- to highlight a fish
Sky Blue - decorate a birds tail feathers
Juicy Plum- decorate a fan
Azalea Pink- fill in a heart
Cherry Red- fill in a heart
Petal Pink- flower buds
Canary Yellow bird eyes

Fun! I've never used jewels (yet), but I can see I'd have a lot of fun.

Pistachio Green - accent other peas for pea pod stamp for baby cards
Grass Green - eyes on ghost stamp for hallowwen cards
Sparkling Diamond - diamond for rings for engagement cards
Deep Lagoon & Sky Blue - mix to make fireworks for summer cards
Juicy Plum - accents on a swirl/swish stamp
Azalea Pink - bunny tail on my backside bunny stamp for easter cards
Cherry Red - the red berries for holly leaves for holiday cards
Petal Pink - cherry blossoms on a branch stamp for happy spring cards
Canary Yellow - flower centers for me flower petal stamp collection for everyday cards

PISTACHIO - dragonfly body, eyes, wings; martini olive, leaves
GRASS - grasshopper eye, alligator/pea pod accents; xmas lites; leaves
DIAMOND - 'rhinestone' hatband on cowboy penguin; engagement ring on penguin bride; detective penguin magnifying glass; iceberg edge; exercise penguin dumb bell ends; raindrops on window or umbrella falling from sky; dew on leaves or grass
LAGOON - dragonfly or butterfly body or eyes; iris accent; xmas lites
SKY - sparkler; airplane windows; watering can shower; igloo; snowflake ball; dragonfly wings
CANARY - daffodil center; sun sparkles or rays; candle flame; pineapple on penguin fruit hat; marigold or bumblebee accents
PINK - dress straps or border; spring blossoms on tree branches
CHERRY - raspberry; ladybug; holly and tree berries; cardinal wing; xmas lites
PLUM - dragonfly body; butterfly body or wing accent; violets; iris or any flower accent
AZALEA - zinnia or any flower accent; butterfly body or wing accent

Pistachio Green- eyes on bugs
Grass Green- highlights in grass or trees
Sparkling Diamond- to make anything sparkle, disco ball, lights
Deep Lagoon- waterfall highlights, flower centers, bubbles
Sky Blue-stars in a night sky,
Juicy Plum- decorate Christmas tree
Azalea Pink- as jewels on people
Cherry Red- top off whip cream, ice cream
Petal Pink - decorating cupcakes
Canary Yellow- candle light

Here goes
Pistachio Green - Kitty Cat Eyes
Grass Green - Leaf Tendrils
Sparkling Diamond - Crstal Chandelier
Deep Lagon - Classic Flourish
Sky Blue - Cake Stand (on Top of Cake)
Juicy Plum - Antique Damask
Azalea Pink - Spring Blossoms
Cherry Red - Needlepoint Heart
Petal Pink - Blossom Branch
Canary Yellow - Bee

I hope I did this right.
debbie p

I would LOVE to use these on my tree stamps! Even if I do not when, I am getting them! I love bling bling! :)

Oh goodness, where to start? I love the way you have used them to just accentuate and subtly spark your art. So lovely.

Pistachio Green - Dew drops on Leaves.
Grass Green - bling on shamrocks
Sparkling Diamond - Sparkles in champagne glasses..
Deep Lagoon - sea life bling..
Sky Blue - starry night skies...
Juicy Plum - sparkles on grapes...
Azalea Pink - flower centers...
Cherry Red - cupcake toppers
Petal Pink - cupcake sprinkles
Canary yellow - Bird Feather Bling..

I must be losing it...I missed knowing about these adorable jewel stickers!! I could replace using Stickles with these!!!! I add glittery accents to just about every card I make and these would save me all that drying time--how could I have missed these??? If I don't win, at least I know to order these now! They look awesome!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize! I fear glitter so these stones are great for bling without leakage!

Pistachio Green - sparkly leaves
Grass Green - three together to highlight a strip of green ribbon
Sparkling Diamond - center of bubbles my Memory Box Penquin is blowing.
Deep Lagoon - fish bubbles
Sky Blue - stars in a sky
Juicy Plum - to compliment a great rich cranberry colored flower
Azalea Pink - to hightlight the flowers on this great new tree stamp I got last week.
Cherry Red - cupcake topper, great for necklace baubles.
Petal Pink - baby card sparkle
Canary Yellow - Disco Panda will have these coming from his disco finger on my an Easter card I'm planning to make.

I LOVE jewel stickers! Here are a few ideas:

Cherry Red: to top off cupcakes or ice cream sundaes

Juicy Plum: a bunch of grapes

Grass Green: leaves on the grapes

Pistachio Green, Petal Pink, Sky Blue and Canary Yellow: to decorate Easter eggs, bunnies and ducks!

Sparkling Diamond: would work for anything, like bubbles, jewelry, etc.

Azalea Pink: Cherry Blossoms

Deep Lagoon: hmmmm. . .not sure about this one, but I'm sure I "need" them!

Jewel stickers are great to use to add a little bling to cards or pages.

I would use the jewel stickers to accent sentiments and images. I like
to follow a sentiment with a little bling, flower centers, butterflies
for the center or trail. There are
so many ways to use these lovely colors.

Azalea -on rose buds of cake stand
Canary-periwinkle butterfly
skyblue : Top Hat Penguin on vest buttons
cherry: top of cupcake
Diamond: "spring is here !" dot on exclamation point (provided it is big enough :)) or center of "sparkle
Lagoon; Spots on Tube Penguin
Petal: Spring Blossoms
juicy: umbels to highlight
pistachio: highlight the letter o in words
grass: on a 4 leaf clover for St Patrick's Day

Pistachio Green - dots on Easter eggs
Grass Green - in the center or around the edges of shamrocks
Sparkling Diamond - anything, really! That's a classic!
Deep Lagoon - as accents in the corners of a card
Sky Blue - dots on Easter eggs again
Juicy Plum - flower centers
Azalea Pink - flower centers again or lined up in a row for a funny blingy girly card
Cherry Red - underlining a romantic sentiment or as cherries on cupcakes/ice cream
Petal Pink - dots on Easter eggs again, love those pastel colors for that!
Canary Yellow - as gold coins in a St. Patrick's Day pot of gold stamp

ALL of the colors would work well in the center of flowers.

Pistachio Green-to highlight leaves
Grass Green-embellish IRISH cards
Sparkling Diamond-the center of snowflakes
Deep Lagoon-sparkles for water
Sky Blue-dragonfly trails
Juicy Plum-flower petals
Azalea Pink-in the center of swirls on an embossed sheet
Cherry Red-cherries on ice cream
Petal Pink-on the scallops of a punch or border
Canary Yellow-body of a butterfly

grass green - dragonfly wings
sparkling diamond - snowflakes
deep lagoon - dragon eyes
sky blue - shining water
juicy plum - accents
azalea pink - pink bunny eyes in memory of my bunny when I was a kid named Pinky
cherry red - monster eyes
petal pink - flower centers
canary yellow - bright eyes of an owl.
what fun! thanks, stamping sue

grass green - bug eyes
sparkling diamond - starry sky
deep lagoon - fairy dress sparkle
sky blue - random sky sparkle
juicy plum - flower petals
azalea pink - flower centers
cherry red - to spell "love"
petal pink - outline black hearts
canary yellow - sun rays

how's that?

I'm going with a penguin theme here: Use a Cherry on the Ice cream penguin's cone with a cherry; The angel penguin's halo would love the canary jewel stickers; the artist penguin could use a variety of colors on the pallette; the juggler could use a variety juggling; the penguin kiss could use the cherry jewels in a heart shape above the kiss; the umbrella penguin could use the diamond ones for raindrops; the bride penguin could use any color in the flowers... What fun......

The Cherry is perfect for the
Birthday Penquin's party hat!
I love bling!

Forgot Pistachio! I would use that one for flower centers.

Let's see here...

Diamond - to accent my favorite "Dot Paisley" stamp
Cherry - for my Valentine's scrapbook pages
Petal - berries on the "Love Birds" stamp
Azalea - "Periwinkle" butterly sparkles
Juicy Plum - grapes in a bunch
Lagoon - to accent monogram stationery
Sky Blue - water drops from a watering can
Grass - shiny lights on the "Light Penguin"
Canary - owl eyes

I think I got all of them!

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