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Thanks for the tip - some dies seem easier to use than others but I love them all! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your special die cut above!

I heard using wax paper between the cardstock & die helps too. What do you think? :)

Did you use an all-over adhesive to hold the two pieces together, or did you attach them only around the edges or in the corners? Which adhesive did you use? Love this tip -- looking forward to the completed project!

Thanks! And Alice, I used my 3M Tape Glider and made a square around the edges of the paper then an 'X' through the middle. That was enough adhesive to catch parts of the paper. Worked great for me that way.

Becky, I am not sure that I have heard of the wax paper idea. I haven't tried it. With thin book paper, I think the paper would probably still tear though, not sure. The book paper would still be flimsy though for applying adhesive to attach the die cut to the card or layout. Having the added cardstock already attached to the back makes the die cut nice and "sturdy" for attaching. I hope that makes sense. :)

Glad y'all find this helpful! Let me know how it works for you!

I hadn't thought of doing it that way. I use wax paper between the die and paper. The wax paper is slick so it easily comes out. Thanks for your idea!

Thanks for the tips!

Great idea, thanks for sharing!

Wax paper works! With thick and thin paper, even thin vellum. Place the wax paper down first, then the paper you want to cut, then the die.

Thanks Gloria. Glad to know wax paper works; however, I know the paper would still be flimsy though if you use wax paper as you don't keep it attached to the thinner paper. I like the cardstock because it is permanently attached to the thin paper thus making it easier to handle and attach to creations. :) Plus it helps me use up my scraps. LOL!

The wax paper works great, but, I agree, any thin paper would still not be very sturdy. I use sheets from old vintage books and I use a glue stick to adhere the sheets to 80# cs, let the glue dry a bit and then cut. I learned from Dave's tutorials to spot shim, too, if you just have areas that don't want to cut. He suggested putting small pieces of scotch tape (stacked until you get the right thickness needed)on the back of the die...just in the difficult to cut areas and then cut like you normally would. I don't even bother removing the tape from the die since I would have to repeat next time I use the die.

Another tip is to cut several layers of cardstock, and stack them to make these look like laser cut chipboard! I love reading all these tips! Thanks, Patter. It's been a long time since I visited you, and I am so happy I dropped by the other day! God Bless!

thanks for the inspiration! a very beautiful card...will share your technique with card friends!!

Gorgeous card. very romantic

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